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Most Popular Character 2014

Dan F

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Votes now closed with 91 votes in all.

Results will be revealed over the Christmas break.

Dan F, can I just ask, why don't you run the best / favourite couple poll anymore?

That one, along with the Villain and Weddings polls, were only ever really one-off polls that didn't generate as much interest as the Most Popular Character poll.

After running the Character poll again 2 years later it just became a bit of a tradition.

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It's time!

Today we start revealing the results of the 2014 Most Popular Character poll. We'll be counting down over the next 12 days, and will be revealing the winner, along with those that came 2nd and 3rd, on Christmas Eve.

A big thanks to RR1 who's taken over the role as host and written all the character blurbs (which have traditionally always been a bit tongue-in-cheek) - it's been a huge help whilst I was quadruple-counting the results and sorting all the stats and boring behind-the-scenes stuff :P

Today we bring you all those characters that scored 1 point.

Most Popular Character 2014

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Fantastic to see that the results are being released now! I've been very eager to see this!

Very surprised by Scruffy and Elijah featuring in this poll and I see Jack Wilkins has voted in Freya again and ensuring that she won't be forgotten any time soon from these polls.

Nicole's decline is massive! She must be a largely forgotten character these days even from her fans a few years back.

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