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Brax banged on Kyle's caravan door

"Kyle, open up" Brax called

Kyle opened the door letting a black hair girl out.

Brax noticed Kyle's bloodshot eyes.

"Call me" she said putting her skirt on then kissed Kyle

"Sure thing, Cassie" Kyle said

"Clara" she corrected

He smiled at her then turned to Brax

"Keep the noise down, my heads pounding" Kyle told Brax as he walked back into his van

Brax walked into Kyle's caravan and his jaw dropped. Kyle had turned his van into what looked a Mexican pharmacy.

"Thought you were gonna lay low for a few days til you sought something out" Brax said holding up women underwear and raising his eyebrows.

"Noelle, she left early this morning" Kyle said picking up a broken ice pipe

"So did you come here to check on me or is this a social visit" Kyle asked

"It's an invitation to a barbecue tonight" Brax told him

"I'll think about it" he said flopping on the bed

"Just a suggestion mate, clean all this up before the owners find it" Brax said

Kyle raised his thumb in acknowledgment.

"And if you do show up tonight, please show up sober" Brax told him


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"Kyle entered the Braxton house still feeling the effects from the night before, people were yelling over the top of the music.

"Hello again, sure you really want that?" Natalie said to Kyle as he grabbed a beer from the fridge

"So Brax told you, why am not surprise" Kyle replied opening the beer

"He's just worried about you, look maybe we can make a time and we can talk you can get some stuff of your chest" Natalie told Kyle.

"Why, so you can run back and tell all to Brax, no thanks" Kyle told her and started to walk away.

"Kyle" Natalie called

"So this is Danny's devil spawn" Cheryl said

"Who the hell are you?" Kyle asked

"You kidnapped my baby and left him in the desert" Cheryl replied

Kyle smiled to himself

"Yeah, look I don't need this" Kyle said attempting to leave

Casey and Heath saw

"Hey, mum enough" Heath told her

Kyle shook his arm free from Cheryl

"Back off" he said getting in her face

"You're not a Braxton, not proper Braxton like my boys anyway" Cheryl taunted

"And if you were a halfway decent wife, maybe dad wouldn't have gone out and got a 16 year old junkie pregnant" Kyle spat

"And it's not like any of your are saint" he told her

Cheryl was lost for words, the last thing she expected was this kid to stand up to her.

Kyle was on his way out when a blonde girl grabbed him

"Hey, I'm Ricky" she said over the music

"Kyle" he replied

"That was impressive, no one usually stands up to her" Ricky said

"Who, vinegar tits?" Kyle replied

Ricky laughed

"You up for some fun?" She asked

"Sure" he replied

"C'mon let's get out of here" she said making sure Brax was watching


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Kyle walked into the Braxton house and past Tamara who was sitting on the couch.

"Quite the show, last night" she said

"Glad you enjoyed it" he replied

"You don't look sorry" Tamara said

"Apologies aren't my strong suit" he told her

"What do you think Brax is gonna say knowing you insulted his mum like that or Heath and Casey" Tamara added

"Maybe they'll just see I'm not a suck up" Kyle said then walked out the back to find Brax

"You're lucky mums not here, she's fuming" Brax said with a smile

"Yeah well that's what she gets for being a bitch" Kyle replied sitting next to him

"So is it true, about your mum" Brax asked

Kyle raised his eyebrows.

"16, junkie" Brax said

Kyle got up and walked away


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Kyle and Ricky walked into Angelo's, Brax looked up from behind the bar

"So what's the deal with you two?" Brax asked

"Two adults having a good time" Ricky replied and ordered two beers

Kyle spotted Tamara

"Here pay for those" Kyle said handing Ricky his wallet

Ricky opened Kyle's wallet and saw a picture of a young blonde woman

"Who's that?" She asked Brax

"I'll find out" he replied taking the photo

"So didn't picture you as a waitress" Kyle said

"It's a good look for you" he said

"Are you flirting with me, while you're with her" Tamara asked

"Well, I'm sure she'd be up for a threesome" Kyle replied

"You are disgusting" Tamara spat

"You wouldn't be first girl I've had sex with that hated my guts, when you're bored with Casey come find me. I'll soon have have you feeling great on all fours face covered in cum, beggin for more" Kyle said quietly slowly running his fingertips down Tamara's arms.

She shivered, not knowing whether she liked the fact he was hitting on her or not.

"Lucky for you, my doors always open" he told her walking back to Ricky at the bar.


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