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Brax walked in the door to find Heath and Casey watching tv

"How's the idiot" Heath asked

"Ok I guess" Brax replied deciding to tell them Kyle wanted nothing to do with them in the morning.

Brax's phone rang

"Yep" he said into his phone

"What?, nah he's not here I'll see if I can find him... And what makes you think that was him?... Right" Brax hung up his phone

"What's up?" Casey asked

"Kyle left hospital and they think stole drugs from the drug cabinet" Brax told him

"Leave him for the cops" Heath said

"Look mate, I'm not ready to give up on him yet" Brax snapped


Brax drove around until he found Kyle's ute parked on the side of the road and Kyle sitting on the bonet with an empty whiskey bottle in his hand.

"Hey mate" Brax said

"Thought I said get lost" Kyle replied

"You drinkin alone, that's no fun" Brax said sitting next to him

"Did you steal drugs from the hospital?" Brax asked

"Yeah but they didn't have the effect I wanted so that's what this is for" he said holding the empty bottle up

"So what are you doing out here" Brax asked

"Planning on killing myself but then I thought why should I give anyone the satisfaction" Kyle replied

"Well I for one wouldn't be satisfied if you did" Brax said putting his arm around him

"I called my mum earlier, I heard some kid call her mum in the background" Kyle said starting to cry

"Hey, it's ok, let's just lock your ute and then I'll take ya home" Brax said

Kyle wiped his eyes

"The tears, they never happened" Kyle said


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Kyle woke to sound of someone rumaging through the kitchen cupboards

Phew sat up to see Tamara in her underwear bent over in the kitchen, he cleared his throat

"Sorry I didn't mean to wake you, I was just looking for the toaster" she said

"It's ok, I was enjoying the view" Kyle replied

She was slightly embarressed

"Listen what I said at Angelo's the other day" Kyle said

"about me on all fours with your cum on my face begging you for more, I slightly remember the conversation" she told him

He smiled

"Sound more than slightly, look i was just retrying to get under your skin" he said

"I thought apologies weren't your strong suit" she reminded

"It's not an apology, it's an explanation, there's a difference" he told her

Casey walked into the kitchen

"What are you two bickering about now" he joked

"Just living arrangements" Kyle replied

"I'm going to have a shower" Kyle said getting up off the couch.

Kyle brushed his lips against Tamara's while Casey's back was turned but didn't kiss her.

"You could always join me" he said softly to her

"What's on for today?" Casey asked

"Brax is going to an NA meeting with me" Kyle replied


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Kyle sat in his listing to an middle aged woman taking about her drug use and her children wanting to do with her. He realised her was falling asleep and let out a big yawn, Brax nudged him.

"Show some respect, your turn to talk is coming up" Brax told him interest in what Kyle would say.

"You're joking right" Kyle said

"What'd you think this'd be" Brax asked

"Kyle, would you like to introduce yourself?" A man with grey hair who Kyle and Brax met at the door earlier"

"No I'm just listening for today" Kyle said

"Hold on just a second" Brax interrupted

"What are you doing?" Kyle asked quietly

"What are you?, now's your chance to get some stuff off your chest" Brax told him

Kyle took a deep breath

"Ok, but can you leave the room" Kyle asked

Brax got up and left the room he stood at the doorway pretending he had gone outside

"Hey everyone I'm Kyle, um I've never done this before so bare with me. Do I start with hi I'm kyke and I'm an addict, I dunno it's something like that atleast in the movies anyway, my drug abuse started when I was 13, my mum had just left she'd chosen my abusive step dad over me and my real dad had his other family. I went through 29 foster homes before my 15th birthday before my first stint in juvie where I had my first overdose by the way I've had 9" Kyle told them.

"Were you to kill yourself each time" the man asked

"No, I dunno, maybe" he answered

"So why are here now" he asked

"New found family" he said

Kyle notice a young blonde girl looking at him


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Kyle walked out of the building to find Brax sitting on the steps

"Can we get out of here?" He said walking past Brax

"Kyle" the young blonde girl inside called

Kyle turned keeping his head down pretending to be uncomfortable around her but deep down he knew he had a way of making girls attracted to him, even Tamara. Which to him was a joke.

"I'm Nicola" she said

"Look don't let nerves get the better of you, those people in there are just as messed up as you are and can probably help" she told him

"Does that include you?" Kyle asked

"No, my dad's a cop. He sends me to these things so I see first hand what happens when drug use gets outta control" she replied

"Sounds like a nice guy" Kyle grinned

Brax cleared his throat loudly.

"I better go, the boss is waiting" Kyle told her

"I'll see ya around" he added

"Really here" Brax said quietly

"What?" Kyle asked

"She from your NA meetings" Brax said

"And speaking of inappropriate don't think I haven't seen you with Tamara, don't go there mate" Brax told him

"No different to you and Ricky" Kyle replied

"What does that mean?" Brax asked

"You think I didn't see her sneaking out of your room early this morning, what happens when Natalie decides she's had a long enough break" Kyle said

Brax couldn't think of anything to say

"So tell me about this step dad of yours" Brax said changing the subject

Kyle shrugged

"I never had a step dad" Kyle said getting in the car

"But you said..."

"I know what I said, I also knew you were standing at the door, this isn't my first meeting Brax"


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