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Vinnie Returns


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Story Title: Vinnie Returns

Type of story: Short//Medium Fic

Main Characters: Leah, VJ, Vinnie

Rating: G/T

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst.

Spoilers: No.

Warnings: Mild language maybe sexual content later Alcohol References I will also warn each chapter

Summary: What happens when your past comes hurtling into your present?

I have been thinking about this idea for a bit and having recently seen an article about Ryan Kwanten being willing to return well I just couldn't resist let me know what you think and of course it goes without saying I do not own Home and Away or any of the Characters


It was VJ's 18th birthday and Leah had organised a party in Angelos, she had enlisted the help of Brax and Kyle with helping decorate the restaurant they also providing the pizza for the buffet and Leah providing the rest.

the party was in full swing now, VJ was talking to Jett and Nina having been given his first legal beer by Brax

"So man how you enjoying your party" Jett asked "aww mate its so cool, Iv'e had an awesome day and who'd of thought me and Zac actually get on all right" he laughed "I hear you man , him and your mum sure are happy" jett replied clapping his friend on the shoulder,

Just then Ruby bustled over holding the hand of her hyperactive 3 year old daughter, Casey, now her husband just behind her "happy birthday Veej, ya feel like an adult yet" she said handing over there present "here ya go, Emily made you a card aswell" giving VJ a hug "oh thanks Rubes, oh not yet" he laughed and squatted down to Emily "hey missy Em, thank you for the card" he opened his arms and the little girl bundled into him giving him a massive bear hug "it ok uncy Veejy; Happy Birfday" (the little girl calling him Uncle as he was very close with her mother)

Casey gave a little laugh at his daughter and gave VJ a man hug and pumped fists with Jett, before moving on to greet his brothers at the bar Emily greeting Ricky shouting " atty wicky" abd Ruby going to greet Leah were she was stood in Zac's arms conversing with Irene, Marilyn and Roo , Mr Stewart and John sitting in a booth quietly taking it all in the youngsters dancing,Chris and Shandi talking by the patio, Hannah and Nate with Bianca and Ricky who now had Emily in her arms her own 4 year old Logan sat at the long table with his cousin Harley and a now 15 year old Darcy talking to one of VJ's friends much to Heaths dismay and Brax and Kyle working while Matt and Phoebe were being the DJs for the night's festivities

it was a happy night in the bay thought Alf he could get used to this, little did he know what else the night had in store. All of a sudden the lights dimmed and in walked Brax with a massive cake in the shape of the number 18 and with the same amount of candles; everyone sang Happy Birthday and VJ blew the candles out as the chorus of "SPEECH, SPEECH" echoed VJ started " I just want to thank you all for coming tonight; I feel lucky to know you all the bay is a special place to grow up and everyone here has helped me along the way, especially my awesome mum I kmow it's been hard at times but youramazing and I love you so much" he said looking at a now crying Leah who took her son in her arms and said 'I am so proud of you Veej, the man you have become" just then faint footsteps could be heard making there way up the stairs, Brax turned to the tall, blonde man who had just appeared and said 'I'm sorry mate, this is a private function" to which the man replied 'I know mate" on hearing the voice Alf muttered "hogans ghost" Irene "oh my gawd father" Leah meanwhile stood frozen, as if in a trance having dropped her drink, VJ looked as though he had seen a ghost, Zac was saying Leah's name the new presence just looked at her and uttered the words "hi babe" opening his arms and looking her and VJ dead in the eye as if the spell that had rendered her speechless had been broken Leah whispered 'V,vinnie" the tears cascading down her cheeks.

What do ya think? There will be more reaction next chapter aswell

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WARNING mild swearing in this chapter.

Ruby suddenly gasped as Leah said the man's name now fully realising just who he is having heard it and seen photos hundreds of times when living with Leah even if the man had aged nearly 20 years, Matt and Zac also coming to the realisation.

Casey looked confused by his wifes reaction and shared a look with his brothers.

