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True Love

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Thanks Kristen, RoRo90 and Sarah.


Charlie, Brax and the kids had spent the morning at Dreamworld, the kids and Brax equally having a lot of fun. They’d been on the log ride a couple of times, the carousel, the big red car ride and the spinning tea cups but Ben’s favourite was the big red boat, having been on it 3 rimes already. They’d just grabbed some lunch and now Maya was keen to go on more rides. “The red boat, the red boat.” Ben spoke excitedly as he was on Brax’s shoulders, his hands banging on Brax’s head.

“No,” Maya groaned. “That’s for babies.”

“Is not.” Ben frowned.

“Well it is,” Maya sighed. “I want to go on a big scary rollercoaster.” Maya spoke confidently, the little girl clearly not having any worries about going on a big ride.

“We’ve just eaten,” Charlie replied. “How about we go to the games stalls again?” Charlie suggested. Brax had already won a purple unicorn teddy on a darts game that he’d given to Maya and had said that he’d now need to win something for Ben before the day was over.

“Red boat.” Ben moaned from Brax’s shoulders. Charlie hadn’t brought the buggy, Ben doing much better with his walking the last few weeks but he was getting tired so he was having a little break from walking, Brax happy to carry him around for a while.

“We can go there again later bud.” Charlie told her son.

“Oh this game Darryl,” Maya said. There were 6 cans stacked on a table and you got 3 balls and had to knock all the cans to the floor to win a prize. “I want that Sully teddy.” Maya pointed to the blue and purple teddy bear that was supposed to be Sully from Monster INC.

“Ahh I think it’s Benj’s turn to get a teddy, hmmm bud?” Brax lifted Ben from his shoulders as he spoke.

“Buzz.” Ben’s little face lit up as he spotted a Buzz teddy as one of the prizes. He reached up for it, but of course was very far off actually getting it.

“Daddy will need to win first,” The stall lady said as she smiled down at Ben. Ben moved back shyly, wrapping his arms around Charlie’s leg as he hid his face. “$5 a game.”

Brax handed the lady a $5 dollar bill. She handed him the balls and Brax picked the first one up as threw it to the bottom of the cans, but just missed, the ball flying back and hitting the back board. “Oh no.” Maya slapped her hands against her cheeks. Brax threw the second ball and knocked off two of the six cans. The third ball only managed to hit down one more can. Brax exhaled lightly as he looked down to Ben.

“I get Buzz?” Ben sounded hopeful as he pointed to the teddy. Brax took his wallet from his pocket again and handed her another $5 dollars. This game went even worse, Brax not hitting one can down.

“Brax.” Charlie put her hand onto his arm as she reached into his wallet for more money. She looked into his eyes, Brax knowing she was telling him not to try again.

“He wants a Buzz.” Brax said, handing the lady a $10 dollar bill. She put his change on the side, hoping she’d be lucky enough to get it back anyways.

“This time,” Maya told him, her head nodding. “I feel it,” Maya slapped her chest before she kept a tight grip of her unicorn, hoping she’d still get to keep that and not be made to give it to Ben. “Yeah,” Maya cheered as Brax knocked down 4 cans with his first shot. His second knocked down one can, leaving one ball for one can. “Conceytrate Darryl,” Maya told him, crossing her fingers, hoping he’d be third time lucky at getting the teddy. Brax eyed up the can and threw the ball hard towards it, the ball missing by a long shot. “Oh dear.” Maya slapped her palm against her forehead.

“Are we going again?” The lady questioned.

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “Babe don’t spend $20 on some teddy that he’ll lose interest in before the holiday is over.”

“But look at that little face,” Brax glanced down at Ben who was staring up at the Buzz teddy. “He wants it.” Brax said, before looking back to the lady and giving her a little nod. She gave a little smile as she picked up the note and stuffed into her money bag that was strapped around her waist before giving Brax the 3 balls. Again his first ball knocked off four of the six cans. He threw the second ball, it missing by a whisker, the two cans still standing.

“Oh get them down,” Maya sighed. “Stupid cans.”

Brax took a deep breath before throwing the ball, it smacking the two cans dead in the centre. The first can knocked over quickly and rolled off the table, Maya cheering as she jumped up and down, Charlie laughing at her daughter, making it seem like Brax was playing for something far better that a stuffed teddy. The last wobbled around before it fell from the table, Maya giving another cheer. “I’ll take Sully.” Maya batted her eyelids sweetly at Brax.

“No,” Brax shook his head. “I’ll take the Buzz teddy please,” Brax said, the lady giving a little nod as she took a teddy from where it was hanging and handed it to Brax. “It’s Benj’s turn huh?” Brax bent down and handed the teddy out to Ben.

“Oh Bux,” Ben took the teddy and stared down at it. “Thank you.” Ben grinned, clearly happy with his teddy. He stood on his tiptoes and placed a kiss on Brax’s cheek.

“You’re welcome buddy,” Brax ruffled his hair before he stood up and lifted Ben up into his arms. “See how can you put a price on that smile.” Brax said, Charlie smiling up at him before they shared a quick kiss.

“Right Maya,” Charlie took her daughters hand as they started walking again. “Where to now?” Charlie questioned, very much enjoying her day out.


Romeo returned from taking Cody out for a walk. Cody walked right across to his bed, the walk – where Cody ran around after his ball a lot – had tired him out and he clearly needed a rest. Romeo walked up the stairs and went into Ruby’s room, Ruby lying down in her bed. “Hey, hun you feeling any better?”

“Yeah but I threw up like 20 million times.” Ruby mumbled. Romeo walked over to the bed and bent down before her, his hand gently brushing over her forehead.

“Can I get you anything?” Romeo questioned.

“Maybe a tea,” Ruby murmured. “And some liquorice.”

Romeo gave a little chuckle. Ruby hated liquorice but it’s all she ever wanted to eat now she was pregnant, and more to the point, it was about the only thing that didn’t make her want to vomit. “Well we are going to have a little chubster for sure.”

“Hey,” Ruby sat up and slapped his chest. “Anyways chubby babies are cute. They’re cuddly and have squishy cheeks,” Ruby gushed. It was the first time Romeo saw her looking excited for their impending arrival. “So prepare yourself for a big baby.” Ruby gave a cheeky grin.

“You are the one who has to give birth so you might want to rethink that.” Romeo laughed again.

“Hmm good point,” Ruby murmured as she hand brushed over her stomach. “Well we’ll just have to work on getting her some chubby cheeks when she’s here, huh?”

“If you say so,” Romeo mumbled. “Anyways, I’ll go get you your tea and liquorice,” Romeo gave her a smile as he tucked her hair behind her ear. “I’ll be right back.” Romeo placed a soft kiss on her cheek before going back down stairs to get Ruby her tea and liquorice.

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Thanks Kristen and CharlieAndBraxLover.


Bianca and Dylan were baking some cookies. Bianca spooned the mixture onto the tray and Dylan got to squash it down, much to his delight, Dylan giggling every time he squashed some of the mixture. “Is that fun?” Bianca questioned, smiling at Dylan’s cheeky little face.

“Yeah.” Dylan giggled as he squashed another spoonful.

Bianca smiled again as she put the last spoonful on the oven tray, Dylan taking great delight in squashing it down. “Right we’ll get these in the oven will we?” Bianca lifted the tray up and Dylan jumped down from the chair and ran over to the oven, wiping his hands on his red

‘Lightening McQueen’ apron; ‘Cars’ being his favourite movie and Dylan loving anything to do with it. “Careful.” Bianca pulled him back, not wanting him to burn himself as she opened the oven and put the cookies in.

“They ready?” Dylan questioned as he rested his hand on the door as he looked into the oven.

“No they just went in.” Bianca laughed.

“Oh,” Dylan scratched the side of his head before he ran over to the living room and picked up a couple of his cars before running back over to the kitchen. He pushed a chair from the table close to the oven and climbed up onto it. “Me ‘n car see.” Dylan said as he pointed to the oven.

“Okay,” Bianca laughed again at Dylan wanting to watch the cookies till they were ready. “Well looks like Bee is cleaning up on her own then.” Bianca mumbled as she started taking the mixing bowl and spoons over to the sink.

“Hey, I’m back.” Heath said as he walked in the door. They were supposed to be spending the day together but Heath said he’d been called into the gym to sort out a problem with a new delivery of t-shirts. “Mmm you baking?” Heath questioned, the smell of cookies already coming from the oven. He walked over to the kitchen and placed a soft kiss on Bianca’s cheek.

“Them’s not ready.” Dylan said as he pointed to the oven, his toy cars still in his hands.

“Ah well I’m sure they’ll be worth waiting for.” Heath murmured as he put his finger round the bowl, scooping up some of the excess mixture and putting it in his mouth.

“Heath,” Bianca put the bowl under the water before he could do it again. “That’s raw cookie mix,” Heath gave a little shrug. “You get everything sorted at the gym?”

“Mmm,” Heath nodded. “I eh,” He rubbed the back of his head, now a little nervous to tell Bianca. “I stopped in at the travel agency on the way back.”

“Oh yeah,” Bianca raised her eyebrows as she scrubbed the bowl clean. “Why’s that?”

“Well it’s Easter Break,” Heath said. “April’s not coming down till next week so I thought it might be nice if me, you and Dil’s had a few days away.” Heath told her.

“Oh,” Bianca was unsure. “We’ve been spending a lot of time together lately but we....” Bianca dried her hands on the tea towel before walking closer to Heath, taking a hold of his arm and leading him into the living room, moving further away from Dylan’s little ears. “We’re not officially together and we’ve not even slept together again yet.”

Heath gave a little shrug. “Things are going great with us and it’s just a little break from here. A few days away to keep reconnecting again,” Heath gave her a little smile as he tucked her hair behind her ear. “You and Dil can keep bonding.”

Bianca pursed her lips as she looked back to Dylan before looking to Heath again. “So you’ve actually booked somewhere?” Bianca questioned.

“It’s on hold,” Heath answered. “I have to call back later today to confirm.”

“Where?” Bianca wondered.

“The Whitsundays,” Heath told her. “There’s so much fun still Dylan can do and we can just.....we can all have a nice time together.”

