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Dan F

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He makes his debut in Episode 1078 and continues to appear for eight weeks.

Thank you. I meant to put this in the quick questions part, but accidentally didn't. From memory, doesn't he end up getting custody?

Not as I recall.

I think it just ends with Blake deciding he doesn't want anything to do with him.

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Lots of the Jennifer/Steven music being played this week. Must of thought they had over used the Blake/Meg theme recently.

Hah- Michael's comment about Sally fancying Randy too. No change there then, she even took a shine to Gary Samuels back in the day.

Exactly how long had Pippa been away and what had Carly put her through?! She seems to have lost a lot of weight.

Nice to see the Fletcher's watch A Country Practice. I expect they'd recognise quite a few people, including Dodge!

Not very subtle having All My Friends Are Getting Married on while Blake and Meg discuss a wedding. That song becoming a favourite in Home and Away over the years.

Could anyone tell me the name and artist for the song in the Blake/Meg montage in the city?

I noticed the official site has a weekly update on what music is used in the current show. Wish they did a section for these re runs.

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Caught up on the last week.Aside from her wobble when Meg deteriorated, Julia has been pleasingly supportive of her and Blake.Instead it's Alf's turn to be a bit intractable.I was expecting it to be Don's talk that caused him to change his mind but it's nice that it was Blake who made him understand the situation they're in.The wedding chat was a bit weird, feeling like a programme from the 1950s rather than the 1990s, but I guess it was paving the way for their symbolic wedding in the city, proving that it wasn't just hot air.

Randy has definitely crossed the line into jerk territory by now(which David most definitely was not).Surprised that Fin's been taken in so easily by his empty rhetoric, thought she was smarter than that. On one hand, it feels like Michael's looking at Randy more sympathetically than he deserves, but I think he and Pippa have made a mistake threatening to throw Fin out, it's basically meant they're backed into a corner and will have to either back down or hand out a harsh punishment.Curious that no-one seemed to think of the obvious compromise:Have Fin go up with Randy and have Michael go and pick her up Saturday night.

Given the comments on here and given how much of a cow she was acting when people were questioning her delusions, I was dreading Sophie's response to the ultrasound.But it was nowhere near as bad as I feared.If you accept that she foolishly built up a romantic image of a little David Junior, then it's understandable she'd be disappointed at having a girl and I'm hopeful that once she's had a bit of a mope she'll accept it and realise it's hardly a disaster, which seems to be what she wants to do.Nice use of Simon as her confidante.

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