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Full House


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Does anyone remember this show? It ran from 1987 to 1995 it was about a widowed father raising his three girls DJ, Stephanie and Michelle with the help of his college best friend Joey and his brother in law Jesse. In Australia it currently reruns on Triple one hits on Foxtel. The guy who played DJs boyfriend in seasons 6 & 7 was also the voice of Aladdin in the Disney movies, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen played Michelle, Jesse marries Danny's (the girls father) co host on a morning talk show in season 4 and they have twin boys in season 5 Nicky and Alex. 3 series of books came out based on the show Full House Stephanie, Full House Michelle and Full House Sisters which were about Stephanie and Michelle. As far as I know Candace Cameron who played DJ is still acting out of the Olsen twins only Mary Kate is still acting Ashley quit acting a couple of years ago. Not sure what the other actors are now. Given that the 30th Anniversary will be in 2017 hopefully we should get some answers then

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There is talk of making a Full House remake. Not sure about this I think they would better doing something with the original characters all grown up for example DJs husband dies and maybe Kimmy and one of the girls Steph or Michelle moves in with DJ to help her look after her three boys. Another idea with this could be that DJs late husband is someone else not Steve and then have her rekindle her romance with Steve in later seasons of the show

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