Some of the male partygoers inched forward slightly ready to intervene and help Leah, Alf and Irene rolled their eyes at this Marilyn had a wide smile on her face knowing her friends true love had returned

"I've lost it, finally lost it" Leah's voice came out small and weak, taking small, steady breaths. Vinnie moved towards her,arms out to touch her causing her to take a few tentative steps back the shock still evident on her face "Its me princess"

VJ blinked and stuttered "d dad". Upon hearing this Brax shared a look with Alf and said "hey guys lets move it yeah, perhaps give them some space" at this everyone trudged down the stairs, Alf clapping Vinnie on the shoulder as he passed; Irene giving him a hug and muttering "way to surprise us darl" Zac shared a look with Leah who said "I'm fine, I'll call you soon" sighing and nodding he to walked out joining the rest down in the surf club.

When they had gone VJ turned to his father and just simply said "how" Vinnie looked at his son and started "look at you Veej, I've missed so much with you"VJ suddenly looked angry "yeah you have DAD,WE BLOODY THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD" punching the table he suddenly went to walk out saying "I can't do this" running downstairs, Vinnie went to say "ve,," but was stopped by Leah's quiet voice "j just leave him he'll be ok; he's had a big sh shock" she managed to get out through her tears. As she went to sit down shaking like a leaf she said "now tell me how the bloody hell your here in front of me"

Vinnie sighed,sat down and looked Leah in the eye, he still loved her with everything he had, this woman still had the power to captivate and enthral him, time had just made her even more beautiful and he began his story.

what do you think, next chapter is Vinnie's explanation, the crowd in the surf club talk about the events and Jett helps VJ see sense please review thanks xx

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A/N sorry it's been a few days I was busy over the weekend and work has been a bit crazy over the past couple of days I want peoples opinion which couple would you rather be endgame L/V or L/Z and thank you guys for the positive feed back and hope you enjoy.Also do you think the reactions are genuine enough

Vinnie took a breath looked at the woman before him and started his explanation

"You know after the first time I 'died' and I went into protection I met Elijah and I guess you could say we became good friends and of course Pete Baker helped me babe, you were so cut up with grief and guilt when Dan died I didn't want that for you, you deserved to move on and be happy without me casting a shadow over things plus it would be safer for everyone if there was tangible proof I had died"

Leah was crying now but still managed to let out a strangled laugh "Elijah told me you had died 3 years after Dan, Vinnie 3 bloody years I can't believe Elijah and Pete"

she then let out a gasp "the grave Elijah took me and VJ to, who was that" her head spinning a thousand miles an hour

Vinnie blinked and looked his wife (did he even have the right to call her that any more?) "Leah it took a while to come up with the plan I didn't want it to look to suss it was all me, they just went along with it"

Leah got up and went behind the bar and poured herself a vodka hoping Brax wouldn't mind she skulled it in one and asked the most obvious question "so why are you back now?"

"Isn't it obvious, our son turned 18 today, I missed out so much with him I needed to see him"

"Don't know how far you will get with that but I will talk to him"

Leah began to pace up and down the long table "so many nights I laid in bed wishing I could see you and touch you again and now your here it's as if I am in a dream and I'm gonna wake up at any second I have no clue what to do"

With those words Vinnie strode over to her, tilted her chin up to him and planted a kiss on her lips


The party goers had congregated in the Surf Club most taking seats, Zac pacing furiously about the floor

"So who exactly is that bloke and what does he want with Leah?" asked a confused Heath

"Dad;you can be dense at times did you not just hear VJ call him dad" Darcy rolled her eyes

Alf intervened after giving a little chuckle of amusement at the father/ daughter interaction "that is Vinnie Patterson, Leah was married to him and he's VJ's father he was in w/p for a bit but we all thought he died back in 2010"

"Whoah" was all Heath could say

"How you fairing Zac" a concerned Ruby asked, already knowing the story of Leah and Vinnie

"Just peachy Ruby, the woman I loves dead husband has risen from the grave I could loose her" Brax clapped a reassuring hand on his shoulder and Marilyn although happy for her friend said "oh Zac, Leah is not the type of person to do that"

Zac noddded "I know she wouldn't intentionally but you know aswell as I do a part of her has always belonged to him"

"Mate your gonna drive your self crazy with ifs,buts and maybes, its not as if Leah hasn't moved on from him I mean she married again and had a relationship with Miles" councelled Ruby "its his sons 18th that's why he's back we"ll just see how it goes"

"She's right you know Zac, don't worry about something that hasn't happened" Bianca stated

All of a sudden VJ came barrelling down the stairs angry and hurt clear on his features, he ran out of the Surf Club and down to his safe haven; The Beach

'Vee" Ruby started

"I'll go" Jett told her, making his way out of the door Ruby nodded

upon walking out the door Jett saw his friend sat at the entrance to the beach.