Bianca gave a little nod. She’d be spending her holidays with Heath and Dylan anyways so what did it matter if it was here in the Bay or at the Whitsundays. “Let’s go.” Bianca said, Heath smiling before pulling her in for a kiss.


Charlie, Brax and Maya walked back into the hotel room. Brax was carrying Ben, the little boy having fallen asleep, Buzz being held tightly in

his clutches, the fun and excitement of the day clearly too much for him. “Oh this day has been so much fun,” Maya danced around the room with her unicorn teddy. “Can we go again tomorrow?”

“No we are doing something else tomorrow.” Charlie said, watching as Brax lovingly lay Ben down in the bed, stroking back his curly locks from his face. She saw the way he looked at him, a boy that wasn’t even his own and smiled to herself, knowing he was going to be an amazing father.

“It won’t be as fun as Dreamworld.” Maya said as she took a lollypop from the table from the bag of goodies Brax had bought for them. She

pulled the wrapper off and put it to her mouth.

“Well you never know,” Brax walked over to the bag of goodies and put a few gummy lollies in his mouth. “You might have even more fun.”

“Oh no,” Maya shook her head. “I will never have as much fun as I had today ever in my life again.” Maya took the red lollypop from her mouth and pointed it in Brax’s direction as she spoke.

“Well if you’ve already had the best day of your life when you are only 5 you’re going to have a pretty boring time, huh?” Brax murmured.

“Yes,” Maya frowned. “Well,” She scratched the side of her head as she looked from Brax to her mother and back again. “Maybe if you had a baby with my mummy it would be a good day.”

Charlie knew Maya obviously got the idea of a baby from Ruby being pregnant. “You’d like more little brothers or sisters then?” Charlie questioned.

“Sisters,” Maya said. “Ben’s my only special little brother and I want no one else but him,” Maya looked to Ben with a loving smile on her face before looking back to Charlie, Brax seeing she looked quiet touched by Maya’s words. “But if you will have a baby you and Darryl need to get married first,” Maya sounded like she was the parent giving a lecture. “Okay, you two get married and then you can be my real daddy.” Maya looked to Brax with a smile.

“Okay.” Brax shared a smile with Charlie. Of course it was far too soon to think about marriage and babies but Brax knew that that was exactly the direction they would head in in the future.


Bianca pushed the tabs on the nappy down, locking Dylan’s nappy firmly in place. “I get cookie?” Dylan questioned as he jumped up to standing.

“No, it’s bedtime,” Bianca told him. “And you’ve had 3 cookies already today. You’ll get a big tummy,” Bianca said, tickling Dylan’s tummy, Dylan giggled as he put his little hands onto Bianca’s, stopping her from tickling him. Bianca smiled at the sounds of his cheeky little laugh. “Right Mr,” Bianca reached for Dylan’s red ‘Cars’ pyjamas and helped him put them on before she stood up. “Have you picked your story book?” Bianca questioned.

Dylan ran over to the shelf and pulled out the book he wanted, tonight’s choice being The very hungry Caterpillar. “Daddy?” Dylan questioned as he ran back over to Bianca.

“Uh-huh.” Bianca nodded as they walked out of the bedroom and into the living room, where Heath was sitting on the couch, waiting on their return.

“Hey mate you all ready for bed?” Heath questioned.

“Uh-huh,” Dylan nodded his head as he climbed up onto the couch. Bianca had already taken a seat next to Heath and Dylan climbed on top of them, half sitting on Heath’s knee, half on Bianca’s. Bianca wrapped her arm around his tummy as he leaned back into her. “She bath me.”

“She did,” Heath looked to Bianca, giving her a smile. “And now it’s story time. What have we picked today?” Heath took the book from Dylan’s grasp. “Ah yeah, daddy loves this one Dil’s,” Heath smiled at his son, Dylan giving his dad big grin back. “We all comfy?” Heath questioned. Dylan nodded in response as he cuddled more into Bianca as Heath started reading the book. He loved moments like this with Bianca and Dylan. Some family bonding time and only hoped that their bond kept getting stronger.

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Thanks Kristen and RoRo90 for the comments.

This chapter skips forward in time.


Charlie was in the kitchen, getting the candles onto the cake. She couldn’t believe her little boy was turning 4 already and that only two weeks ago, Maya had turned 6. Ben of course had chosen a Buzz cake once again and was running around in a new Buzz dress-up outfit, his last one being worn far too much. Dylan had come to the party conveniently dressed as Woody. Ben and Dylan had become the best of friends, the two little boys getting up to lots of mischief together. “It’s only four candles you need to put in the cake,” Brax laughed as he walked into the kitchen. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah,” Charlie the fourth candle into the cake before reaching for the lighter. “Just can’t believe my baby is 4,” Charlie exhaled as she looked up to her boyfriend. “Seems like only yesterday he was born,” Charlie murmured. “I miss them being babies.” Charlie gave a little pout as Brax rubbed her arms.

“Well there will be a little baby in your life soon,” Brax told her. “Rubes is about to pop.” Brax said, Ruby having only 10 days left of her pregnancy.

“That is true.” Charlie exhaled.

“And you know if you want it to be your own child then we can arrange that too.” Brax spoke softly as he tucked her hair behind her ear before placing a kiss on her lips.

“Mmm,” Charlie pulled back. “We’ve not even been together a year yet,” Charlie said. “There’s steps we have to take before the baby one.”

“Oh yeah?” Brax questioned. “Like what?”

“Well, marriage and you moving in with us.” Charlie said, Brax raising his eyebrows as he smiled.

“Are you suggesting that I move in with you?” Brax questioned. It had been on his mind for the last few weeks, if he was going to be honest. He spent most of his time at her place anyways and their relationship was pretty solid so it would make sense for him to live with them all the time.

“Uhm,” Charlie bit her lip. “Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s move in together.” Charlie got a grin on her face as she felt her heart beating with excitement from outside her chest.

“Yeah?” Brax grinned before he pulled Charlie into a kiss.

“Mmm,” Charlie nodded as she pulled back. “Well it makes sense doesn’t it?” Charlie questioned. “You’re here most of the time anyways and paying for your apartment when you’re not even there. It’s a waste.”

“And the fact we are in a committed loving relationship.” Brax murmured.

“Yes, that too.” Charlie laughed before they kissed again.

“The kids will be excited when we tell them.” Brax said as he tucked Charlie’s hair behind her ear.

“Let’s leave today for Ben’s birthday,” Charlie said. “We can tell them tomorrow over breakfast.”

“So, I’m staying again tonight, am I?” Brax questioned, his eyebrows raising as he wrapped his arm around Charlie and rubbed her back.

“You’ve been here 5 nights already, what’s another one?” Charlie questioned. Brax gave a little laugh before Charlie turned back to the cake and lit the candles before Brax picked the cake up and carried it outside, Charlie following after him so they could sing Happy Birthday to Ben then all have some cake.


Bianca, Heath, April and Dylan walked back into their house. Heath had moved back in after about 3 months of them ‘dating’ again. Dylan got a room of his own, designed in a ‘Cars’ theme and he had no bother at all in sleeping through the night. April was down for the weekend visiting, hoping Ruby would go into labour early giving the next time she’d would be home would be for Christmas, April too busy with her studies to make another trip down. Dylan was jumping around, all hyped up on sugar from all the party treats. “Apil play cars with me.” Dylan said, putting his goodie bag from the party onto the couch and running over to his toy box.

“Sure bud.” April smiled at her nephew. Dylan loved it when ‘Apil’ came to visit. April also loved playing with him, glad that Bianca had managed to forgive Heath and that they’d made a lovely life together as a family. Bianca smiled at her sister as she started playing with Dylan. Dylan and Bianca had grown very close, Bianca doting on the little boy just he was her own son.

“You okay?” Heath questioned as he wrapped his arms around Bianca’s waist and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“Mmm,” Bianca nodded. “I’m just happy.”

“Well that’s good,” Heath smiled as he tucked her hair behind her ear. “I’m very happy too,” Heath said before he kissed her again. Heath glanced down at Dylan who was giggling as he played with April. “And we’ve got a fantastic little boy,” Heath grinned as he looked back to Bianca. “What do you think to,” Heath moved Bianca a little further away from April and Dylan, obviously not wanting to be heard. “What do you think to us giving Dylan a little brother or sister?” Heath questioned.

Bianca widened her eyes. “I uhm...” Bianca swallowed. “A baby?” Bianca questioned, suddenly looking terrified. “I...I dunno Heath. Are we there yet?” Bianca wondered. Things were great with them at this moment so she wasn’t sure she wanted to get pregnant, possibly bringing stress and strain into their just fixed relationship.

“I wouldn’t have suggested it if I didn’t think we were ready,” Heath murmured. “And Dil’s is the most happy, settle kid ever so he’ll adjust fine to a new baby.” Heath gave a little pout, knowing by the look on Bianca’s face that she needed more convincing.

“I...” Bianca trailed off. “I need to think about it. Sorry.” Bianca said before she walked off to the bathroom, Heath bowing his head sadly, hoping she’d soon change her mind.


“One cup of tea and three sticks of liquorice for my hunny.” Romeo said as he walked into their bedroom, handing Ruby down the cup of tea and plate of liquorice.

“Thank you,” Ruby leaned to the side and placed a soft kiss on Romeo’s cheek. “You’re hunny and love-bug appreciate it.” Ruby told him as he got into the bed next to her. His hand wandered over and rested on her bump.

“So don’t you think we need to find a name?” Romeo questioned. “She or he be here in 10 days.”

“I’m due in 10 days,” Ruby said. Romeo scrunched his face up as Ruby dipped the liquorice stick in the tea before taking a bite. “But, he or she could come any day now or I could be upto 2 weeks late.” Ruby hoped the baby would arrive sooner rather than later. She was still sick, even now. She’d had a horrendously difficult first pregnant and it had already put her off ever being pregnant again.

“Well still,” Romeo rubbed her bump. “We need to find a name.”

Ruby took another bite of the liquorice stick. “Lily Mae or Lola Rose for a girl,” Ruby said. “We’ve discussed this numerous times.” Ruby told him.

