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Brax might not of killed Mick But I have a feeling that he will end up getting

murdered by someone

Especially if Ruby worsens. It's still not looking good for her. :(

I was really glad when I seen that this story was updated. I do find it very exciting. And it was awesome to read it just before I go to bed.

Update again soon as I want to know what happens next :)

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This test/experiment thing seems to have given everyone some kind of new hope So the chapter wasn't too sad. And I like the idea of people acting normally around Ruby, telling her about all the everyday stuff. Ruby better wake up soon if only to stop her debit with Heath's added interest rates from getting too high. I did find that part funny :D She could end up oweing him a fortune :) Oh and maybe Brax and Casey could read some of her girly magazines to her. :lol:

I thought that was a brilliant chapter

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I did find alot of that chapter rather amusing with Heath reading that womens magazine.

The parts with the twins seeing Ruby were very sweet. I wonder what Hope whispered to Ruby? Whatever it was I think that it will turn out to be a big help for Ruby.

Hmm Casey won't be staying with Ruby for one night Am I right in thinking that something big will be happening while his not there?

I look forward to the next chapter

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Wow that was an awesome idea to have Ruby wake up with a little help from Hope and Caleb's birthday wish. I think Dr Anderson's test did work even if his not really sure it did.

Look forward to seeing where you take the story the next time you update. :)

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