Crouching down to sit next to hi friend, Jett clapped him on the shoulder

VJ started "My Dad's back man, after all these year's we thought he was dead and here he is actually alive"

"It's big man" Jett agreed

" I am just so angry I mean why now after all this time does he think he has the right to burst back into our lives I mean I have never known him and he lied to us mate I am so confused"

"Mate had it occured to you that your the reason he came back I mean it's your 18th, good opportunity to see the son you never knew, circumstances took him away, your probably not gonna have a typical relationship but you gotta have questions right" VJ nodded "so give him a shot, you've waited this long what have you got to loose"

"Your right man,thanks I might head now, I wanna go home and think"

"Ok man, see ya later" they pumped fists and with that VJ made the short walk home and Jett returned to the Surf Club.

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A/N I'm sorry it's been a week I was not entirely happy with the chapter and wanted to get it how I wanted any way here it goes let me know what you think

Leah came to her senses and gently pushed Vinnie away effectively ending the kiss "I can't" she blurted out and made for the exit not trusting herself all the feelings she still had for him bubbling within her, conflicting and confusing her in equal measure.
Vinnie called after her "babe wait can I see you and VJ?"
Leah let out a sigh "I'll talk to him, come round to the house tomorrow" with that she made for the exit leaving Vinnie with his thoought's he was disturbed by Brax coming back up and saying "sorry mate I'm just here to clear up"
"No worries"
"So your Leah's husband" Brax started
"Err yeah I guess I mean we haven't been together for 18 years"
"Leah is one of the good ones, she really helped me out when I was a complete mess and I care about her and VJ alot"
"As if I would hurt them I love that woman to the ends of the earth and back and Veej is my son I want to get to know him"
"Ok mate but just know this they are finally settled and happy for the first time in ages"
With that Brax went back to clearing up and Vinnie left the restaurant to return to the motel wondering what tomorrow would bring

Leah walked into the surf club, most of the party goers had now returned home Alf, Irene, Roo and Marilyn staying put to see how Leah is
"How are you travelling love"
"Oh Alf I don't really know I am still trying to process it my minds racing at a thousand miles an hour and my body can't keep up" she blurted out "he's really back" she whispered beggining to cry
"I know darl" Irene murmured Roo stepping forward and engulfing Leah in a huge hug
"Come on lets get you home so you can process this"
"Where's VJ and Zac"
"Veej is at home Zac is crashing in avan tonight to give you some space" Alf answered and she nodded

Making for the exit and the short walk to Leah's house, bidding good night Leah walked through to her living room, seeing her son sat on the couch staring blankly at the wall she sat next to him
"hey baby, big shock eh, you ok"
VJ just continued to stare
" sweetheart talk to me please"
" mum I don't know how I feel on one hand I'm so angry that he lied and led us to believe he's dead all these years and he's practically missed my entire life why does he suddenly want to come back and turn our lives upside down, on the other he's my dad and its my opportunity to get to know him you know" VJ began crying
Leah put her arm round her son pulled him into her, kissing his forhead she started "baby he is coming tomorrow I think it will do you good to here him out"
VJ nodded "ok I will try but I'm not making any promises, any way how are you coping"
"To be honest Veej I just don't know". Hugging his mother VJ nodded "I get that, Im gonna go to my room' Leah nodded,knowing neither of them would be able to sleep thinking about what the next day had in store.

Thoughts and opinions most welcome and don't worry I haven't forgotten about our Zacy boy his perspective is in the next chapter I'm also keen on more opinion of which pairing I should ship

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Leah got up after a sleepless night, walking into the kitchen and making herself a coffee, she smiled and turned when she heard shuffling feet, "hey Veej, how'd you sleep"
He sighed "didn't, just kept thinking"
" me to, have you thought about what your going to say to him?"
"A bit"
Sighing and getting a drink Vj gave his mother a hug he then walked into the living room, turning on the T:V but wasn't really watching it, Leah went to sit at the table and just watched her son, a concerned look on her face.

