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Most Popular Character 2014

Dan F

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Firstly thanks to Dan and Red Ranger. Red Ranger, I know we've had our disagreements but I appreciate all the work you've done on this.

Didn't vote but it's been interesting reading some of these comments.

Someone actually voted for Cheryl. Wasn't expecting that although I suppose she can be funny sometimes and whilst not the most tactful just calls it at she sees it so I can respect that.

It's disappointing that Colleen received a vote. She just reminds me of Norris from Coronation St and Sheila from Neighbours. Characters that are generally judgementally, spend a lot of time looking down on people, have very few redeeming qualities I feel and make constant snide remarks. Absolutely loathed her.

Glad Reece and Jade are still there. Never once blamed them for their resistance to the KK relationship and I think the fact that they accepted them (Rhys especially) shows what sort of people they were.

Good to see Danny still get a mention. She was one of my favourite characters even though I absolutely hated her at first.

Other special mentions - Nicole, Freya and Peta.

I agree with other posters that Sally will probably win it again. I suspect the Braxtons will come close but won't be enough to derail the queen from her throne. I remember when Aden/Belle were pretty popular characters and they weren't enough either...

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I just read both the updates and there's a few surprises in there.I would have thought both Nicole and Dani would have gotten more votes given how popular they were during their time on the show.I'm also surprised we've already seen a few of the current characters.I'm not sure what that says tbh.

I agree 100% with what you said about Denny.I couldn't have put it better myself.I thought I'd like her till they randomly made her the love of Casey's life.

I haven't seen any of mine yet which is awesome.

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The summing up of this has always made me laugh. I loved one year when there was a picture of a empty chair that represented "Milco"/Miles. Kinda hilarious now when you think about it! :lol::lol::lol:

Also, Who else voted for Jack Wilson?

That would be here in the 2006 poll, and to think that he made his proper debut only a year later :P

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Id forgotten about Elijah until i saw the results of this. Such a dull, boring character. Not at all surprised Maddy only got 1 point, i find her the most unlikeable character ever. Surprised Nicole and Dani are so low, they were big characters in their day.

Haven't seen any of my choices yet, I have a feeling they will all be top 20. Looking forward to seeing the next updates.

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I have to keep reminding myself that this poll is about the Most Popular Character.

Some of the characters that are drawing me to watch the show at the moment aren't popular at all. Maddy is one of those. For me she is very consistently and well written and thoroughly unlikeable.

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It is interesting RR1. I'm finding a number of characters who would probably fit the unlikeable tag are what is keeping me interested in the show. Sophie, Neive to name a couple. I'm wondering what they are doing with Andy.

I'll have to go to the list to see where they fit.

Really enjoying your summaries by the way.

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