“I do love Lily Mae,” Romeo smiled. “But for a little man?” Romeo questioned. “What about Hendrix?”

“I like Jax,” Ruby told him. “Jax Smith. Don’t you think that sounds nice? It’s short and sweet.” Ruby said, resting the plate on top of her bump as she drank her tea.

“Well at least we are getting idea’s going,” Romeo murmured. “And you are sure it’s just going to be Smith?” Romeo questioned. “Because I really don’t mind going for Buckton-Smith.” Romeo said, looking into Ruby’s eyes with a smile.

“No,” Ruby shook her head. “Just Smith is fine,” Ruby answered. “Besides, I hope to be Ruby Smith one day so then we’ll all have the same.” Ruby gave Romeo a smile. Romeo smiled back at her, thoughts of marriage already long in his mind. Although the baby happened rather quickly, from the moment he met Ruby he knew that one day, she’d be his wife.

“I can’t wait for that day.” Romeo murmured.

“Right now I just want this one to arrive,” Ruby spoke quietly as she looked down to her bump. The plate jumped a little, the baby giving some kicks. “I’m so uncomfy and just ready. I’m ready Romeo.”

“I know you are,” Romeo wrapped his arm around her as he softly kissed her head. “It won’t be much longer.” Romeo said, continuing to rub her bump as he placed another kiss on her head.

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Thanks Kristen, RoRo90 and CharlieAndBraxLover :)


Later that same night, Ruby woke up with bad stomach cramps and after consulting Charlie, they’d taken her to the hospital as she was having contractions. After an intensely agonising 67 hours, Ruby was rushed for an emergency caesarean-section and baby Smith was finally welcomed into the world. After some persuasion from Charlie, Romeo had gone home to get showered and rested, having never left Ruby’s side through the whole labour and delivery. “Mum.” Ruby spoke sleepily as she opened her eyes, waking from a small nap.

“I’m here.” Charlie answered from sitting beside Ruby’s bed.

“Where’s Romeo?” Ruby winced as she sat up in the bed, putting too much pressure on her c-section stitches.

“He’s gone home for a little rest.” Charlie answered looking down to her gorgeous grandson who was sleeping in her arms.

“Is he okay?” Ruby questioned, turning her head to look at her mother and son.

“He’s fine,” Charlie smiled lovingly at the baby before offering him down for Ruby to hold. Ruby took her son into her arms, smiling at her handsome little man. “You two got a name for him yet?” Charlie questioned.

“We’re thinking Hendrix or Jax.” Ruby answered. Charlie scrunched her face up at the names. She certainly didn’t want a grandson called Hendrix or Jax.

“Rubes,” Charlie shook her head. “Can’t you pick a nice name? Something like Isaac or Joseph?” Charlie suggested.

“Jax is nice,” Ruby retorted as she never took her eyes off her son. “Anyways, Romeo and I need to discuss it so for now he’s still our little love-bug.” Ruby cooed before she once again winced.

“You okay?” Charlie leaned forward in the chair and rubbed Ruby’s arm, seeing she was on the brink of tears.

“I just hurt so much,” Ruby’s voice broke as a tear rolled down her cheek. “Like it just hurts so much and I’m exhausted and I don’t know what to do with him.”

“Hey sweetie,” Charlie spoke softly as she rubbed her daughters arm again. “He’s just arrived. You’re not supposed to know what to do right away,” Charlie told her. “First babies are all about learning. God, you’d disown me if you knew half the stuff I did wrong with you when you were a baby.” Charlie gave a little laugh trying to brighten Ruby’s mood a little.

“So you’re saying I’m going to muck up all the time?” Ruby cried.

“No no,” Charlie shook her head. “You’ll be an amazing mother, Rubes,” Charlie assured her. “I’m just saying that as a first-time mother you’re not expected to know why he’s crying right away or when he needs to be napping or eating or whatever,” Charlie told her. “But you’ve got me here to help you out and Romeo’s read every pregnancy and baby book there is about 10 times,” Charlie laughed. “You guys will get this together.” Charlie gave her an encouraging smile. Ruby took a deep breath as Charlie softly wiped her thumb over her daughter’s cheeks, getting rid of her tears.


Heath, Bianca and Dylan were spending the afternoon at the beach. Dylan was digging a hole in the sand as Heath helped him, Bianca sitting on the sand, watching her two boys having fun. “Mummy,” Dylan said, looking up to her. ‘Mummy’ had been a natural progression and Bianca was more than okay with being called mummy by him. Of course there was a time when they’d tell Dylan about Jess, but right now, Bianca was his one and only mummy. “You help too.” Dylan told her, handing out a little spade so she could help dig the hole.

Bianca took the spade into the hand and moved a little closer to the hole, resting on her knees as she started digging. She saw that Heath had got distracted, looking out a young couple with their small baby. Heath clearly still with the whole baby thing on his mind. He’d not mentioned it again since the day of Ben’s birthday but Bianca knew it was on his mind and it was only a matter of time before he’d mention it again. “Your son is here.” Bianca nudged Heath’s arm, Heath looking back to his wife and child.

“Sorry.” Heath murmured.

“Daddy,” Dylan giggled at him. “Why you looking there?” Dylan pointed out to the family.

“I was just.....” Heath pursed his lips. “I was looking at the new baby.” Heath said, not seeing why he needed to lie to his son.

“Oh,” Dylan’s eyes widened as he dropped his spade. “Your baby?” Dylan said as he looked to Bianca.

“No no.” Bianca shook her head.

Dylan frowned a little. “You have baby?” Dylan questioned.

Bianca glared at Heath before looking back to Dylan. Bianca shook her head. “Maybe once day.”

Dylan scratched the side of his head. “I be’s big brother?” Dylan questioned.

“Of course you will be,” Heath ruffled his head. “You’re going to be the best big brother in the world.” Heath smiled before looking at Bianca who did not look impressed that they were talking about babies in front of their almost 3 year old.

“Oh mummy.” Dylan clapped his hands as he leaned forward and patted her belly.

“I’m not having a baby Dylan,” Bianca told him, glaring angrily at Heath for putting the idea into his head. “Not for a year or two.” Bianca said, Heath sighing lightly, wishing Bianca would at least be a bit more open to the idea for even discussing the possibility of them having a baby.


Charlie walked back into her house, slipping passed some boxes that were in the hallway. Brax had started to move some stuff in but was clearly in no rush to unpack. “Hey, I’m home.” Charlie walked into the living room, seeing Brax and the kids had built a fort out of the boxes, half of Brax’s stuff emptied out over the couch and arm chairs.

“We built a princess castle.” Maya jumped up from behind a wall of boxes.

“No no,” Ben crawled out from box which had a hole cut into it, clearly meant as the doorway. “It’s a fort,” Ben said as he ran over to his mother, Charlie lifting him up into a hug as she kissed his head. Ben was dressed as Buzz Lightyear once again, Ben hardly having the outfit off since his birthday a few days before hand. “Bux do’ed it for us.”

“And here’s me thinking I left Brax to unpack.” Charlie mumbled as she put Ben down, Ben running back over to the princess castle/fort and crawling back inside.

“There’s plenty time for that,” Brax crawled out of the fort, Charlie laughing at seeing he was wearing a tiara and purple feather boa. “The kids wanted to play.”

“Hmm.” Charlie raised her eyebrows as Maya ran over to her.

“Where’s Ruby and the baby?” Maya questioned. “Won’t they come home?”

“Not yet,” Charlie ran her through Maya’s ponytail. “They want to keep them in for one night.” Charlie said, Maya frowning as she scratched the side of her head.

“Can I go see them?” Maya wondered.

“Yeah,” Charlie nodded. “We can all go in later,” Charlie answered. “Let Ruby and the baby get some peace and quiet for now.” Charlie said, Charlie also knowing Ruby and the baby needed time to bond.

Maya frowned again. “Todd is in bed,” Maya said. “Will he come to see the baby again too?”

“Of course he will,” Charlie told her daughter. “He just needs a little rest for a while.”

“Good,” Maya answered. “Will you come play in the princess castle?” Maya questioned, taking her hand and dragging her over. Charlie crawled in after her daughter, Ben and Brax playing with some of Ben’s many Buzz Lightyear toys. “Buzz is silly so we’ll play with my Frozen dolls.” Maya told her mother, handing her the Elsa doll as she kept hold of her Anna doll.

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Thanks Kristen, Sabrina and Sarah for the comments. :D


Charlie, Brax and the kids had gone to the hospital to visit Ruby and the baby. Romeo had already gone back long ago and the family were all on the bed together, Romeo holding his baby son in his arms as Ruby was lying next to him. Maya gasped as she walked into the room, holding some flowers for Ruby. “Oh the baby.” Maya stood right at the side of the bed, looking down at her little nephew.

“This for him.” Ben said as he handed the little blue rabbit teddy to Romeo.

“Thanks dude.” Romeo smiled as he took the gift from him.

“Oh yeah these are yours Ruby,” Maya put the flowers down on her sister. “Can I hold the baby? What’s his name?”

Maya said as she sat on the chair, Romeo getting down from the bed and putting the baby into Maya’s arms. “You sit still and be careful with him.” Charlie instructed her daughter.

“Yes,” Maya stared down at the baby who’s little face scrunched up as he yawned. “He’s little,” Maya giggled. “What’s his name?” Maya asked again, hoping for a reply this time.

“This is Theo Jay Smith.” Romeo said, everyone ‘awwwing’ at the name.

“Ah what a lovely name,” Charlie put her hand onto her chest, much preferring Theo over Hendrix or Jax. “He really is such a little cutie.”

“Congratulations guys,” Brax stared down at the baby in Maya’s arms. “He’s a sweetie. Looks just like you Rubes.”

“Thank God for that,” Romeo laughed. “What do you think of little Theo, Ben?” Romeo looked down to Ben who was holding onto Charlie’s leg as he looked to the baby, an unsure look on his face.

“Theo.” Ben pointed to his nephew as a smile crept on his face, Romeo thinking that it meant he liked the new arrival.

“Ruby when do you and Theo Jay get to come home?” Maya questioned, her eyes staying locked on her nephew.

