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Brax knocked on Kyle's caravan door, no answer, maybe he was with Ricky he hot out his phone and dialled Kyle's number.

He looked up when he heard Kyle's phone ring he broke a window and climbed in

The place was a mess everything had been tossed around like he was looking for something. Brax knew what that something was.

He found Kyle laying on the bed with a needle in his arm.

"Kyle" Brax called

"Kyle" Brax yelled louder this time and slapped his brother across the face here was no response

"Kyle" he desperately called again hoping for some that wasn't gonna happen

He check for a pulse and a heartbeat but found nothing. He stared slamming his fist down on Kyle's chest, however it was no use

Brax sat beside Kyle trying to hold back tears which he thought was silly because he hardly knew this kid.

He got out his phone and started dialing

"Yeah I need an ambulance to the caravan park, my brothers had an overdose... I dunno he has a needle stick out of his arm" Brax said


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Heath and Casey found Brax in the hospital waiting room. They said nothing

"He'll be ok" Brax finally said

"No he won't, when he gets through this I'll kill him myself" Heath replied

"I did this" Brax said reaching into his pocket and showing them the photo of Kyle's mother

"He was looking for that when I had stolen it" Brax told them getting up to go to Kyle's room

He walked in and sat the photo beside the bed

"I'm sorry mate" Brax said

"Brax you can't blame yourself" Heath argued

Brax and Heath started to argue, Brax was determined not to give up on Kyle

"Guy, stop it think of where we are" Casey said

"Brax" a groggy Kyle said


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Kyle woke up but decided to keep his eyes closed. He smelled a sweet perfume close to him.

"Tamara" he said in a soft voice

"How'd you know it was me?" She said notice his eyes were closed

"Your perfume and unless Casey was trying it" he replied letting out a slight laugh noticing his ribs hurt.

He opened his eyes in looked at his chest to find it was heavily bruised

"Brax" Tamara said noticing him looking at his chest

"Was he trying to break my ribs?" He asked

"He has trying to revive you" she told him

"This was left here" she said handing him the photo of his mother

She noticed he tossed it aside like it was nothing.

"Is that your mum?" She asked

"Yep" he told her not looking at her

"Did she die" Tamara asked

"What gives you that idea" he asked her

"You don't talk about her" she said

"So you're my babysitter" he said changing the subject

Tamara raised her eyebrows

"No, she's not dead, she just doesn't have room in her life for me" Kyle told her

"Tamara out" Brax interrupted

Tamara walked towards the exit where Brax was standing

"Go easy" she said quietly


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"You can't keep doing this, if you do your on your own" Brax told Kyle standing beside Kyle's hospital bed.

Kyle was quiet for a minute

"Then go" Kyle finally answered

"Kyle" Brax said confused

"Clearly I'm more of a hassle than I'm worth, so just get outta here" Kyle told Brax

"Ya not a hassle, you need to get your stuff sorted" Brax said

"Just go Brax, I never wanted to be part of your family anyway.

Brax slowly walked out of the upset with how the conversation went.

Kyle grabbed his phone and dialed his mums number

"Hey mum, it's good to hear your voice... Yeah I'm good... I just called to say I love you because I don't ever think I've said that to you" Kyle said with a tear running down his cheek then hung up his phone.


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