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Not Over You


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Hi everyone :)

So I finished Surf's up a few days ago and this idea has been in my head for days.


Story Title: Not Over You

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Kyle Braxton, Alex Samuels and Claire Braxton

Other Characters: Brax,Charlie and Hayden

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance

Spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Alex has lost her mind and her boyfriend Kyle so she kidnap's Brax's daughter Claire why did she kidnap Claire?



Chapter 1.

17 Year old Claire Braxton was home alone her parents were out and so was her Uncle Kyle.

Alex Samuels thought it was the perfect time to strike.

Kyle had broken up with her months ago and she was going crazy so why not take it to a new level and kidnap Claire the only one that mattered the most to Brax and Charlie but also Kyle.

Alex had been charged with breaking and entering when she was younger but it was her friend Mia's fault.

Alex could not wait any longer if she waited then Kyle or Brax might come home.

The upstairs window was open Alex climbed in.

"Hello Claire" Alex said

"Alex how did you get in?" Claire asked

"Window was open in Kyle's room" Alex responded

"Why are you here?" Claire asked

"Just wanted to check on you" Alex responded

Before Claire could answer Alex grabbed her making sure to drop the girl's hair tie and her own.

"Alex!" Claire screamed

"Be quiet you little Brat" Alex said

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Thank you Sarah and iluvlucas :)

Chapter 2.

Kyle had brought Claire a gift he was adement she would love it.

"Claire I'm home" Kyle said getting no reponse.

Kyle walked further into the house and saw two hair ties on the floor one was pink obviously Claire's and the other was Black which was the only coloured ones Alex would use.

"Kyle what's wrong?" Charlie asked she too had just arrived home.

Picking up the black hair tie Kyle walks towards Charlie.

"I think Alex kiddnapped Claire" Kyle replied

"What?" Brax asked

Kyle pointed to the pink hair tie on the lounge floor.

"How did this happen how did she get in?" Charlie asked

" I must of left my window open' Kyle sobbed

"Hey mate it's okay we all do stupid things" Brax said

"Brax is right and Alex been crazy ever since you broke up with her" Charlie added

"I hope Claire is okay" Kyle whispered

"She's 17 I'm sure she feels scared and alone" Brax replied

"I should of had her come with me I bought he this"Kyle said pulling a necklace out of the abonded shopping bag.

"Kyle it's beautiful" Charlie said

"If Claire isn't back by tomorrow we will have to fill a missing persons report" Brax said

"I hope my baby is okay" Charlie said

"Should I ring Ruby?" Kyle asked

"No wait until tomorrow" Brax replied

Charlie walked off crying her only daughter the one she still had to protect was taken from her own home.

"Alex should really be locked up" Charlie thought to herself

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Thank you. :)

Chapter 3.

Alex had taken Claire to a old warehouse.

At 17 Claire felt scared and alone.

Alex has been a little bit crazy since uncle Kyle had broken up with her.

Meanwhile at the Braxton's Charlie had called Ruby and Casey.

Brax has filed a missing persons report along with what Claire had been wearing the previous day.

"I think I know where Alex took Claire I took Alex there before we broke up" Kyle said

"spill mate" Casey replied

"It's way out there but we went to a old warehouse" Kyle responded

"How far out?" Georgie asked

"About an hour" Kyle responded

"Let's go" Brax said

"Maybe you should stay here Mr Braxton" Georgie said

"Babe Georgie is right I'll get our daughter back" Charlie replied

"I think you should all stay here well all but Kyle" Georgie said

"I'll call you if we find her' Kyle said

Claire was hoping her mum had called Georgie and they would find her soon and lock Alex up.

Kyle had been in the car with Georgie for a hour.

"Turn here" Kyle said

"Is that Alex's car?" Georgie asked

"Yes" Kyle replied

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  • 11 months later...

I'm back!

Thanks for all the comments :)

Chapter 4

Georgie pulls over and radios in for back up.  They do a sweep of the area and look around the warehouse, it looks abandoned but they spot a broken window and after looking around they notice footprints in the dust inside the place.  There were also scuff marks like something, or possibly someone, was being dragged across the floor. 

She has to hold Kyle back as she radios back into the station to keep them informed.  Whilst she is busy on the radio, Kyle sends a message back to Brax and Casey.  They arrive at the same time that the police do and are forced back.  Brax and Casey start an argument to distract the coppers to allow Kyle to sneak inside. 

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Thanks for the feedback :)

This will be the last chapter until after Easter as I'm going to be busy and I haven't written Chapter 6.

Chapter 5

Kyle sees Alex pacing up and down beside Claire.  He waits until she has her back to him and rushes over to Clare.  He unties her and gestures for her to be quiet. 

The police call Alex and she heads nearer the exit blocking off Claire as she is trying to get out.  

Panicking, Claire makes a sound and causes Alex to realize she is there.   She spins around and goes to hit Claire only to have Kyle step in front of them.  

The sound of them struggling alerts the police and they rush into the building.   Claire is rescued, Alex is arrested and apart from concussion, Kyle is okay.   

They head back to Angelo's and celebrate with pizza and beer!

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Chapter 6.

While everyone was celebrating at Angelo's.

Alex was at the police station making her statement.

"Miss Samuels what happened?" Asked Kat

"I was looking for Kyle I didn't want to kidnap Claire it was her idea" Alex lied

Kat believed her.

"You can go now" Kat said 

Alex left the police station planning on kidnapping Claire again.

"Thank you for rescuing me Uncle Kyle" Claire said

"No problem I love you kiddo" Kyle replied 

"Yeah thanks mate" Brax added

"Love you too Uncle Kyle" Claire responded 

Alex was outside Angeleo's when Kyle came outside and that's when Alex decided to leave Claire alone.

