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It’s Feeding Time Down The Hatch

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Thanks for the reveiws JT,Sarah and Kristen. :D Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 11

Alf Stewart sat upon the golden wisps of sand, and watched. He could not help but to smile as his fishing line gave a little twitch.

The sun was now shinning and Alf was happily soaking in the happiness surrounding him. The sight of his boating mechanic Denny, who he refereed mostly to as Denise with her love filled eyes and giddy happy demeanour made him feel young again.

Denny was to get married soon to one of Summer Bay’s much desired heartthrobs Casey Braxton. She loved him dearly, The two lovebirds had only fell head of heels for each other a couple of months now but Denny knew that Casey was the one. He had even gone to the trouble of recreating her long lost desire to go to a school prom. Oh how Casey’s face had been plastered with kisses on that fairytale filled evening. When the time had come for Casey to breathe again through his kissed numbed feeling lips, he had pulled a small black box which contained the golden sparkle of Denny’s wedding ring. Casey then had asked the question that most girls dream of being asked, while he and Denny stood underneath the twinkling golden fairy lights of the prom

Denny now smiled as she watched Casey as he smiled his handsome charming cheeky grin into Ricky Shape’s camera lens. The beach had been sectioned off with crones and yellow sticky tape today Casey Braxton was to be the face of the town’s local gym as they brought their new range of energy drink out to the bay’s awaiting public.

VJ stood alongside his hot Goth girlfriend Darcy and his not so best friend Jett, who after a lot of insisting and blatant flirting on Darcy’s part was convinced to join them both for this grand filming shoot for the gym’s energy drink’s bar no expense super ad.

VJ had groaned as he had waited for Jett to move slowly down the long and seemly everlasting Palmer staircase. To make matters even worse for young boy was the fact that he had to watch Darcy fool about, and pretend to fall from Jett’s lap as they both sat upon the creaking seat of the stair lift.

“VJ babe be ready with Jett’s wheelchair we will be at the bottom in no time now” Darcy squealed throughout her laughter as Jett tickled her. Jett might have become wheelchair bound because of his broken leg and had managed to earn the sympathy and the undivided attention of his girlfriend VJ though wanted nothing other than to smack Jett in his face as he reached the bottom of the stairs and then watch him as he toppled from the seat.

“Cheer up babe we are extras for this cool advent for the gym” Darcy said smiling as she stood learning forwards over the back of Jett’s wheelchair, her hands gently caressing Jett’s chest.

“Come hold my hand Darcy” VJ whined casting his hand out wide for her to grasp in a loving embrace.

“I can’t we have to wait for that Ricky woman to come tell us where to stand”

VJ sighed.

Ricky Shape meanwhile was rushing around fussily brushing the sand dust from people’s clothes.


“We don’t play sports we just come down here to cry, sleep, surf and if we are old enough to do so we drink ourselves into drunken comas.” VJ all but muttered as he watched Darcy and Jett mess about.

“Well we can’t be doing any of that stuff today; we are here to have fun. Now that everyone is your placed into your staging positions, I want you Casey to jog across camera then stop turn to face the camera, punch outward with the hand holding that blue crystal electrifying drink’s bottle and then take a long drink. Then afterwards say these words I feel pumped for a electrifying blast of a workout.”

Casey smiled and nodded.

VJ took up his pose holding on to his cricket bat and imagined Jett’s head as the cricket ball.

Denny was to run up from the water’s edge in a binki holding a surf broad underneath her arm. Casey was too stop just in front of her and give her a quick wink before turning and drinking from the energy drink.

Roman having fell asleep amongst the sand dunes quickly awoken. In the amongst the case files of his mission Emerson had marked in red marker pen of the importance of what might happen at this filming shoot. Roman could only hope that the water supplies had not been affected as badly with Alf Stewart’s growth agent as Emerson had suspected.

“AND ACTION” Ricky Shape shouted. Everything went as planned up until Casey had stopped winked at Denny and drank some of the energy drink. After that Casey had started to feel very strange. His muscles grew and bulged through his red gym shirt. he had feel down to the sand below panting. Ricky had dropped her camera and was running forwards.

“CASEY, CASEY” when Casey looked up his eyes had started to glow the glint of red and his face had grown masses of dark fluffy hair.

“I FEEL PUMPED” Casey’s deep voice boomed.

Roman levelled his sniper rifle carefully resting it down upon the mould of the sand dunes. It was down to this shot that he take out the monster before him. who was now roaring and laughing and beating his huge hairy fists against his chest.

Darcy had run away screaming pushing Jett at top speed. In her panic to get to a safe hiding place she had lost grip of Jett’s wheelchair, and it had rolled away coming to a crashing stop against Roman’s rifle. The shot went off target the bullet finding his home in Ricky Shape’s skull.

Denny had taken to running towards the waves of the sea again, but Casey had seen what she up to and chased after her. Denny’s scream was caught short as Casey twisted and pulled and with a quick pop Denny’s head came off as easy as a plastic Barbie doll’s.

