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Title: broken

Type of story: long fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Cast: The Braxtons, oc's

Spoilers: no

Warnings: drug content, language, violence

Plot: set just after Casey's trial for killing his father, Kyle is a lot more damaged than his brothers think.


Kyle sat at the bar staring at his drink

"You gonna drink that or stare at it?" Heath asked

Kyle finished his drink and ordered another

"Hey slow down, mate" Heath told him

"Well which is it, first I'm not drinking fast enough now I'm drinking too fast" Kyle snapped

"Whoa calm down" Heath replied

Kyle grabbed a bottle from behind the bar and headed towards the door, he stopped as he passed Casey.

"Congratulations, you're a free man, shame dad's not here to celebrate with you" Kyle grunted and walked out.

He walked along the along the beach watching a guy trying to hide the fact that he was dealing to two teenage girls.

He pretended to bump into bump into one of the teenage girls

"Watch it" she snapped

"Sorry" he replied unapologetically

He sat down in the sand and opened his hand and emptied the little purple pills which he'd just stolen from the girl into his hand and shoved them all into his mouth and followed it down with a bottle of tequila.

His vision started to go blurry and his head started to spin, great another overdose he thought to himself.


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Brax was celebrating Knowing that Casey was a free man when his phone rang. He went out on the balcony.

Heath frowned knowing something was up. He was sure something was wrong when Brax came back in.

"What is it?" Heath asked

"Kyle" Brax replied

"What's he done now?" Casey asked

"He's in hospital" Brax told them

"What?, why?" Heath asked

"Overdose, I gonna go see him" Brax replied

"Hang on, I'll come" Heath called after him


Brax and Heath walked in the hospital

"Lookin for a bloke named Kyle Braxton" Brax asked a nurse

"Room 6" she replied after checking on a computer

They walked down the corridor and stood in the doorway when they came to Kyle's room.

He was still unconscious.

"Do you know who he got the stuff from?" Heath asked

"No, I was hoping you could tell me" Brax replied

Heath looked at Brax who was looking at Kyle.

"What?" Heath asked

"Wait here" Brax told Heath

Heath did as he was told, Brax came back with Kyle's medical file.

"How'd ya get that?" Heath asked

"Sweet talked the chick behind the desk" Brax replied studying the file.

Brax frowned

"Jesus" he said

"What?" Heath asked

"In and out of rehab since he was 14" Brax told him

"For what" Heath asked

"Drug and alcohol abuse" Brax replied

"Before that he was in and out of hospital for years due to several broken bones due to accidents" Brax informed Heath.

Both Heath and Brax looked at Kyle

"What the hell has this kid been through" Heath said


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Kyle opened his eyes and started to sit up realising he was in a hospital bed. He let out a groan noticing his ad was still spinning, he had overdosed several times before but the recovery was never this bad.

"Easy" Brax said grabbing Kyle's shoulders

Kyle quickly moved away from Brax's hands

"Ya got something to say to us" Heath asked angrily

"Nah" Kyle said standing up slowly

"An apology would be nice" Heath told him

"We all know that I'm only here to keep Casey out of jail and seeing that worked you don't need me for anything else" Kyle retorted leaning the draws beside the bed as he was hit with another head spin.

"Mate that's not true" Brax told him trying to help him get his legs in his pants.

Kyle kicked him hard in the leg.

"I can dress myself" he snapped

"Look, we don't wanna leave you alone ok" Brax told Kyle

"Aww, that's sweet" Kyle said sarcastically walking towards the door

"Say you go on your own, what's next? Another overdose or another stint in rehab or another stint on prison you must be on first name basis with everyone by now" Brax said

Kyle stopped

"What else did your little background check tell you?" Kyle asked

"Nothing" Brax told him

"Good, let's leave it at that then" Kyle said and walked out


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Kyle threw unfolded clothes into his suitcase closed it and picked up his guitar

"Nice knowin yas" he said as he was about to walk out the door.

Casey and Tamara walked in

"Where are you going" Casey asked not really caring

"Melbourne, you should be happy" Kyle told him

"Good riddance" Tamara said

Kyle smiled

"Using another family to make up for the fact that your turned their back on you doesn't last long trust me" Kyle said to her with a smile.

Tamara wiped the smile from her face and walked towards the back yard

"Can you give us a contact address, at least?" Brax asked Kyle

"Nope, don't even know that myself yet" Kyle replied putting his bag and his guitar in the back of his ute.

"Then stay until you do" Brax said

Kyle took a deep breath

"Fine, but I'm staying at the caravan park, not here" Kyle told Brax


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