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Martin "Ash" Ashford - George Mason

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On 11/3/2017 at 07:38, Marls said:

I used to be able to tolerate him. Now I just wish he would leave

But the reason why I never liked Ash is that he never showed any kindness or did anything to redeem himself, like the other bad boys in recent times like Kyle, Matt, Hunter, Andy, Josh and the Braxton brothers. 

Kyle - Kyle was always willing to risk his life to save people, like Oscar and Evie and the prison guard. 

Matt- Just generally became s good guy as time went by and was a good big brother to his sister. 

Hunter- He seemed to become a good and kind person and helped Olivia with her past demons. 

Andy- He helped Oscar and helped Hannah while she could not walk and was very gentle towards Marilyn when she had lost her memory and Andy found her. 

Josh- To be honest he was never really a bad boy but just got mixed up in it. 

Original Braxtons- All had their good points as well as their bad. 


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(I'm catching up on the show and need somewhere to complain, this seemed like the best place. I used the spoiler tag to make my comment shorter, but there is one small spoiler for UK viewers in there

I have to agree I think Ash is past his used by date

He's gone and it was actually a little sad but I think most people are to wrapped up in their excessive hate to care.At least I don't have to listen to it anymore. Bye Ash.I'll miss you.

On 11/11/2017 at 02:30, pembie said:

I can't think of anything that bad that Ash has done :lol:  But I have liked Ash most the time how could I not he brought the dreamy Billie into the show. :wub:

Billie's brother could have been much less of an Ash-hole. Having said that, I kind of like characters I dislike as people like Ash.

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I'm really not sure where all the Ash hate is coming from.And I'm bewildered that a guy who for the most part came out of jail and tried to turn his life around is being dismissed as "just bad", while pure scum like Hunter and Andy who endangered innocent people's lives for their own pleasure get held up as saints.There have been a lot of times this year when I've violently disliked Ash.But we've just had the finale week in the UK, and going by the comments I was expecting to dislike Ash, and instead I'm wondering what the heck people's problem was.Ash was the one in the right.He was trying to protect his child from a dangerous situation, and was powerless to prevent a tragedy caused by Kat, Tori and Robbo all deciding that they have the right to cover up crimes because of big wub or big soulful eyes or they think the detective's mean.

Yes, I'm a bit behind and I might end up disliking him again in a few weeks.But if this last week is anything to go by, I'll probably find his actions entirely justified, even if I do find it disappointing that a character who came in as a welcome antidote to Brax increasingly seems to be handling situations exactly like Brax would have done.Except with no drug dealing, thankfully.

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Ash has been aggravating me beyond belief lately.


I think people are annoyed because he's not after revenge for Kat.It's not what she would have wanted and he's doing it for his own selfish reason.The idea that Robbo killed her is also ridiculous.She's a big girl who made her own decisions.She was driving the car not him.

I still like him though.I'm not sure when we started hating characters who aren't saints.It's often those characters who are most interesting.

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