“Maybe tomorrow,” Ruby yawned. “They want to keep me in for a little bit because I needed to get a special operation so Theo could arrive safely.” Ruby said, rubbing her hand over her stomach, it very clear to everyone who was looking at her that she was in pain.

“Oh,” Maya sighed. “Does Todd have to stay too?”

“No,” Romeo answered. “I get to come home at nights.”

“Good,” Maya grinned. “You’re fun,” Maya told him, Romeo giving the little girl a smile. “Will you, Ruby and Theo Jay live with us forever?” Maya hoped that they would.

“Uhm nah,” Romeo laughed. “We’ll get a place of our own one day,” Romeo told her, Maya pouting sadly. “We’ll still see you though,” Romeo told her. “Theo is going to need his Auntie Maya huh?”

“Yeah,” Maya grinned as Ben moved closer, wanting a better look at Theo. “Gentle Ben.” Maya told him as he stroke his hands over Theo’s cheek.

“Now Theo,” Brax spoke softly as he took the baby boy from Maya’s arms, Maya giving Brax a scowl, clearly not wanting to hand him over just yet. “Come give Pop a cuddle.” Brax cooed down at the brand new life he was now holding.

“Pop?” Charlie cocked her head to the side as she glanced at her boyfriend.

“Well I’m as good as his Pop,” Brax said. “You’re Grandma, it makes sense for the man you are living with to be Pop,” Brax smiled down at Theo. “Hey mate,” Brax smiled lovingly, it very clear to Charlie now much Brax already seemed to adore the boy and how much he wanted a child of his own. “I’m Pop and I’m going help take good care of you and spoil you rotten.” Brax cooed, Ruby and Romeo smiling at the scene.

“Well I’m not sure I am Grandma but....we’ll see,” Charlie still hadn’t decided what she wanted to be called by the baby. Grandma just made her sound too old. “But, that suits you.” Charlie gave Brax a smile as she watched him holding their new grandson in his arms.


Dylan had been put down for a nap, the afternoon at the beach having tired him out so he was having a little sleep before dinner. Heath walked back through to the living room, joining Bianca on the couch. “You heard anything from Charlie yet?” Heath questioned.

“Yeah,” Bianca nodded. “She had a little boy this morning. Theo.” Bianca gave a little smile at the news, glad the labour was finally over for Ruby. Of course she didn’t know what being in labour was like but she was sure it wasn’t something that was a very nice experience.

“Cute name.” Heath played with his wedding ring as he looked away from Bianca, Bianca knowing he was still moody about the baby thing.

“Heath, I....” Bianca took a deep breath. “I didn’t say I never wanted children,” Bianca told him. “It’s just....we’ve not even been married a year, we spent months separated, we....we’re in a really good place right now and I want to enjoy that,” Bianca told him. “Don’t you want to enjoy that?”

“We are,” Heath moved a little closer to her and took her hand. “But wouldn’t a baby make our lives even better? Hasn’t Dylan being here brightened up our lives?”

“Of course he has.” Bianca answered.

“So then why don’t you want to at least try?” Heath questioned.

“I just don’t think now is the right time,” Bianca told him, Heath bowing his head in disappointment. “Baby I do want to have children with you, you know that, right?”

Heath gave a little shrug. “I used to think so but now I don’t know.”

“Heath,” Bianca took a deep breath. “Before I agree to having a baby with you I....” Bianca trailed off. “I love you Heath, I really do but after what happened at the beginning of the year, I....” Bianca paused for a moment as she rolled her wedding and engagement ring around her finger. “I need to be sure that we are an us forever.” Bianca spoke quietly, not making eye contact with him.

“We are,” Heath told her. “You can trust me. I’m not ever going to hurt you like that again.” Heath of course understood Bianca would have worries but at the same time, he was hurt that she didn’t seem to trust him fully yet.

“I’m sorry,” Bianca murmured. “I just need some more time to be 100 per cent sure because I’m not going to have a child with you for us to....I don’t want to end up being a single mother.” Bianca told him before she stood up and made her way across to the bathroom, leaving Heath in the living room thinking about what she said.


“So Grandma,” Brax raised his eyebrows as he slid into the bed next to his girlfriend. “What do you think of the new arrival?”

“He’s a little gem,” Charlie squeezed some hand cream onto her hand before she rubbed it in. “Think you enjoyed meeting him too, Pop.” Charlie gave a little grin as she leaned to the side and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“He’s a lovely little guy,” Brax answered as Charlie cuddled into him, her head resting on his chest as she rested her hand on his stomach. Brax placed a soft kiss on Charlie’s head. “Kind of makes me clucky.” Brax stifled a laugh.

“Well clucky is all you’ll be right now love,” Charlie mumbled. “It’s too soon for us to have a baby.”

“Rubes and Romeo have a baby and they’ve only been together 9 months.” Brax murmured as he ran his fingers through Charlie’s hair.

“Doesn’t mean it’s happening that way for us,” Charlie muttered. “Besides, you’ve just moved in. What’s the rush?” Charlie questioned, leaning her hand on his stomach as she pushed herself up and looked him in the face.

“You’re just so beautiful,” Brax told her as he tucked her hair behind her ear. “Why wouldn’t I want to make babies with you?”

Charlie gave him a little smile. “One day I plan to give you some babies,” Charlie told him, Brax smiling as he looked into her gorgeous eyes. “But right now I am enjoying getting used to life living with you,” Charlie smiled again as she leaned up and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Brax smiled into the kiss, letting it deepen as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into him to their bodies were touching. “Mmm.” Charlie moaned into the kiss.

“Mummy,” Ben burst into the room, his Buzz teddy under his arm. Charlie pulled back from the kiss and rested her forehead on his for a moment. “And interruptions like that would only be more likely with more babies around,” Charlie murmured before turning to face her son, as he climbed up onto the bed. “What’s wrong bud?” Charlie rubbed her son’s back as he sat close to her.

“Monsters in my room.” Ben told her, looking rather terrified.

“There’s no such thing as monsters.” Charlie told her son.

Ben looked unsure before he nodded his head, glancing beyond his mother to Brax. “I’ll go have a look.” Brax said as he leaned forward and ruffled Ben’s hair. Brax left the room as Ben cuddled into his mother, Charlie rubbing his back as he kissed the top of his curly locks.

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Thank you Sarah, CharlieAndBraxLover and Kristen for the comments.


Despite hoping she’d get home the next day, Theo was 3 days old when Ruby finally got to leave the hospital and take her baby home. Thankfully, Maya was at school and Ben had recently started at a special kindergarten a few mornings a week and Brax was working, leaving the house more peaceful upon their return. Ruby was sitting on the couch, Charlie seeing the look of pain in her eyes. “You okay?” Charlie rubbed her shoulder as she sat down next to her daughter. She remembered all too well the pain she felt after her c-section and only wished she could take the pain away for her daughter. She glanced up at Romeo who was lifting his son up from the car seat before looking back to Ruby.

Ruby shook her head as she looked like she was about to cry. “It hurts,” Ruby answered. “How am I supposed to care for Theo when I can’t move without hurting?”

“It gets easier,” Charlie assured her. “Now, I always found a nice hot water bottle helped soothe me,” Charlie ran her hand through her hair as she spoke. “How about I go get you one then you can give the little guy his feed?” Charlie questioned.

“Can you go?” Ruby looked up to Romeo who gave a little nod, handing Theo down to Charlie before he walked to the kitchen. Ruby looked down to her son and gently rubbed her finger over his little hand. “He’s so precious,” Ruby smiled as she looked at her baby son. She glanced at Cody who’d come over to investigate the new human in the house. He rested his head against the couch cushion as he stared at the baby, Charlie knowing he wouldn’t try to harm the baby in anyway, so she left him there, looking. “I can’t believe he came from me.” Ruby said, smiling adoringly at her baby son.

“Well believe it,” Charlie murmured. “He’s your handsome little guy.”

Ruby smiled again, not able to take her eyes off her son. “You think you and Brax will have children?” Ruby questioned.

“Yeah,” Charlie got a huge smile on her face, even at the though. “Not soon,” Charlie shook her head. “But, in the future. I’d like to live with him for a little bit first then at least maybe an engagement before a baby were to come along.”

“Sounds nice,” Ruby smiled. “But little Theo here is proof that things don’t always go the way you plan.” Ruby murmured. Of course she was glad she had a son now, but he still wasn’t a planned addition.

“I’m very aware of that,” Charlie answered. “But it doesn’t mean I can’t still have a plan.”

“I guess not,” Ruby murmured. “Bet it wasn’t in your plans to be a Grandma already.” Ruby stifled a laugh before she winced, her scar hurting.

“No,” Charlie answered honestly. “But he is my little gem so it’s okay,” Charlie gave her daughter a smile. “But he’s the only one for a long time, yes?” Charlie said, Ruby giving a little nod.

“Believe me I do not intend on letting Romeo anywhere near me for a long, long time,” Ruby said. “I’m in no rush to experience pregnancy or labour again.” Ruby widened her eyes as she spoke, of course the memories very much at the front of her mind right now.

Charlie chuckled before looking back down to her grandson. “Well looks like you are going to be the best form of contraception bud.” Charlie smiled down at him, so in love with the little life already.


“I just thought it was going to be a mutual decision you know,” Heath took a drink of the beer as he sat at the bar. “But no. She’s said no so that’s it.”

“As opposed to you saying yes so she has to go with it?” Brax questioned. “You both have to be ready for a baby,” Brax said, wiping the bar top down as he spoke to his brother. “Actually, Bianca more so because she is the one who will carry the baby and give birth,” Heath curled his lip at his brother’s response before taking another drink of his beer. “And to be honest right now you should just be glad she took you back and do anything she says,” Brax told him. “And it’s not like you don’t have a child. You’ve got little Dylan.”

“But I want a child with Bianca.” Heath sighed.

“Yeah and she’s said she’s open to having kids,” Brax spoke softly. “She’s told you the reason why she doesn’t want to have a child with you right now. Instead of going around like a moody little kid who’s not getting what he wants, how about you make Bianca see she can trust you’ll to never hurt her like that again?” Brax questioned. “You win her full trust back then she’s going to have your baby.”

