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Neighbours Shocking ratings this year!.


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I don't think a direct comparison between Neighbours and Home and Away is fair any longer given the state of play between the networks on Australian Television.

I don't watch Neighbours currently so I really can't make any informed comment on its quality or lack of it at all.

However, Channel 7 which shows Home and Away is the dominant, free to air TV Channel in Australia at this time followed by Channel 9 with Southern Cross, which shows Neighbours, a distant third. Neighbours is not shown on Channel 10 which is Southern Cross's main Channel but on Channel 11 which is one of Southern Cross's alternative Channels.

Because of that, Southern Cross's ability to promote Neighbours is compromised by it's smaller audience share. I suspect it also doesn't have the financial capacity to support the show that Channel 7 has to support Home and Away.

I did watch the Neighbours Reunion show which was on Channel 10 last night and they did highlight some of the memorable moments of the show over the years and introduce a number of actors who have worked on the show. That does of course include some notable names such as Kylie Minogue, Guy Pierce, Margot Robbie, Delta Goodrem etc.

But the profile of the show in Australia is very low these days. It has nothing like the promotion that Seven plows into Home and Away and it's cast don't have anything like the exposure in TV Week and other media based magazines.

It's a shame really but Neighbours her in Oz is a shadow of it's former self.

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I'm still an avid Neighbours viewer but as long as viewers in the UK keep watching the show I think it will survive. The day they stop watching the show ends in my opinion!

It's sad considering the show's quality has improved immensely since SuBo left and we've now got the 30th anniversary celebrations but Neighbours' inability to obtain higher ratings has been disappointing but I always wonder whether Channel 10 would reconsider airing episodes again rather than it being left on ELEVEN where ratings are inevitably going to be lower than the main channels.

The show is an Australian icon but all good things need to come to an end eventually but hopefully it's not for another few years at the very least.

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I was 8 when Neighbours began and I was watching it from then until I stopped watching in 2007. After a five year break (and some help from my young cousin who was staying over when the 2012 finale aired and then when the 2013 season began) I returned to the show in 2013.

I have to say I REALLY am enjoying Neighbours at the moment. The last 2.5 years have been great IMO and I'm not biased as I said I stopped watching for 5 years until my cousin was over and wanted to watch both the 2012 season finale and the 2013 first ep. She explained to me the new characters (Kate, Lucas, Vanessa, Sonia, Chris, Kyle, Georgia etc) and helped me understand who was who. I have been hooked ever since.

I think the characters in Neighbours are much more relatable and likable (I absolutely love Chris, Georgia and Kyle especially) and I just am enjoying it more at the moment.

I've also watched Home & Away since the beginning, and I have NEVER stopped watching it, so if anything I'd tend to me more biased towards H & A, but IMO at the moment, Neighbours is the more enjoyable "need to watch" show. H & A have a lot of characters I don't like / don't care about much (Hannah, Andy, Evie, Josh, Maddy...) and TBH their storylines are becoming too dark and depressing at times. I hang in there for the light moments of characters I love (Marilyn, Jett, John, Chris...) and the overall fact that I am a massive fan. But ATM if I had to choose one to watch it would be Neighbours.

I'm so saddened by the way it's been treated and I really do hope it's ratings improve here in Australia and at some point maybe moved back to the main channel.

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Im not shocked yet I have mixed feelings talking to some online.

1. They need to cast people like the Kennedys, Alan, Jackie ,Kym who are willing to stay and one thing I noticed is Aussie TV don't allow for a character to stay enough to build a flowing unlike the past.As I was told by ex source they cast these younger performers and they want to follow Margot to America!

2. Better writing. I been reading some of the stoylines and they should think before they destroy a character. Im impressed a former Neighbours admitted they wished their character hadn't been made a villain! Others have as well.

3. Stop becoming American. as I told FB there is something you do well and somethings you don't. I had a bad experience so Im no longer a fan yet I do have some fond memories.

Yes I like Summer bay because of location and have hard feeling toward "Rude" Melbounre not to say NSW perfect?

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I personally think Neighbours has superior writing atm. But I still find it boring. H and A aint perfect. But im enjoying h and a a lot more currently. The whole Charlotte storyline was H a Away at its best since 2002. The new modern sets are more appealing. Neighbours seems stuck in the nineties. I prefer the beach in H and A haha. I think seven do put alot of marketing into h and a.  

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