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Most Popular Character 2014

Dan F

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It’s back!

Today we launch our 6th biennial poll to find Home and Away’s Most Popular Character.

We ran the very first poll 10 years ago to this day on 15th October 2004, and since then it has been a feature that numerous members have anticipated every two years.

So how does it work? Well all you need to do is choose your Top 5 characters from the show's history, and post them in a list as below (starting with your favourite):

1. Donald Fisher
2. John Palmer
3. Angie Russell
4. Bobby Simpson
5. Rob Storey

We will allocate 5 points to your favourite character, 4 points to your second favourite and so on. We’ll then add all the votes up and announce the results at a later date.

Just a few pointers before we get started:

  • Strictly one vote per member. We have three voting threads – one in the Bayside Diner forum, one in General Discussion and one in Australian Discussion. You can post your vote in whichever suits you, but you may only post once.
  • If you post less than 5 characters, your vote will not be counted. If you post more than 5 characters, we will only count the first 5.
  • Any characters who have debuted in Episode 6031 or onwards (airing in Aus on 18th August 2014) are not eligible, due to the fact that these episodes have only just started airing in the UK.
  • Please give a character's surname, as if you simply write down ‘Tom’ then we won’t know if you mean Tom Fletcher, Tom Nash or Tom the Trucker from 2003.
  • Please only vote for who you genuinely believe are the best characters from the show’s 26 year history – we’re not running a ‘Sexiest Current Character’ poll.

Voting is open now and will run until Friday 14th November 2014.

Please use one of the following threads to vote (one post per member):
The Bayside Diner
General Discussion

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If you need any help writing about any characters, or any other content let me know. I'm on holidays from work for two weeks starting from 10th nov, I've also watched the show since the beginning, though I did miss most of 2009 ;)

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I was so excited to vote yesterday, and I had finally figured out who I was going to vote for, and when I came home from school the voting was closed. I forgot that timezones are a thing... :arrow: Oh well, my mistake! 2016, I promise I'll be more prepared!

The results should be interesting. I really hope at least one person voted for my favorites, if not I'll feel really bad.

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