Alf Stewart watched on in horror as Casey was then taken out by a huge overgrown jumping open mouthed shark.

VJ sat with a panic stricken Darcy and a dazed looking Jett.

“What just happened?” Darcy asked.

What had just happened was while the chaos down on the beach was happening VJ had hid the tossed aside energy monster turning drink in his pocket. He would drink some, but just a tiny bit, enough to impress Darcy. Casey must have drank too much in that one gulp. VJ would read the instructions carefully. VJ at the end of the day was only after having a six pack.

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Thanks Kristen, Sarah JT and Red Ranger for the great comments

Chapter 12

The calming breeze blew gently across the red royal carpet of the royal bed chamber. The slight chill from the air caused numerous little flutters waves to swim amongst their shared golden silk sheets. Helpless and pinned down by VJ’s strong arms Darcy giggled. Her laughter was soon replaced by awe as VJ’s mouth watering six pack of pure muscle gently pressed itself against her body.

“Oh my king you have been drinking your protein shakes haven’t you?”

“Oh my young Queen Darcy its not just those drinks that has helped. It’s also the many wild boar hunting trips I have attended. VJ then lost himself within the bliss of the kiss of his girlfriend.

That’s the thing with dreams they can all so often feel very real, and as one might think, they are tasting the sweetness of forbidden fruits of lust. The truth of reality and that of great disappointments can make the dreamer cry out in despair as they come to realise that they are indeed just slobbering all over their pillows. There was no girl to kiss. No golden silk bed sheets and no king’s crown hanging upon your bedpost. No VJ was now awake under the shadow of the darkness of night. A pair of smelly Simpson’s socks hung loosely around his bed post. VJ sighed throwing back his bedcovers which consisted of the images of the Joker’s manic smiling face, upon on his bedside table stood the already opened bottle of energy drink.

“Oh man my mouth’s dry” VJ muttered. The glow of a webpage from VJ’s computer showing the best way to intake the right amounts of energy drinks casted it’s way over to him as a kind of warning within the folds of nightfall. VJ was thirsty though and before he had taken note he had near enough finished the whole bottle. VJ shrugged and tossed the bottle to the messy clutter of playboy magazines at the foot of his bed. VJ rolled over thinking that when he next woke he would have to go plant those magazines at the foot of the sofa next to where their new house guest Dr Cropper slept.

The tweeting of birds the sounds of the dustbins being collected and emptied inside the big trash trucks the early morning sun shinning, yes the day had begun.

“VJ VJ V……”

“Yes, yes Mom I’m up I’m awake” VJ said throwing back his covers tiredly and then swings his legs over the side of his bed. Then he just sat there in a tired filled daze of sleep.

He didn’t want to go to school today Darcy was going to be there yes. But she wasn’t as cool as she used to be. Even her Goth look was quite the downer these days and had lost its sex appeal. She wanted to ask him about Jett all the time. What was it that Jett liked to do? All VJ could answer to that question was play Xbox and eat pizza. What was it that Jett looked for in a girl? Well all VJ could say to that was Nina Darcy often looked crushed by that answer.

VJ sighed and paddled his way over to his long glass bedroom mirror.

“What the……..” VJ watched his confused reflection as it looked back at him looking slightly baffled. Had he really shot up six feet taller over night? And what the hell it looked little he was in some great need of getting a shaver, surely not though he was only thirteen. His arms looked rather pumped as well by the way they looked in this mirror they looked to be the size of two tree trunks. Was it possible that a mirror could lie or end up being somewhat broken? VJ shrugged and carried on getting ready putting on clothes that just seemed to be to short for him. At one point he had heard the noise of his school trousers slitting.


“MOM I’M NOT LONGER SIX YEARS OLD AND………” VJ stopped was that his own voice that had just boomed sounding very deep and……


Leah Stared as VJ head butted the door frame for what felt like the millionth time

“Bend VJ bend”

“I am I’m just too tall to get inside your car”

“Well that is just ridiculous, now stop this you aren’t skipping school.”

“Mom I will catch the bus or walk”

“No get in car” Leah said looking quite stern while having her arms folded and tapping her foot.

“I can’t”

“VJ who has done this too you?” Leah asked while looking around wildly expecting to see whoever might have stretched her son pop their head up out of a nearby garden flowerbed.

“Nate come over here please.”

Nate dropped the two moving in boxes he was carrying.

“It’s alright if I still move in isn’t it? I’m alright sleeping on the sofa until…..”

“Yes can you tell me what’s up with VJ why is it he can no longer fit into my car?”

Nate gazed at VJ looking slightly taken back.

“He looks taller”

“Yes what is the reason behind that in your best doctoring opinion?”

“His been getting his five a day and eating his greens” Nate said smiling picking his moving boxes back up and walking over to Leah’s house.

