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Nic Westaway reveals why he signed on for ABC's Friday Night Crack

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'There are times when I’ve got to visit dark parts of myself':
Nic Westaway reveals why he signed on for ABC's Friday Night Crack Up in support of Mental Health Week
By Daniel Van Boom for Daily Mail Australia
His performance alongside Home And Away co-stars Bonnie Sveen and Alec Snow is sure to cause more than a few smiles.
But Nic Westaway's involvement with ABC's Friday Night Crack Up, which helps raise funds and awareness for Mental Health Week, stems from the emotional journeys he's often forced to take for different scenes.
'There has been times where I’ve had to visit dark parts of myself,' the 25-year-old told Daily Mail Australia, 'I try and experience things that might not have happened in my life, but have surely happened to others.'
The Australian actor, who plays Kyle Braxton on Home And Away, will be seen performing The Black Keys' Lonely Boy on the show alongside Bonnie Sveen and Alec Snow.
‘Mental health week is something that touches actors in general,' he said. 'We delve into people's minds. We watch people, we experience and we like to learn about others.'
Nic picks up the guitar as he strums along during the performance, while Bonnie and Alec are on vocals.
They'll be joined by a gang of other celebrities on the two-hour variety show from across all the free-to-air networks, including Tim Minchin, Karl Stefanovic, Richard Wilkins, Samantha Armytage, David Koch and Carrie Bickmore.
Clad in jeans, red sneakers and a vest, Nic was able to showcase his musical talents - he says he's been playing since childhood.
Bonnie, also 25, donned a pink skirt and a sleeveless turquoise dress, showing off her slim limbs.
With her blonde locks falling below her shoulders, the actress gave some energy to the performance with her dance moves and vocal solo.
Their performance was also an opportunity for Alec to display his considerable talent as a singer - which he recently showed on a recent episode of Home And Away.
Offspring actor Eddie Perfect will host the event, and commended the talent for 'joining together despite their conflicting network affiliations.'
'It’s time to talk about mental health; an issue which eventually touches every single one of us. Might as well enjoy ourselves while we’re at it,' he said.
ABC's Friday Night Crack Up will air on Friday at at 7.30PM and can be streamed live from their iView streaming service.
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Maybe I should mention for non-Aussie people, this went to air Friday the 10th October and replayed on ABC2 last night. As far as I can see there isn't a YouTube version yet (or if there will be).

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This was such an awesome event. I loved seeing/hearing Nick play. I don't like Alec Snow's character much but there's no denying the boy can sing!

My favourite part of the whole thing was Alan Fletcher (Dr Karl Kennedy from Neighbours) offering his 20 years of medical experience ^_^

T'was a top night!

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