"Alex how did you get out?" Kyle asked

"I lied to Kat Chapman fools"Alex laughed 

"Alex leave Claire alone" Kyle replied 

"Oh I don't want her I want you." Alex responded and hits Kyle knocking him out.

Alex took Kyle to the same warehouse she had taken Claire too.

At the Braxton house.

"Has anyone seen Kyle?" Brax asked

"I thought he would be home by now he left Angeleo's before we did" Charlie replied.

1 hr later

Kyle woke up in the same warehouse they found Claire in.

"Alex why are you doing this?" Kyle asked

"I'm not over you Kyle and you seem happy without me" Alex replied

When Alex left Kyle called Kat and told her Alex was crazy and had kidnapped him.

I hope this chapter is okay.




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Thank you ZacxLeah and Sarah.

Chapter 7

Kyle had texted Brax that Alex had kidnapped him and that he was okay.

Kat arrested Alex.

"Alex Samuels you're under the arrest for the kidnappings of Kyle Braxton and Claire Braxton" Kat said 

"Kyle why did you do this?" Alex asked

"You're crazy" Kyle said.

"you okay?" Brax asked

"I'm fine" Kyle said just before he fainted.

"Whoa you're not fine" Brax replied

"Emerson take Alex to the station I'll go with Brax to the hospital"Kat said 

"Well  looks like you we're lucky Kyle you have a middle concession but you'll me fine"Nate told Kyle

"What happened?" Brax asked 

"Alex lied the first time in her statement she was coming back for Claire but she took me instead" Kyle replied 

"Where?" Brax asked 

"Outside of Angeleo's she knocked me out and I woke up inside the warehouse"Kyle replied

"I'm sorry I knew she was crazy even when you dated her" Brax said

"I knew too bro it's okay"  Kyle replied just as they pulled into the Braxton driveway.

"Uncle Kyle!" Claire ran and gave him a big hug.

"It's okay kiddo Alex was arrested for good" Kyle said laughing 

"Are you okay?" Charlie asked 

"Yeah I'm fine Charlie" Kyle replied



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Thank you for the comments and thank you Ludub for helping me figure out this next chapter.

Chapter 8

It had been 48 hrs since Alex was arrested.

Kyle got a call from Kat saying Alex wants to  talk to him.

Kyle wasn't sure if he should but decided maybe he should hear Alex out.

an hour later.

Kyle walked into the police custody area.

"Alex what do you want?" Kyle asked

'I kept a big secret and I should of told you three years ago" Alex started

"Alex if this is you're way of trying to get out it won't work" Kyle said

"It's not I kept a big secret for three years and I just had to tell you I was pregnant three years ago and didn't tell you" Alex said

"What happened after that?" Kyle asked

"Well I had the baby a little girl but I wasn't ready to be a mum then or even now" Alex replied 

"What happened to the little girl?" Kyle asked

"I met Tamara Kingsley she had no one after Casey died so she adopted the little girl and then moved to the city" Alex replied 

"I was close with Tam after Casey and you knew that" Kyle yelled

Kyle left.

at the Braxton's 

Kyle arrived home and banged the door.

"Kyle what's wrong?" Charlie asked

"Alex was harbouring a secret and just told me" Kyle replied 

"What kind of secret?" Charlie asked

"Well I got her pregnant three years ago and she never told me until today" Kyle replied

"Do you know what happened to the baby?" Charlie asked

"Alex put it up for adoption and before you ask Tamara Kingsley adopted the little girl" Kyle replied

"So that's why she left so suddenly" Charlie said

"Yeah I guess Alex told her to keep it a secret" Kyle replied 

"Do you want to met your daughter?" Charlie asked

"I do I really do Charlie" Kyle replied


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Thanks Ludub and Sarah :)

This is the finally chapter as I can't think of anything else to put and thought it was a good way to end it.

I've skipped ahead a few wks.


Chapter 9

4 weeks. later.

Tamara had allowed Kyle to see his daughter Sage Kingley and they had gotten along like a house on fire.

"Mummy how is Kyle my daddy?" Sage asked

"Kyle's ex-girlfriend Alex who was a bit crazy was pregnant and never told Kyle and three years later for her and 4 weeks ago for Daddy Alex told him she was pregnant and asked me to adopt you"

"But where's Alex now?" Sage asked

"So many questions and not a good time to tell a three year old" Kyle whispered to Tamara

"Sage you're too young maybe Mummy and Kyle will tell you one day" Tamara said

Neither Sage or Tamara felt ready to call Kyle her father yet it had only be 4 wks. after all and 4 wks. ago Alex was sentenced for life for kidnapping Claire and Kyle and re-kidnapping Kyle.

The door opened and Charlie entered.

"Charlie!" Sage ran to her, Charlie was really good with Sage and loved her.

"Hi kiddo, Tam, Kyle " Charlie said smiling

"Hi Charlie" Everyone replied

"Where's Brax?" Sage asked

Charlie laughed

"he's still at work sweetie" Kyle said

"But he works so much Mummy or Kyle don't work as much" Sage says

"Mummy has to look after you and Kyle sometimes works with Brax" Tamara said

"Mummy I want to call Kyle daddy" Sage whined

"Sage it's been 4 wks. are you sure?? " Tamara asked

"yes and Aunty Charlie and Uncle Brax" Sage replied

"okay baby you can call Kyle Daddy and Charlie and Brax Aunty Charlie and Uncle Brax" Tamara said

"Thank you Mummy c'mon Daddy let's go play" Sage said to Kyle

Kyle laughed and followed his daughter.

Sage turned back

"you come to Mummy" Sage said to Tamara

Tamara followed them both outside she was finally happy Sage had gotten to know Kyle and that crazy Alex was locked up for life.....

The end.





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