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The Scan


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Title: The Scan

Type of Story: Short to Medium

Main Characters: Nate, Brax and Ricky

Rating G

Genre: Drama and Family

Spoilers: No

Warning : Medical Discussion

Summary : Brax and Ricky go for a baby scan is all ok.

Brax and Ricky were sat in the waiting room of the hospitals maternity department for their 24 week scan, they were excited about the fact they would be finding out the sex if their baby.

"Miss Sharpe, if you would like to come through" the sonographer interrupted their thoughts and they followed her through to the ultra sound room.

"So how are mum and dad" the sonographer started while squeezing the gel onto Rickys stomach.

"Good thanks, we are kind of eager to find out the sex" Ricky smiled grabbing hold of Brax's hand.

"Ok then let's see what Bub can tell us"

Guiding the wand over Ricky's stomach there was the dull thrumbing of a heart beat to be heard at this Ricky and Brax shared a massive grin.

"That's our bub" murmured Ricky and Brax pecked her on the cheek.

"Well I can say Bub is a girl" the sonographer stated

"I'm gonna have a daughter" exclaimed Brax keeping his eyes on the screen.

suddenly the sonographer stopped.

"I'm just going to get s doctor"

"Why what's wrong" Ricky was suddenly very worried

"Nothing I just want to get a second opinion" stated the sonographer as she walked out of the room.

"Brax theres something wrong oh god" ricky started to panic and cry

"Hey; Rick it's going to be fine, if something's wrong we will work through it together" Brax reassured and hugged her wiping her eyes as he did so

Just then Nate walked in closely followed by the sonographer.

"Right Ricky, lets just have a little look" as he moved the wand over her stomach.

"Hmm, yep"

"What Nate; what the bloody hell is going on"

Nate started to wipe the gel off her stomach.

"I think it best if we come and discuss it in my office if you would care to follow me"

So Ricky and Brax nervously walked with him to his office

Once there Brax stood by the door and Ricky took a seat.

Brax was pacing

"Look doc we are going out of our minds can you please just tell us what is wrong"

"The scan picked up something, the baby has a thickness around her neck and joints a build up of fluid known as lymphodema"

"D downs; The baby has downs syndrome" Ricky asked

"No I suspect the baby has a condition called Turner Syndrome"

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"What is that exactly?" Ricky enquired a look of confusion crossing her face, Brax locked his hands into hers and squeezing it.

Nate began "it's a genetic condition that affects around 1 in every 2000 live female births; typically it's main features can be short stature; low hairline, slight neck webbing, puffy hands and feet due to lymphodema and moles on the body, hyperconvex nails they can also have a horseshoe shaped kidney, possible co-arction of the aorta.."

"Heart problems" Ricky choked out

"Yeah it is possible but it is quite rare unfortunately the girl can also have hearing problems they will also be unable to go through puberty unaided mostvalso have high arched palettes which can lead to feeding problems, Turners girls can also have problems with hand eye co'ordination and dexterity it is also on the autism spectrum and girls have problems with maths"

"Oh my god my head is spinning" Brax stated.

"So will she need to be on any medication"

"Unfortunately almost certainly some form of Growth Hormone and Oestrogen to aid onset of puberty and maybe a course of thyroxine but that will be discussed as and when the time comes"

"I have another question" Brax asked

Nate nodded

"You mentioned abput the girl not being able to go through puberty unaided" Brax blew out a breath

"Does that mean they are infertile"

"Ermm yeah"

Ricky began crying

"So the baby definitely has this"

"Well I can do a blood test but yeah I am positive she does"


"Look I know most of what I said has probably been a bit like white noise so I will give you an information booklet and the contact details of the national support society"

"Thanks doc" Brax shook his hand as he guided Ricky out

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