“I know,” Heath rubbed the back of his head. “But I don’t know what else I can do to prove it to her,” Heath sighed. “What can I do?”

“I’ve never had to win back a woman’s trust,” Brax shrugged. “But you were smart enough to win her over once so I’m sure you can do it again.” Brax said before walking through to the kitchen with a crate of dirty glasses, leaving Heath on the barstool, thinking about how to let Bianca see she could trust him 100 per cent.


Ruby and Romeo were in their bedroom, Romeo pacing the room as Theo cried in his arms. He’d been fed, burped, his nappy was dry and his temperature was normal so the new parents were struggling to find out why he was in tears. “Try burping him again.” Ruby said.

“I’ve burped him.” Romeo snapped, Theo having been crying for a good while now.

“I know,” Ruby answered. “That’s why I said again.”

Romeo moved Theo so he looking over his shoulder as he gently patted his back with one had while keeping him in place with his other. The soft patting only seemed to anger Theo more, the cries only getting louder. “Maybe you’re mum can help.”

“No,” Ruby sighed. “We are his parents, we need to work this out ourselves.” Ruby said, not wanting to run to her mum for help straight away. Charlie was also enjoying an evening with Brax, Maya and Ben and she didn’t want to disrupt her.

“Well you try.” Romeo seemed to give up quickly; the stress of his son’s crying clearly getting to him. He walked over to the bed and handed him down to Ruby.

“Now now Theo baby,” Ruby spoke softly. “What’s wrong?” Ruby kept her tone soft and calm. ’Somewhere over the rainbow’, Ruby started singing softly, hoping maybe this would calm her baby son. Way up high. And the dreams that you dreamed of once in a lullaby.’ Romeo gave a little smile at the scene as he joined her on the bed, his arm wrapping around her. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue and the dreams that you dared to dream really do come true.’ Ruby smiled up at Romeo as he smiled back at her, Theo cries lessening, the singing seeming to calm him greatly.

“Keep going.” Romeo placed a soft kiss on Ruby’s temple.

‘Someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me,’ Ruby smiled sweetly at her son. ‘Where troubles melt like lemon drops away about the chimney tops, that’s where you’ll find me.’ Ruby smiled as she was singing, Theo now silent, the singing obviously soothing him.

“I’d quieten down for mummy’s singing too son.” Romeo said, lightly rubbing Theo’s hand as they family sat on the bed as Ruby continued to sing to her baby boy.

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Thank you Kristen.


Heath walked into the house, a bottle of wine and two DVD’s in his hand. “Hey,” Heath smiled over at his wife. “How was work today?” Heath questioned. Bianca glanced at Heath, looking confused. He never asked her how her work went.

“It was fine.” Bianca answered, watching as Heath put the DVD’s and wine down on the coffee table.

“Good,” Heath smiled as he walked over to her placed a soft kiss on her cheek. “I thought after dinner and Dil’s is put to bed we can crack open the wine and watch some movies,” Heath told her. “I even got chick flicks.” Heath said, pointing down to the DVD’s.

“Uhm,” Bianca still looked confused as she rubbed the back of her head. “Don’t you go to poker with the lads on Friday nights?” Bianca questioned.

“I’m giving it a miss tonight,” Heath answered. “I thought it would be nice for us to have a night in together.” Heath told her, Bianca giving a little smile.

“It does sound nice.” Bianca spoke cautiously and couldn’t help but wonder if there was a catch to Heath wanting to stay in. Heath never missed a poker night.

“Have you started making dinner yet?” Heath questioned.

“No,” Bianca shook her head. “Why? Are you hungry?”

“Nah I just had a though,” Heath rubbed the back of his head as he spoke. “I can go out and get us take-out,” Heath suggested. “Chinese, Thai, Indian,” Heath exhaled. “Whatever you fancy.”

“The Thai place is out at Reefton Lakes.” Bianca mumbled.

“So,” Heath shrugged. “I can go there,” Heath told her. “If you want Thai, I’ll get it for you,” Heath smiled at his wife, knowing he needed to show her how much he loved her. “Give you a night off cooking,” Heath said. “Or we can go to Brax’s place,” Heath suggested. “You know how much Dil’s loves his pizza.”

“Uhm,” Bianca pursed her lips. She was already changed out of her work clothes and was in sweats, so didn’t really want to change again to go out. “I think Thai takeaway,” Bianca answered. “If you really want to go to Reefton Lakes,” Bianca said. “We can just do Chinese if you want.”

“No,” Heath shook his head. “My baby wants Thai so she’ll get Thai.” Heath smiled as he tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Daddy.” Dylan screeched as he appeared from the hallway into the room.

“And here is my other baby,” Heath smiled as he lifted Dylan into a hug. “What you been doing buddy?”

“With my cars.” Dylan pointed in the direction of his bedroom, Heath noticing he actually still had a toy car in his hand.

“Of course,” Heath rolled his eyes as he put Dylan back down on the floor, Dylan running over to his ‘toys’ area of the living room, where he had some toy boxes, the carpet on the floor like a little village with lots of roads on, of course plenty on space for him to ‘drive’ his cars around. When they finally did start to expand their family, Heath and Bianca hoped to move to a bigger house, one with enough room’s so Dylan and any more offspring they had would be able to have their very own playroom. “So, you want the usual?” Heath questioned and Bianca gave a little nod. “I’ll head off now then,” Heath said, of course it taking time to get to Reefton Lakes and back plus the wait for the dinner. “Be back soon.” Heath gave her a smile before he leaned forward and kissed her cheek before he left the house.


“Pooey,” Maya pinched her nose as she was looking down to her nephew as Brax changed his nappy. “He smells.”

“He sure does,” Brax was trying not to breath, not wanting to breathe in his stench again. Charlie chuckled at the expressions on both her boyfriends and her daughters face. “You want to pass me that nappy bud?” Brax questioned as he pointed to the clean nappy, Ben was sitting next too, watching.

“I no in nappy.” Ben shook his head, looking proud. Through the night, Ben still wore nappies but now, through the day he was mostly in underwear and rarely had accidents, Charlie most proud of her son.

“It’s not for you,” Maya laughed as she reached for the nappy. “It’s for Theo Jay.” Maya told him, Brax amused at Maya’s constant need to call him by his full name, as with calling him Darryl and Romeo, Todd.

“Thanks kiddo,” Brax smiled as he gently lifted Theo’s legs a little higher, pulling away the dirty nappy and wipes and placing the clean one underneath. Charlie and Brax had told a very tired Ruby and Romeo to go grab a little nap, the pair of them and the kids most happy to watch Theo for an hour or two. “Now, Theo. Pop’s not impressed you gave him a dirty nappy. Save them for mummy, daddy or Grams in the future,” Brax said, Charlie deciding she didn’t feel as old being referred to as Grams, so she’d be called this instead of Grandma. “Or Aunty Maya.” Brax said as he gave Maya a cheeky grin.

“Eugh no,” Maya shook her head. “Not me.” Maya said, watching as Brax did up the poppers on Theo’s little baby grow before he lifted him up from the blanket that was on the living room floor. Charlie smiled as Brax placed a tender kiss on the infant’s temple as he rubbed his back.

“As lovely as it is seeing you all daddy like with our little gem, I think it’s time Grams got cuddles,” Charlie said, taking Theo into her arms, the little boy snuggling comfortably in her arms as she walked over to the couch and took a seat. “Hmmm, you little cutie,” Charlie smiled as Theo’s little face scrunched up as he yawned. “You’re so much like your mummy.” Theo was the spitting image of Ruby as a baby, with her cute little button nose and sticky up brown hair and big mesmerising green eyes. Charlie felt her uterus skip as she stared adoringly at her grandson, Charlie beginning to feel clucky herself.

“Mummy,” Charlie was disrupted from her thoughts, looking up at she heard Ben’s voice. He was standing before her, Cody as close to Ben as possible, the boy and dog inseparable. “Read this.” Ben was holding ‘Matilda’ in his hand, this the book that Brax was currently reading to Maya and Ben before bedtime.

“Oh yes,” Maya screeched. “Please mummy it’s a real good bit right now. Miss Trunchbull just put Matilda in the chockey.” Maya sounded gobsmacked as she sat on the couch next to her mother.

“Brax will read it.” Charlie said, looking at Brax as he joined them on the couch.

“Yeah Bux.” Ben handed the book to Brax before he climbed up and sat on his knee. Brax opened the book to the place they’d stopped the night before and wrapped his arms around Ben, Ben leaning back into Brax, getting himself comfy as Brax started reading some more of the book, the family cuddled up on the couch together.

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Thanks for the comments. :) Only a few chapters left.


Theo was now a month old. It was now the 20th December and they were doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Romeo shook the pram gently as Theo stirred a little. “Shh buddy.” Romeo looked down to his son, the gentle rocking of the pram enough to settle him back into his sleep.

“Sorry about the wait,” The lady said as she appeared back at the counter. “Here it is.” She displayed the little white t-shirt and blue shorts. The white t-shirt with some writing on, the writing a blue in colour to match the shorts.

“That’s great,” Romeo smiled as he looked to it. “Thank you very much.”

“No worries,” The lady smiled back at him before she put the clothes into a bag and handed them to Romeo. “Hope it goes well.” She gave him another smile as he took the bag from her.

“Hey babe there you are. What you doing?” Ruby questioned.

Romeo muttered under his breath. He’d left Ruby picking out some outfits for Ben and Maya to finish off their Christmases. “Nothing.” Romeo answered, trying to keep the bag hidden.

“Yeah,” Ruby gestured to the bag. “What’s that?”

“You’ll find out on Christmas,” Romeo said, keeping the bag away from her. “What you pick out for the little ones?” Romeo said, quickly changing the subject.

“Uhm,” Ruby looked to the clothes in her hand. “Superman and Batman t-shirt’s, some khaki shorts and a red checked shirt for Ben and two little summer dresses, and this skirt and t-shirt set for Maya.”

