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Wrong Place, Wrong Time.


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Story Title: Wrong Place, Wrong Time.
Type of story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Charlie, Angelo, Bianca

Other Characters: Cooper, Blake, Jackson, Brax
BTTB rating: T/A
Genre: Drama, Romance.
Does story include spoilers: No.
Any warnings: Violence & Sexual Content. Warning before chapter.
Summary: A young Charlie growing up around Australia with her brothers for last few years just following the good surf and ended up in Summer Bay as they always running from the last place they stayed. Includes the ups and downs of the Buckton siblings.

Chapter One.

Heads were turned as a group of young adults in dressed in beach wear arrived to the beach of summer bay in a number of ute’s and jeep’s. Parking up they all jumped out and claiming there surfboard and some carrying crates of beer, looking like there were all staying for a while.

As the night went on there was no sign that they were slowing down, one of the young woman had changed from her beach wear to party wear as she attempted to walk along the road to the car in a straight unaware she was being watched. As she made her way to the car she turned the key to start the car, blue lights and sirens appeared behind her.

Before she knew it she was been handcuffed and as she looked out she could see those on the beach grabbing bags and running from the beach, as she pushed into the police car and on her way to the station. As they reached the police she was escorted inside and the main desk where she was met by more police officers, she remember the rule set by her own brother’s say nothing but your name.

The officer behind the desk didn’t even bother to look up to make eye contact when he spoke, “Name.”

She paused for a second before she stated her name, “Charlotte Buckton”

Hearing the name caused the officer to look up and looking her straight in her eyes making Charlie to panic a bit, did they name already have a bad reputation in the area before they could cause any real trouble. The officer look from her to the arresting police officer. “I will take it from here” He informed the officer and came from around the desk and lead Charlie into the adjacent interview room. He sat down and offering her a sit so she seat looking at the officer, who started with a question that put her off her guard.

“Are you Elsie’s daughter?” He asked leaning forward slightly.

“What does that matter?” She stated with defence in her tone.

“I guess you can say I knew her in a past life. How is she doing?” He said as moved back away from her.

“Six feet under.” Charlie said as her eyes moved towards the floor.

“I’m sorry” He said as his voice began to break but maintained his eye contact with her. “Are your brothers with you?”

Charlie began to look up again with confusion. “How do you know so much?”

He began to play with his hands as the nerves began to kick in as he spoke, “I’m Ross.”

“She never mentioned anyone called Ross.” Charlie said still looked at confused as she did previously.

“Your dad.” He said quickly as he never knew when he would get the opportunity to see one of his children again.

“What?!” Charlie shouted out in shock, causing the police officer standing outside the room to open the door to see if everything was okay, Ross nodded to say it was fine and to leave them alone.

“How are Carl, Ben and Jack?” He asked with a smile on his face trying to calm the situation.

“Well they go by Cooper, Blake and Jackson and you have no right to ask that question, I was three years old when you left and Jackson was just 8 month old.” She said with anger in her tone.

“I had reasons Charlotte” He stated trying to reason with his daughter.

“Charlie! I bet you don’t even know what today is do you?” She asked still angry that she was face to face with her father. He returned with a confused look and shook his head. “Says it all, my 18th birthday and I was on my way to my boyfriend’s when your lot stop me and I hadn’t drank a drop because I had been surfing all day and was because I am normally barefoot on a surfboard not in heels. You might say that doesn’t prove anything but I would never drink and surf after having to do mouth to mouth to Blake after he did just that. So please can I go?”

Ross listened to her shock, how did he not known it was his own daughter’s birthday and he simply nodded standing up opening the door. He let Charlie leave as he watched his daughter leave the station and probably his life again.

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Chapter 2


Charlie walked outside the police station reeling from the revelation she had just discovered inside, her dad, the dad she dreamt about meeting. She secretly hoped one day she would meet, but knew deep down she could have no relationship with him. Once her brothers, especially her older brothers found he was in town they would either leave Summer Bay or worse make him disappear.

Walking towards the beach to try and find her brothers and group of friends, but upon arrival to the beach it was clear that the sign of the police and they had moved on. She leant against her car thinking for a brief moment, once she had gathered her thoughts she entered back into her car picking out her money and phone. She climbed back out locking her car and made her way over to Angelo’s.

Making her way up the stairs, pausing briefly at the entrance as she scanned the room for that familiar face. Smiling as she spotted him behind the bar serving a number of drinks, she slowly stepped down from the entrance slowly walking over to the bar, still dressed up.

“Busy?” She said as she made her way to the bar and leant over to try get his attention.

“Never for you baby, drink?” He grinned as looked up as signalled over an employee and handed them the tray of drinks and watched them walk away.

“Bottle of tequila” She smiled reaching over the bar picking up a couple of shot glasses.

“Starting heavy tonight?” He questioned as he walked around the other side of the bar to join her.

“It’s my 18th, got to celebrate, shot?” She asked but poured them both a shot each anyway before she got his answer. They both clinked glasses and downed the shots.

“Meet at the beach after you close, I need someone to celebrate with.” She smiled looking in his eyes.

“But...” He begin but was cut off.

“Brothers won’t be around you have nothing to worry about, we are going up the coast tomorrow to celebrate but police were around, guessing they have gone up early and I am meeting them tomorrow morning” She explained to him, quickly looked around to see if anyone she knew was in once she was clear there was no one who would report back to her protective brothers, she leant in and kissed his cheek. She looked in his eyes picking up the bottle and walked back outside.

The following morning Charlie was awoken by banging followed by a crash at the door. She jumped awake to find Angelo asleep next to her, she tried to wake him but failed. She climbed out the bed pulling on his work shirt over her body and moved over the bed to wake Angelo, but as she was about to her shake him she froze at the sight of her eldest brother Cooper standing before her.


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