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Vinnie Returns


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Vinny was walking along the beach, lost in his own thoughts.

Things had been going well with VJ and he was enjoying getting to know his son, things with Leah on the other hand was not.

She had been avoiding him for more than a week for no real reason.

Suddenly he was shook out of his thoughts by an angry looking Zac barrelling his way down

the beach

"Why did you have to come back, Leah is all over the place".

"Look mate I came back to get to know my son and Leah again, you aren't going to get in the way of that I love the bones off her so may the best man win

Zac got angry at this and punched him.

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"WHAT THE HELL" came Leah's voice

"ZAC; WHAT ARE YOU DOING" she rushed over and helped Vinnie off the sand

"He was provoking me Leah"

"What are you, 12 for god sake" she huffed "I'll call you later" she walked away vinnie walking with her.

When they got home Jett and Vj were in the lounge playing x box

"What the hell happened to you dad"

"Caught on the end of Zaccy boys fist"


"Boys can you get outta here" Leah exclaimed as she handed Vinnie an ice pack as the boys bustled out of the house

"So I am guessing that little display was about me" she sighed

"Didn't appreciate the competition"

"What do you mean"

"I still love you so much and I am not going to stop until I have you back"

"But what we had is in the past I love him"

"Does he make you feel like I do"

"No one ever has not even Dan, you know that.

In that moment he grabbed her and kissed her both giving into each other powerless to fight.

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VJ was walking into the Diner with Jett

"Oh VJ hows your mum after the ruck?" Asked a concerned Irene

"What ruck" VJ looked alarmed

"Well your dad and zac tearing lumps off eachother on the beach; Zac landed a pretty good punch by all accounts"

"I'd better go and see what's gone on" VJ tore out of the room


Wrapped up in the sheets arms around eachother

Leah gave a soft sigh and looked a smiling Vinnie in the face

"That was amazing"

"It was but what the hell are we going to do"

"What do you mean"

"Well VJ and Zac for one"

"Well Zac ehm..."

"I do love him but you know you and me we fit I'll just be straight with him"

Just then the kitchen door clattered

"As for VJ here's our chance princess"

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A/N as I am starting to run out of ideas on where to take this fiction I am going to finish it here thank you to all the lovely readers and for the comments hope you enjoy it and are happy with where I take it.

7.5 months later
Leah walked into the hospital waiting room aeeing the pacing boys by the drinks machine she smiled to herself and went to join Ricky and Ruby were they where sitting with the kids, Bianca having been roped into a meeting between all the principals in the district and Darcey at a netball game in the city with the school team.
"Hey, any news yet"
"Nah but shouldn't be to long now" Ricky smiled and looked at Logan playing cars with Harley and Emily sitting brushing her dolls hair.
Suddenly Leah's phone rang seeing the caller I.D. she smiled
"Hey you"
"Hey babe any news yet"
"No shouldn't be to long now though, how's Veej"
"He's good hes studying at the moment do you want me to grab some take away for when you get back?"
"Yeah that'll be good"
"Ok princess I'll see you later, love you"
"Love you"
she ended the call and smiled she then put her hand over her stomach absent mindedly smiling
Ruby chuckled at the expression on Leah's face
"Its nice to see you so happy Leah"
"Thanks Rubes"
Just then Kyle burst out of a side room
"Hey mate, you ok" Brax asked looking at his litle brother
kyle just gave a massive grin and blurted out
"I have a daughter Brax"
Everyone laughed and hugged kyle
"Thats amazing mate; how is she"
"Beautiful; she is amazing 10 fimgers 10 toes squidgy.little button nose my eyes and she already has the Braxton grin"
"Hows Phoebs"
"Knackered, but really well she did amazing I think I love her even more if thats possible"
"Ah ya big girl" Heath joked
"Oh like you didn't become a big softy when Harley was born" kyle quipped
"Enough you two let's go and meet the latest addition" Casey intervened
With that they all piled into the room Leah waited a bit looking at a photo on her phone, feeling a deep fuzzy happiness she hadn't felt for a long time before she smiled life was good her son was doing well at Uni even scoring a job from Casey at the gym to help him, she had an amazing man by her side and a fantastic job and.life was about to get alot more exciting she thought with another slight rub of her stomach.

A/N so you can probably tell who she ended up with I hope you like the ending

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