“Nice. Is that all we need then?” Romeo said, hoping now they’d be done with Christmas shopping and could go get something to eat, especially before Theo woke because then Ruby would need to feed him first.

“Uhm,” Ruby bit her lip and by the look on her face, he knew they weren’t done with shopping just yet. “We need to finish love-bug’s gifts.”

“Babe he has plenty.” Romeo exhaled. “And he’s like a month old. He’s not going t know anything.”

“He’ll be 5 weeks by then.” Ruby corrected.

“Ah right sorry. He’ll be moved out with a girlfriend and a mortgage then.” Romeo muttered and Ruby slapped his chest.

“There’s just this cute little play mat I want to get him.” Ruby gave a little pout. “He’s getting to the age where it’s beneficial for him.”

“What if someone else has already got him one?” Romeo questioned.

“Then he’ll have two,” Ruby mumbled as she grabbed Romeo’s hand. “C’mon.” Ruby said, trying to pull him over the shop.

“Okay, I’m coming.” Romeo sighed as he pushed the pram after Ruby, following her, only able to smile at her excitement at their son’s first Christmas.


Charlie and Bianca were in the Disney store, the boys running around looking and asking for everything. “Why did we bring them with us?” Bianca murmured as she pulled Dylan away from an area filled with ‘Cars’ toys. Dylan scowled up at her, trying to break free from her but she kept a tight grip of him.

“Because they are a little young to be home alone,” Charlie mumbled, looking to her son who was clutching onto a shorts and t-shirt pyjama set with Buzz and Woody on. “What you go there?” Charlie questioned.

“For Bux.” Ben grinned up at his mother.

Charlie laughed as she took the pyjamas from him. “Not sure they’ll fit Brax.” Charlie said. Ben frowned as he scratched the side of his head.

“Them’s is nice mummy.” Ben put his hands onto them.

“They are aren’t they?” Charlie questioned.

“I like them.” Ben grinned, his grasp getting tighter as he pulled them back into his hand, hugging them close to him.

“Well we can get them but they’ll be put away for Christmas.” Charlie said, smiling as she saw Ben’s little face light up.

“Santa’s coming.” Ben grinned as he looked up to Bianca.

“He sure is.” Bianca smiled. She loved how excited the kids were in the lead up to Christmas, and now, this year, she had Dylan to get her up early on Christmas morning and she was actually excited for this to happen.

“Let mummy get the right size buddy,” Charlie was still trying to take the pyjamas from Ben. He had aged 2-3 in his hand so these would be too small for him. She put them back on the rail and took out the correct size for Ben. She was about to put them in the basket when Ben shrieked, holding his hands out, clearly wanting to carry to them. “Okay you can carry them in here but remember they are going to Santa. You can’t get them at home.”

“Uh-huh,” Ben said, holding his pyjama’s in his hands, a proud grin on his face as they moved on in the shop. “Oh, for Bux?” Ben said, pointing to an Olaf ornament.

“No,” Charlie laughed at her son. “Brax doesn’t need anything from the Disney store,” Charlie told her son. “We’ve already got Brax lots of nice things from you and Maya.”

“This nice.” Ben said, pointing to the ornament.

“Yes but we don’t need it,” Charlie said. “How about you go and pick some pyjamas for Maya?” Charlie suggested. Ben nodded as he ran over to the girls’ clothes section, Dylan escaping Bianca’s grasp and running off after him.

“Aww Charlie look at this.” Bianca lifted a little baby onesie up, in the style of Sully from Monsters Inc.

“It’s cute,” Charlie said. “But Theo already has way too much clothes from Brax and I then there’s all the stuff Rubes and Romeo’s got him,” Charlie said. “He’ll grow too big before he has time to wear them all.”

“How’s he doing?” Bianca questioned, putting the onesie back on the hanger. “I can’t wait for more squishy cuddles with the little cutie.”

“He’s my little gem,” Charlie gushed about her grandson. “It’s lovely seeing Brax with him. He’s such a proud Pop, it’s so sweet.”

“Making you see how he’ll be with a baby of your own?” Bianca questioned.

“Mmm,” Charlie nodded, a smile etching on her face. “I think a baby will come along soon.”

“Oh my God are you?” Bianca pointed to Charlie’s stomach.

“No no,” Charlie shook her head. “I just think it’ll happen soon,” Charlie said. She’d been feeling a lot more clucky since Theo had arrived. “And by how you are with Theo maybe Dylan will be getting a brother or sister soon?” Charlie said, her eyebrows raising as she nudged her friends arm.

“One day.” Bianca murmured before they walked over in search of her sons.


Heath, Brax and Maya were also Christmas shopping. Maya had begged to go with Brax and Charlie had okayed it, it allowing her to finish off Maya’s Christmas. “This shop looks posh.” Maya said as they walked into the jewellers.

“It is,” Heath said. “You’re mummy is about to get really spoilt.”

“From Darryl?” Maya questioned.

“Yeah,” Brax answered. “And kiddo, I need your help to pick something out.”

“My help?” Maya screeched as she hit her chest.

“Uh-huh,” Brax answered. “But you also need to keep it a secret from your mummy,” Brax said. “You can do that, right?”

“Not tell my mummy something?” Maya questioned. “I don’t know.”

“It’s a good thing.” Heath assured Maya.

“Darryl?” Maya looked up at him.

“Yeah,” Brax agreed with his brother. “I want to ask your mummy to marry me.”

“Oh wow yes,” Maya widened her eyes. “Darryl you need to do it right now.”

“No,” Brax shook his head. “I’m going to ask her at Christmas.”

“Oh,” Maya exhaled. “Well that’s soon,” Maya said. “So you need to get her a nice pretty ring?”

“Yes,” Brax told her. “And that’s where you come in. You’ll help me and Uncle Heath out, huh?”

“Uh-huh. I’ve got this Darryl,” Maya said before running over to the ring section of the shop. “C’mon,” She gestured for Heath and Brax to join her. They walked over and stood behind her, looking down to the rings. “Now we need to get a really nice ring because my mummy is the most best and most special.” Maya said.

“That she is kiddo.” Brax said, getting a warm fuzzy feeling in his stomach at the thought of asking Charlie to be his wife

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Thank you :) Only one chapter to go after this one!


Charlie gave a stretch as her eyes fluttered open. She turned around in her bed and smiled as she saw Brax and Ben both still sound asleep. Ben had his Buzz teddy hugged close to him with one arm, while his other was hanging over Brax’s face, Charlie giving a little chuckle at their sleeping position, but it obviously didn’t bother Brax as he was still sound asleep. Charlie figured she’d leave them to sleep. It was Christmas Eve and she’s knew the kids would get up at the crack of dawn the next day anyways so thought it wouldn’t harm Ben letting him sleep longer. She had another big stretch before she got out of bed and walked out of her bedroom and down the hall to Maya’s room. “Morning sweetness.” Charlie smiled at her daughter who was already out of bed and playing with her dolls.

“Hi mummy,” Maya smiled at her as she ran over, handing her one of her dolls. “We’re getting ready for a tea party.” Maya beamed as she took Charlie’s hand and led her over to the corner of the room, where Maya had laid out a blanket and her play kitchen plates and mugs.

“Oh,” Charlie looked more closely to the dolls. “And they’re dressed in their best outfits,” Charlie noticed. She’d also noticed Maya had already changed out of her pyjamas and into her Snow White dress. “It must be a very special tea party.”

“Of course,” Maya said as she sat down at on the blanket, Charlie sitting down opposite her. “Santa comes tonight,” Maya sounded super excited. “We are happy for that.”

“I see,” Charlie pretend to drink from the mug. “And you think you’ve been good enough this year for Santa to bring you presents?” Charlie questioned. Maya stopped feeding her doll and glared at her mother, her eyebrows furrowing.

“Yes.” Maya gasped.

“Well I’m not so sure,” Charlie answered. “What about all that trouble with Jared at the beginning of the year?” Charlie questioned. Although nothing had happened between the two for a while, Maya finally running off an ignoring him if he ever said anything, occasionally Maya would come home from school upset because of him. “You’d seemed to like to punch him huh?”

“Well yes,” Maya sighed. “But he was meaner, so....” Maya stopped talking.

“He was huh?” Charlie pinched her daughter’s cheek. “And I’m sure Santa will make a stop here tonight.” Charlie said, Maya squealing in excitement.

“Oh mummy,” Maya waved her index finger at Charlie. “I want to ask you something.” Maya looked a little shy all of a sudden, which wasn’t like her to get shy.

“Mmm and what’s that?” Charlie wondered what was about to come from her daughters mouth.

Maya looked at her mother for a moment, before she took a deep breath. “Do you love Darryl?” Maya questioned.

“I do,” Charlie nodded, a smile etching on her face as Maya smiled too. “Why do you ask?”

“Do you think you and Darryl will be together forever?” Maya questioned.

“I hope so,” Charlie answered, the smile on her face only growing larger. “What’s with these questions?” Charlie wondered. “Are you worried Brax is going leave because we are really happy and I don’t think Brax would ever leave us.”

“I know,” Maya grinned. “I just wondered,” Maya paused for a moment. “Well he is really the best to us and he likes to play and dress up and watch Frozen and well, Mark left us for England and doesn’t want us,” Maya suddenly looked sad. Charlie was a little surprised that Maya had referred to her dad as ‘Mark’ but of course could understand why at the same time. “Darryl wants us,” Maya smiled again. “I want him to be my daddy.”

“He is being your daddy sweetness.” Charlie told her, Maya moving closer to her mother and sitting on her knee, Charlie wrapping her arms around her daughter and softly kissing her temple.

“But properly my daddy,” Maya exhaled. “Can I call him daddy instead of Darryl?”

Charlie did expect this one day. “Uhm,” Charlie bit her lip. They didn’t have a relationship with Mark. They’d never heard from him since he said he was moving to England, so Charlie felt that title shouldn’t be reserved only for him. Brax much deserved to be ‘daddy’ over Mark. “It’s okay with me if that’s what you want to call him but you should make sure Brax is comfortable with being called daddy first, okay?” Charlie said, stroking her daughter’s hair as she spoke.