It was then the shrill noise of her phone ringing it was Zac, she let out a sigh and answered
"Hey babe"
"Hey how are you, after everything, I thought it was best I gave you space"
"Alf told me, I'm still in shock I guess he's coming over later to talk to Veej I guess he owes that much"
"I guess, do you want to meet up later, dinner at Angelo's maybe, talk about everything?"
"Sounds great, I'll see you later, love you"
"Love you to bye"
after ending the phone call Leah sat and thought life is going to get alot more confusing

after staying the night at the motel, Vinnie was walking along the beach, deciding to go for a coffee at the Pier Diner he walked up, seeing Irene at the counter talking exasperately at a younger man he gave a laugh
" hey can I get a flat white please"
"Your Leah's dead hubby" the younger man exclaimed
"Oi Harrington quit harassing the customers, scram and clear those tables" Irene's authoritative voice came, smiling at Vinnienshe gave him the coffee " good to see you darl, you gave us quite the surprise last night"
"You haven't changed Irene I thought it was time I should get to know my son"
" darl just tread carefully yeah, it's been a long time"
"Don't I know it, any way I'll catch you later" getting up and walking towards the exit he bumped into Zac coming the opposite way the two men stopped and stared each other down before Vinnie walked away, he knew this man was now with Leah and it wasn't his place to go messing up her life however much he wanted her in his arms again.

Shaking his head he made for Leah's house, consequently his old house.
he knocked on the door and Leah answered
'You'd better come in"
He followed her into the sitting room Leah remained silently stood in the door frame watching the interaction between father and son
on seeing VJ sat on the sofa he went to sit next to him; VJ shifted slightly
"DON'T" VJ shouted,his anger evident " you don't get to call me that, only people who are my friends do and as much as I know your my dad you and I are perfect strangers"
"I get that and I want to change it"
" but why now;after all this time"
" because now things are different, the guy who I gave evidence against in the prison fire is dead, there's no need to run scared any more"
"Mum told me about uncle Pete and Elijah helping you die again who was buried in the grave Elijah took us to"
"No one, it was a mock up"
VJ rubbed his hands on his jeans and fiddled with his fingers
"I just have so many questions and I want to get to know you but it's weird I mean were not going to be the typical father and son"
"I get that mate and we will take it at your pace I just want the chance I mean tell me what your into"
"I surf alot with my mate Jett, Brax, the guy who owns the restaurant taught me and I'm starting sport science at ND Uni after the holiday's
"That's cool I wish I was around to see the man you have become"
"Well you weren't" VJ spat "look I just need a bit of time I'm going to Jett's" he got up and kissed his mum and walked out of the house
"That went well" Vinnie chuckled and Leah scoffed
"Hey I saw your boyfriend earlier"
" his names Zac"
"Is he good to you"
"He is wonderful to us if you must know"
"I still love you babe"
"And I still love you I never stopped a part of me was always yours even when I was married to Dan but Vin I thought you were dead life and people change"
"I know babe I am not asking or anything, I think it best if I go" he walked past her and kissed her cheek, she felt a tingle that she hadn't for nearly 20 years watching him walk out she felt more confused than ever was it happening again, were old feelings being reinited? she stood and pondered this, a lone tear making it's way down her cheek.

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Leah walked into Angelo's later that night, seeing Zac sitting at a table near the veranda she walked up and rubbed his arm.

Leaning forward and giving her a kiss Zac greeted his girlfriend with a "hi babe"

Leah then sat down and Ricky came to take their orders.

"Hi guys what do you fancy"

" uhm a large Pepperoni Pizza with Garlic Bread, a Beer and a glass of Chardonnay please" Zac replied and looked at a smiling Leah.

"Sure thing" and Ricky walked off to get the drinks

"So we gonna talk about the Elephant between us" Leah got straight to the point

"What like husbands returning from the dead" Zac dead panned.

Ricky then came back with the drink's and sensing the couple needed to be alone walked off again busying herself behind the bar.

"Look I didn't know ok I am still in shock" Leah protested

"I just want to know if it changes things between us"

"Of course not,I am not gonna lie a part of me always has and always will love him he is my son's father for god sake but its been nearly 20 years I have changed"

" I am afraid I am gonna loose you to him" Zac blurted

"What you don't trust me" Leah was getting angry and started to cry at the thought

"No I do..." Zac stumbled

"Clearly not I am not that sort of person" Leah got up and ran out of the restaurant crying.

"Le" Zac started

"Oi mate, just let her calm down yeah, come on I'll shout ya a bourbon and we can put the food to take away" Ricky soothed.

Leah had ran onto the beach and collapsed on the sandbank in tears hugging her knees to her chest

" hey, hey babe" she heard his voice and groaned

"Vin, what are you doing here"

"Just getting the feel of the place again I have missed it, now why the hell are you out here alone crying"

"Zac and I had a fight"

"What about" curiosity tinged Vinnie's tone as he wrapped his arm around her

"You" she choked out, trying to ignore the closeness and the warm fuzzy feeling in her heart

Unable to do so she wiped a tear away and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss.

A/N I know I have kind of made Leah a bit hypocritical here and a bit out of character but I just wanted to portray her confusion and don't worry its all part of the plan

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Leah woke up the next morning and rolled over her head aching and nausea whirling I her stomach, gasping when the presence next to her was not Zac but Vinnie.
"No,no,no" she mumbled earning a laugh from Vinnie
"Nice to know you appreciate my presence babe"
"We didn't, did we" asked a nervous Leah.
"Take a look" he laughed
peeling back the sheets she gave a huge sigh of relief he still had his jeans on and she had her underwear
"What happened then"
"Well you kissed me" Leah groaned
"But I pulled away,after you fighting with Zac your head was all over the place, so we came back here, said a hello to Mr Smirnoff, talked about VJ and fell asleep"
"Oh thank god, I had better call Zac"
"Yeah, on that note I better head , see you later" Vinnie kissed her cheek as he left.

Dialing Zac, she blew out a breath
"Hey" came his smooth calming voice
"Hey, were did ya stay last night?"
" Den let me crash on her couch"
"Oh ok, look I have some major apologising to do, let me make it up to you, my place tonight?"
"Ok see you later,love you"
"Love you to bye"
Putting the phone down Leah went off to prepare for her day.

at lunchtime VJ walked into Angelo's to meet Jett ,he joined his friend in a booth, after deciding what they wanted, VJ went to the bar and ordered just as Brax came out of the office
"Hey Veej you going okay" asked Brax with concern
VJ sighed "I'm just processing it you know"
Brax nodded
" I erm actually could use your advice, you've been good at that in the past, what the hell should I do"
"You want to properly get to know him?"
VJ nodded
"Then on your terms, mate go for a feed or a drink or play footy or something with him then talk to him"
"Yeah, that might work, thanks Brax"
"Anytime mate, I better go I need to pick Log up from Nursery I'l catch ya" he then walked out leaving VJ to return deep in thought to Jett.

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V.J sighed and knocked on the motel door, he heard shuffling from inside and a moment later the door swung open and revealed a smiling Vinnie
"Hey son, what brings you here"
"I'm here because your my dad and I want to get to know you, don't get me wrong though I am still mad as hell"
"Ok so what do you want to do"
"Maybe start with a beer?"
"Why not Angelo's 7.pm"
"O.k see you there"
Vinnie grinned, shutting the door and going for a shower he was getting there.


Leah was a bundle of nerves as she pulled her famous moussaka out of the oven she had already put on her best dress and make up was done to perfection a bottle of wine and a candle set in the middle of her kitchen table, smoothing her hair and dress she turned around to the approaching footsteps of her son pulling money from her purse to bribe him to grab a pizza or diner burger she turned and smiled
"Hey Veej, me ans Zac are kind of having dinner here tonight can you make yourself scarce and go grab dinner with Jett or someone"
"No need mum; I'm meeting dad at Angelo's for a beer"
"Whoa, what Veej what's with the sudden turn around"
"Well he is my dad this is my chance to know him and plus everyone tells me he owes me"
"Ok baby just don't go expecting to much hopefully it will pave the way for more stuff like this huh"
"Yeah we will see, love you mum and have a nice night" he leaned forward and kissed his mothers cheek
"Love you to son" she replied hugging him.
He then walked out of the kitchen door Leah exhaled and popped her head into the sitting room and looked in the mirror adjusted her lipstick and upon hearing knocking on the door she went to open it
smiling broadly as she saw it was Zac beaming back at her.