“Uh-huh,” Maya grinned as she jumped up and ran over to her little desk, opening the drawer and taking out her crayons and paper. “I will draw something to ask him.” Maya said, Charlie smiling at her daughter as she watched her, excitedly getting to work on the drawing.


“Aww Theo,” April cooed as she lifted him into her arms. “Don’t you look cute?” April was pleased she was finally getting to meet the little guy. She’d seen him on Skype and Ruby had put pictures of him on her Facebook, but it was the first time she was meeting him in person. Ruby had dressed Theo in a little Elf outfit, it of course fitting as it was Christmas Eve. “You the little Christmas Elf handing out the presents?” April wondered. Ruby and her had exchanged gifts and of course April had brought stuff for Theo. Theo gurgled as his arms moved a little. “Oh my God Rubes,” April gushed. “He’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Thing?” Ruby raised her eyebrows, not liking her son being referred to as a ‘thing.’

“Baby,” April corrected herself. “Can he be my Christmas present?” April joked.

Ruby stifled a laugh. “When he’s crying for no reason at 3am and leaves you a nice brown gift in his nappy you won’t want him.” Ruby yawned before looking down to her son who was all snuggled up in April’s arms.

“Aww I’d still want you,” April cooed down at him. “How’s Romeo with him?” April wondered.

“He’s great,” Ruby smiled. “And mum and Brax are awesome help. Even Maya and Ben love helping out,” Ruby told her friend. “Being a mum is amazing,” Ruby gushed as she looked to her son. “It’s hard work but it’s awesome.” Ruby smiled lovingly as she rubbed her son’s little hand.

“I bet,” April couldn’t take her eyes off little Theo. “You all excited for your first Christmas bud?” April questioned.

“Well mummy is very excited,” Ruby beamed. “He has so much stuff and Romeo is like ‘Ah he’s not going to know what’s going on’,” Ruby put on her best Romeo voice. “But I’ll know,” Ruby hit her chest. “And we’ll take plenty pictures.”

“I bet,” April smiled. “And I bet Maya and Ben are excited?” April questioned. “Dylan’s running around like crazy.” April rolled her eyes.

“Yeah,” Ruby laughed. “Mum and Brax have taken them on a long walk,” Ruby said. “The kids think it’s for Cody but I actually think they are trying to tire them out,” Ruby laughed again before she glanced at her watch. “It’s time for his feed,” Ruby said. “You want to feed him?”

April widened her eyes, excitedly. “I can?”

“Yeah,” Ruby nodded as she stood up from the couch. “I’ve started to express milk. Just don’t tell Romeo you got the first bottle feed.” Ruby mumbled before walking through to the kitchen to get some milk for her son.


Bianca and Heath were in the garage, wrapping the last minute things that Bianca had bought for Dylan. “Could you imagine this at the beginning of the year?” Bianca questioned as she folder the paper over the edge of the box, Heath getting some tape and sticking the paper down.

“Nah,” Heath shook his head. “Of course I wanted it but I really thought we were done for good.”

Bianca gave him a little smile. “Well I tried to be apart from you and I couldn’t do it. I love you way too much and as it turns out, I could forgive you.” Bianca said, the smile on her face growing a little larger.

“Well I’m very glad you could,” Heath smiled as he pulled Bianca closer to him, wrapping his arms around her placing a soft kiss on her lips. “And maybe I don’t say this enough but I love you Bianca and you are an amazing mother to Dylan. I don’t expect it was easy for you to bond with him after how he came to be, but, you’re fantastic with him.”

“Well he’s such a little sweetheart it’s hard not to fall in love with him.” Bianca murmured.

“So just like his daddy, huh?” Heath gave a cheeky grin before the kissed again. “Seriously babe, I do. I love you, I love you so much and we can wait as long as you want to have a baby,” Heath told her. “Right now, you and Dylan are all I need to be happy.”

Bianca gave him a smile. “That’s all I needed to hear.” Bianca spoke in a whisper.

“Huh? What was?” Heath looked a little confused. Bianca just shook her head in response before she kissed him once more.

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Thank you all for reading and commenting on this fiction. This is the last chapter. I hope you enjoy. :)


“Charlie,” Brax shook her shoulder. “Charlie,” Brax rocked her again, Charlie turning around in the bed as she groaned. “Baby let’s get up.” Brax sounded super excited as he shook her again.

“Brax,” Charlie sighed as she sat up in the bed. “It’s not even 6.30 yet.” Charlie yawned as she glanced at the clock on the bedside table, seeing it was only 6.24am.

“But it’s my first Christmas with kids,” Brax exhaled. “Let’s get them up. I can’t wait to see their excited little faces,” Brax gushed as he put his hand on his chest. “Baby please.” Brax gave her a pout.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Charlie put her hand over his face, pushing it gently away from her.

“Please.” Brax continued to pout as she moved her hand away.

“The kids are supposed to come and get us up.” Charlie laughed.

“Shhh,” Brax put his index finger over Charlie’s mouth. “See, listen,” Brax spoke quietly. “Theo is crying because he’s not getting his presents yet,” Brax said, throwing the bed sheet from himself and getting out of the bed, walking over to the dresser stool and picking up his sweat pants which he’d left there the night before. He put them on before lifting up his t-shirt and putting it over his body. “Charlie,” Brax glared at her. “Up, now.”

Charlie groaned as she got out of bed, mumbling something as she rubbed her tired eyes. She followed Brax out of the bedroom and couldn’t help but smile to herself at how excited he was. “You are fully responsible for the kids’ bad moods later today.” Charlie told him, knowing that of course the kids would get tired and grumpy way before they wanted to go to bed.

“Have more faith in our kids Charlie,” Brax said as he opened the door to Ben’s room. Charlie got a smile on her face at hearing Brax refer to the kids as ‘our’ as opposed to ‘your’ kids. “Benj,” Brax practically ran over to the bed. “Ben mate.” Brax bent down at his bedside, Ben rubbing his eyes, not looking impressed to having been woken up.

“Mummy,” Ben sat up in the bed as Charlie bent down and rubbed his head. “Is it Santa time?” Ben questioned.

“Sure is bud.” Charlie smiled as Ben’s face lit up as he got out of the bed immediately hugging into Charlie, Ben clearly wanting his morning cuddle. She lifted him into her arms as they all left the room, to go get Maya.

“Ah kiddo I knew you’d be up already.” Brax laughed as they walked into the room, Maya already out of bed and lifting something from her dresser.

“Yes of course. Santa has been,” Maya shrieked. “Is Ruby, Todd and Theo Jay up too?” Maya danced over to her parents and brother.

“We are going to get them,” Brax told her. “C’mon lets go.” Brax held his hand out and Maya took it in hers as they left the room, Brax looking even more excited than the kids for the day.


“Apil, Apil, Apil,” Dylan was jumping on her bed. “Up Apil. Get up.” Dylan said, thudding down to his knees as he landed close to her.

“Dil’s,” April moaned as she pulled her bed sheet over her face. “It’s early.” April murmured.

“You to get up,” Dylan sighed. “I get presents,” April groaned as Dylan pulled at her covers. “Apil.” Dylan lifted up her eyelid.

“Okay okay,” April muttered as she sat up, Dylan’s little face lighting up as he jumped off the bed. She yawned as she got out of bed, Dylan jumping around excitedly at her feet. “Let’s go see what Santa got you.”

April and Dylan walked out of her bedroom and down the hall, where Heath and Bianca were already waiting. “Sorry,” Bianca saw the look on April’s face. “He didn’t want to open his gifts without you being here.”

“Mmmm,” April sat on the arm of the couch, the rest of the couch having been taken up by all of Dylan’s gifts, Dylan a very spoilt little boy. “Go on the bud,” April gestured to the presents, Dylan standing before them, staring at them but not touching them. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Mummy?” Dylan looked to Bianca.

“Yeah,” Bianca smiled at the little boy. “Get them opened.” Bianca said, Dylan grinned as he picked the first present to open, the grin growing bigger as he pulled at the paper, April, Heath and Bianca watching him, all of them smiling at his excitement.


Theo let out a cry as Romeo put the t-shirt onto him. “It’s alright buddy,” Romeo said. “That’s you ready,” Romeo lifted his son from the changing table. “We need you to look all nice and smart for mummy,” Romeo took a deep breath, feeling a little nervous. “This is something very important that you are helping daddy with.” Romeo said, smiling down at his son, Theo’s big green eyes looking around the room.

He placed a kiss on his temple as he walked out of his bedroom and back down the stairs and into the living room, the place filled with all the toys, clothes and lollies the kids had got and of course Brax’s, Ruby’s, Charlie’s and his own presents. “There you are,” Ruby exhaled. “You seemed to take ages to just change his nappy,” Ruby mumbled as she held her hands out to take her son back into her arms. “And you changed him,” Ruby noticed he was wearing a different outfit. “When did he even get that outfit?” Ruby questioned, having never seen the blue shorts and white t-shirt before.

“Uhm,” Romeo took a deep breath before handing Theo down to Ruby. Ruby smiled at her son as she softly kissed his forehead. “It’s the outfit I bought last week when we were shopping.”

‘Will you marry my daddy?’ Ruby read the blue writing out loud. She smiled before her eyes widened, realising what Romeo was doing. She gasped as she looked up to him, Charlie, Brax and the kids also staring at him. Romeo was on one knee, a ring box open in his hands. “Romeo,” Ruby gasped. “I.....I....yes of course.” Ruby screeched. Romeo smiled as he leaned forward and kissed Ruby before putting the ring on her finger.

“Oh dear Darryl,” Maya slapped her hand against her face. “You were about to ask mummy the same thing.”Maya gasped.

“He what?” Charlie sounded gobsmacked.

“He has a ring too.” Maya said, pointing to Brax.

“I uhm,” Brax cleared his throat, this proposal not going the way he envisioned at all. “Yeah, I....” Brax found the ring box from under the tree and passed it to Charlie. Charlie opened it, gasping at her beautiful ring. “So, what do you say?”

“What is it?” Ben shuffled over so he was leaning on his mother, looking at the ring.

“You haven’t asked me anything yet.” Charlie said, her beating faster and faster as she looked back to Brax.