A/N right my lovely readers first of all thank you for sticking with me and I hope you continue to like it. I will have the next chapter up by Wednesday at the latest, some one mentioned it might be fun to have a Vinnie/Chris scene well I have an idea for one in the next chapter is there anymore interactions you fancy seeing as I am very aware I am focusing rather heavily on Leah, VJ Zac and Vinnie? Who would you rather be endgame? I have ideas for both and am I writing the character's believebly enough? Thank you xxc

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Leah kissed Zac on the cheek and pulled him into the house.

Zac laughed at the effort she had gone to


"You like, I had to go all out for being such a bitch last night"

"I love, and you don't need to apologise to me ever" he kissed her.

"Sit and I'll dish up"

"Smells delicious, and might I say you look absolutely gorgeous" Zac said, gently swatting Leah's bum

"Cheeky" she smiled as she started dishing up

sitting down at the table they tucked into the moussaka and opened the wine

"So where's Veej tonight?"

"He is actually gone to meet with Vinnie"

Zac's eyes darkened slightly at the mention of Vinnie, he wasn't entirely oblivious to the feelings that still remained between his girlfriend and her (ex?)husband but he sighed and kept himself in check after all he was now with Leah.

"Whoa VJ has made quite the turn around"

"Yep I just wonder how its going to go"

"It'll be fine" zac kissed her.

after they finished the Moussaka Leah collected the plates and dumped them in the sink.

"Apple pie, your favourite for dessert" she said while getting the plates out.

Zac got up and curled his arms around Leah's waist

"I know what I 'd rather have for dessert" he said kissing Leah on the neck and moving his hand down her dress.

Leah giggled like a school down;turning around and kissing Zac square on the lips, hitching herself around his waist she deepened the kiss as he led them to the bedroom to continue their night together


Nervously walking into Angelo's seeing his father sitting in a booth he walked over and smiled.

"Hi, you ok"


V.J sat down

Brax then came over and gave them both beers, nodding at VJ he left them to it

" so I know about what happened and everything and you know what I am going to be doing"VJ started "did you ever keep track of us"

"Uh yeah Pete and Elijah gave me updates I know pretty much everything Dan,Charlie, the stalker and the miscarriages, you guys had it tough"

"It wasn't easy, but I think we are in a good place now"


"So you like the swan's"

"Yeah I do, catch the game the other night"

So the conversation flowed and both father and son got on well with each other,walking back along the beach later they made plans to meet up the next day.

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A week had passed since Vinnie and VJ's bonding night and they had since met twice more once for a surf and once playing football.
Leah was catching up for a coffee with Bianca,Phoebe, Ricky and Ruby, Logan and Harley barreling through a bowl of ice cream each, every inch there fathers while Emily sat drinking her milkshake inheriting some of her mothers grace, the next generation of Braxtons also excitedly chattering to each other.
"Aww look at them really are there fathers kids" smiled Leah
"Tell me about it Harley gets more and more like Heath everyday" laughed Bianca
"Even Emily is starting to get a bit tom boyish try as I might not to let it happen" Ruby shook her head.
"The brood's about to get a plus one,just between us family for now though yeah" Phoebe blurted out
"Oh my god,your pregnant,congratulations"
They all swarmed and hugged her.
"If it's just family how come you told me" Leah tentatively asked
"Give over Leah as far as were concerned you are family" Ruby laughed and the others nodded
"Yeah atty Lele your our bestest friend,even my uncle Bwax says so and he doesnt talk a whole lot" Emily said with a rather serious look on her face, the girls laughed at her cuteness

Then Logan came up to Phoebe and hugged her "congwatulashuns, Atty Phoebs, you and uncle Ky will be aweswome mummy and daddy,but please can you have a boy" he leaned in and whispered in her ear "becwause they alrweady lots of girlies"
Phoebe laughed at her adorable nephew
"It doesn't quite work like that mate"
"Ooh ifs you do atty Phoebs there be more boys than girlies" Harley stated before returning to his ice cream
Everyone laughed
"'Kyles telling the boys later I know we haven't been married long but we are ridiculously excited about it, Kyle even came home with a onesie the other day" she smiled
"So how're thing's with you; the whole husband returning from the dead thing" Bianca asked
"Weird, he and VJ have been spending quite a bit of time together and so far so good there getting on alot better, I have kind of been trying to avoid him"
"When he came back; all those feeling's I had buried for years came bubbling back up I felt that old spark again,but I love Zac so much I can't hurt him"
"Oh Leah" Bianca sighed, giving her a sad smile
Ruby rubbed her arms.

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