Brax stifled a laugh as he moved closer to her. “Charlie,” Brax took her hand in his, rubbing his thumb over it. “I love you more than anything. I love the kids like they were my own,” Brax looked to Maya then Ben then glanced at Ruby before looking back to Charlie. “I want to spend the rest of my life with this amazing family,” Brax told her, Charlie feeling herself welling up with tears. “So, Charlotte Buckton, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

Charlie nodded her head as a tear rolled down her cheek. “Yes, yes I will.” Charlie answered, Brax grinning as he put the ring on her finger before they shared a kiss.

“Oh yes,” Maya clapped as she squealed. “This is great.” Maya beamed as she leapt into Brax’s arms, Brax hugging her as he kissed her head softly.

“Congratulations.” Ruby smiled at her mother.

“You too,” Charlie said, smiling at her eldest daughter. “Who would have thought we would get engaged on the same day?” Charlie questioned.

“We could have a double wedding.” Ruby joked as she rubbed Theo’s back, the boy giving a little whimper in her arms.

“No.” Charlie laughed nervously. She was sure her daughter was only joking but she didn’t want a double wedding.

“Oh mummy,” Maya shrieked as she got up from Brax’s knee and ran over to her pile of Christmas gifts. “I almost forgot this,” Maya picked up the card she’d made for Brax and ran back over to him, handing it down to him. “This is for you.” Maya said, looking a little nervous as she gave him it. He smiled at he looked down to the card. Maya had drawn what was supposed to be Brax, herself and Ben on the front, a big sun up in the top corner.

“This is lovely Maya,” Brax said as he opened the card and read out loud what Maya had written. The 6 year old having taken her time to make sure she wrote her letters and words perfectly. ’Can we call you daddy?’ Brax read out loud, his eyes widening as he felt his heart beating faster and faster. Brax glanced at Charlie who smiled as she gave a curt nod before looking back to Maya. “Of course you can. I’d be honoured.” Brax told her, Maya grinning as she leapt into his arms again.

“I love you daddy.” Maya said, hugging Brax tightly, Brax’s heart swelling at hearing Maya call him ‘daddy’ for the first time.

“I love you too kiddo.” Brax rubbed her back as he held her in the embrace.


Bianca, Heath, April and Dylan had gone around to Charlie’s place for Christmas lunch. The kids were running around the garden playing as Brax, Heath and Romeo were all standing around the barbeque, preparing it for their lunch. “Congratulations again to both of you.” Bianca was still admiring both Ruby and Charlie’s rings as she held Theo in her arms.

“Lovely rings,” April looked from Ruby’s to Charlie’s and back again. “Does this mean a double wedding is on the cards?” April laughed.

“Mum’s already shut that idea down,” Ruby mumbled. “But I don’t think Romeo and I will be in a rush to get married. We’ve got enough going on right now with this little one,” Ruby glanced at her son who was sitting happily in Bianca’s arms. “So Dylan have a nice morning?”

“Oh yes,” Bianca looked to her son before looking back to Ruby. “He was spoilt,” Bianca said. “And he’s been hyper all day. Let’s hope all this running around tires him out.” She looked at him again, the kids chasing Cody round the garden.

“Kids never seem to get tired out on Christmas day.” Charlie murmured.

“Well it seems like this one is,” Bianca cooed down to Theo who’s eyes scrunched up as he yawned. “Aww doesn’t he just make your uterus skip?” Bianca said as she looked to her friend.

“Yeah he really does,” Charlie answered, seeing the glow in Binaca’s eyes. “I think you are a little more clucky than me though.” Charlie said, seeing the way Bianca was looking at him. Bianca looked to Charlie with a smile before she glanced over at Heath, knowing she was about to his Christmas day even better.


Ruby and Romeo were sitting on their bed, leaning back against the headboard. Theo was lying in-between them, his arms moving every now and then as his eyes looked around the room. “Oh,” Ruby gently rubbed his tummy as he gave a hiccup. “You got the hiccups baby?” Ruby spoke softly, continuing to rub his tummy.

“We’ll need to give him a fright.” Romeo joked.

“We will not,” Ruby slapped Romeo’s chest with her other hand. “No one is going to scare my little love-bug,” Ruby cooed at her son, smiling at his sticky up hair. “Aww Romeo I’m so in love,” Ruby gushed. She didn’t think it would ever be possible to love a person as much as she loved her son. “I can’t believe we made him.”

“I know,” Romeo exhaled. “And luckily for him he looks like his mummy,” Romeo said, lifting up his son’s tiny hand and gently rubbing his thumb over it. “Handsome little guy.”

“Ahh he wouldn’t have done badly if he looked like you,” Ruby said, resting her head on Romeo’s arm as Theo hiccupped again. “Daddy’s handsome too, huh bud?” Ruby spoke softly. Theo hiccupped in reply.

“They’re getting closer together,” Romeo sounded worried. “Is he okay?”

“Yes,” Ruby answered. “It’s just the hiccups,” Ruby stifled a laugh. “It’s probably just because he is so excited that his mummy and daddy are going to get married.” Ruby cooed at her son, rubbing his cheek softly. Theo almost gave a smile.

“Almost there buddy,” Romeo said. “He’ll be smiling like a champ for the wedding.” Romeo said before he kissed Ruby’s temple and rubbed her arm.

“He’ll probably be walking and talking before we walk down the aisle though, right?” Ruby questioned. “You should finish uni first and we need to make more money.”

“I was under the impression the bride’s family paid for the wedding.” Romeo mumbled.

“Romeo,” Ruby glared up at him, her eyebrows furrowing. “It’s the 21st century. Don’t be so dated. And besides, even if they want to help us out they’ve just got engaged too so have their own wedding to worry about considering both my mum’s parents are dead she can’t go off your ‘bride’s family pays’ theory.” Ruby exhaled.

“That’s why we need to keep going for a double wedding.” Romeo laughed.

“Nah,” Ruby shook her head. “Anyways we should wait till Theo is older. I mean how cute would it be for him to walk down the aisle as a little ring bearer.” Ruby gushed at the thought.

“It would be pretty cute,” Romeo said, Ruby looking to him, nodding her head. “I love you so much, Rubes. And I love our little family.” Romeo looked to Theo before looking back to Ruby, Ruby leaning in to kiss him.

“I love our family too.” Ruby said, sharing another kiss with her fiancé.


Heath carried a sound asleep Dylan into his bedroom. Bianca threw back the covers and Heath laid his son down, taking off his shoes, shorts and t-shirt, leaving him in only his nappy. It was a hot night and the bed covers would be more than enough to keep his son warm. He placed a tender kiss on Dylan’s forehead before lifting the covers over him and standing up, looking to Bianca who had a massive grin on her face. “What?” Heath spoke in a whisper, not wanting to wake his sleeping son.

“Nothing,” Bianca shook her head. “Just.....I love how great a father you are,” Heath smiled as they walked out of Dylan’s room and into the living room to see April had already disappeared down to her bedroom. “You may not have looked after Dylan from when he was a baby but I saw you with Theo today and you’re going to be great with our baby.” Bianca said, the smile on her face only growing larger.

“Our baby?” Heath questioned, his heart beating faster as he waited on a response from his wife, wanting her comment explained.

“Yeah,” Bianca nodded. “I’m ready, Heath,” Bianca said, a breaking out on Heath’s face. “Let’s start trying to get pregnant.”

“Really?” Heath let out an involuntary squeal. He glanced in the direction of Dylan’s room for a moment, hoping the squeal hadn’t woken him. After a moment’s wait, he looked back to Bianca.

“Yes,” Bianca told him. “I want to have your baby.”

“You mean you want to start trying now?” Heath asked, his heart beating faster and faster.

Bianca gave a little nod as she moved closer to Heath and started unbuttoning his shirt. “No time like the present.” Bianca whispered before placing a kiss on his lips, Heath smiling into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around her, Bianca pulling him towards their bedroom.


“Mmmm,” Charlie moaned as she pulled back from the kiss, her forehead resting against Brax’s. “As much as I don’t want too, we need to stop.” Charlie said.

“Why?” Brax questioned, his hands caressing her back.

“Mummy.” The bedroom door burst open and Maya and Ben came running into the room, both of them dressed in their new pyjamas.

“That’s why,” Charlie said, pulling away from Brax a little and looking to her children. Of course she wanted to celebrate her engagement but knew the kids would most likely come through to their bedroom, the excitement from the day keeping them from sleeping.

“Daddy,” Ben grinned as he jumped on Brax, Brax lifting him into a hug, a huge grin breaking on his face at his new title. “We have cuddles.” Ben said, squeezing his arms tightly around him as he walked over to the bed. Maya jumped up onto it and slid under the bed sheet as Charlie got in next to her daughter. Brax put Ben down and he sat down next to his sister as Brax slid in beside Ben. Charlie and Brax looked to each other with smiles, the kids sitting in-between in their bed.

“What you kids think you are doing in mummy and daddy’s bed?” Brax questioned, referring to himself as daddy coming easily and feeling right.

“It’s fun to be here with you all,” Maya answered. “We can tell stories and have cuddles and laugh.”

“Laugh?” Charlie questioned, looking down to her daughter and tucking her hair back from her face. “Do you want tickled or something?” Charlie questioned. “That will make you laugh, huh?”

“Yes,” Maya gave a little giggle. “But I don’t want to be tickled.”

“Oh,” Brax looked to Ben instead. “What about you Benj? Will we get you?”

“No,” Ben shook his head, his blond curls bobbing up and down. “You.” Ben gave a cheeky grin as he tickled Brax’s side. Brax started laughing as he tried to move away but he couldn’t move to much to the side or he would fall out of the bed.

“Yes daddy.” Maya shrieked as she jumped up and ran over the bed, jumping on Brax and starting tickling him, Charlie laughing at the scene instead of trying to help her fiancé.

“Babe,” Brax managed to talk between the laughter of the kids’ little hands moving around him. “Little help.”

“What help the kids?” Charlie questioned. “Well sure, if it’s what you want.” Charlie gave him a cheeky grin, before joining in with tickling Brax, the family all laughing as they continued to have a little bit of family fun.

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