Leah sighed.

“VJ get the car stop messing about” she said pointing.

“And really who dressed you this morning? You look like you have been attacked by a wild animal. Or even dragged through a hedge backwards where’s your pride VJ?

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Thank you for all your comments

Chapter 13

Leah sharply pulled up to the kerb outside of Summer Bay High with a sharp jolt.

“Oh man nice driving Mom” VJ said as his scraped his head against the car’s roof.

“Hey I will have you know I’m a very good driver VJ. Now give me a kiss before you go off and have fun with your friends.” Leah said puckering herself up to kiss her little VJ goodbye.

VJ struggled within the enclosed space of the car to move. It had seemed a very spacious vehicle just the day before.

“Oh dam Mom I can’t turn to kiss you sorry. I have grown too much over night, see I told you I don’t really fit into your car anymore.” VJ said not quite getting his footing underneath himself quite right and tumbling out of the narrow door of the car and onto the grass.

“VJ get up you better not get any grass stains on that school shirt” Leah said reaching across and pulling the passengers door shut.

VJ then watched as she drove around to the school’s staff car park. Parking her car next to the jet black Mercedes of Sophie Taylor. VJ watched the two women cheerfully meet and greet each other.

VJ suddenly realised in that moment that his teenager crush on Darcy might have been silly because now as he watched Sophie walk along with his mother, VJ was overwhelmed with the sheer hotness that was his school principal. So much so he felt the excitement of seeing Sophie’s long slender legs and her long flowing soft looking black hair seeping from deep down below in his underpants. VJ had never had a erection in public before, and he didn’t care because now he was no longer feeling like the thirteen year old boy he had been yesterday. Now he was a man a man of lets say twenty two years old. Jett was welcome to Darcy. VJ was now on the hunt for a full blown woman like Sophie.

VJ wandered aimlessly into the school hall, his backpack tossed loosely around his huge man like shoulders. He could see a official looking solider standing upon the raised stage of the assembly hall.

Sophie kind of floated in behind the young soldier. VJ was sure she had managed to peek a quick cheeky glance towards the soldiers peachy backside.

“Good Moring students just before I hand you over to our new music teacher Miss Neive. This dashing yummy looking soldier wants to talk to you all” Sophie said VJ liked how she kept flicking her hair behind her ear as she talked man he wanted her so bad.

Jett glanced back over his shoulder.

“Man this will be a sorefest first this then Christmas Carol practice.”

VJ nodded and smiled as Darcy came and sat next him.

“Don’t worry babe we are sat at the back meaning we can snog” Darcy said while fluttering her dark eyeliner tinted eyelashes.

“Do you think Miss Taylor’s a good kisser Jett?” VJ asked Ignoring Darcy.

“I don’t know dude never thought of her like that she’s the principal.”

The guy talking on stage was Roman Harris, he was warning everyone about drinking the water for some reason. VJ wasn’t really listening he was far to busy snogging Darcy while Jett sat watching them feeling jealous.

“Right people from the top again and this time make the song your own”

“Should we really be singing Away In an Manger with a dance funk backing track?” Jett asked.

Miss Neive looked at the young boy with raised questionable eyebrows.

“Yes it’s what people pay to see nowadays a bit of risk and songs sung in a original style.”

“Even with a Christmas Carol school choir?” Jett fired back.

“Why yes you could be big you could sell records world wide if you were spotted by one of these talent shows on TV Andrew Lloyd Webber could come a knocking now shut up and sing you silly boy”

Telling Jett to shut up made VJ smile, Neive was right. VJ did find her a tad ambitious but then again she was sexy wearing her foxy fox fur coat and knee high leather boots, she was another woman that VJ felt his body lusting for.

Zac Maguire stepped onto stage and started to wave his conductors stick around. He had never had any training in the art of musical conductoring before, but Leah was sat just off to the stage smiling and looking impressed. Zac smiled back at her fighting the urge to dash from the stage and kiss her. He was going to have to her soon he was crushing on her before he ended up bursting.

“STOP, STOP someone is singing out of tune” Neive said shooting her head this way and that trying to scan out the untalented student.

“Miss its VJ his the one messing up the timing” Jett said pointing. VJ’s face redden with rage Jett was only grassing him up so he could come pinch his seat by Darcy.

“VJ what has happened to your sweet angel like sounding voice? It’s booming out as deep as anything” Neive said as she stared down at him gathered amongst the sea of students.

“My voice has broken over night it would seem” VJ said shrugging. Darcy took this news as rather scary and pulled away from him she had heard when that happened it was the start of the road to adulthood.

“Well in that case I’m sorry I will have to cut you from being in the Christmas choir” Neive said.

VJ shrugged again but within him he could feel the rage start to boil. Jett was ruining everything first his relationship with Darcy and now his chance to make his mom proud of him well that was it the final straw. VJ leaped forwards causing a lot of the students to catch him as though he was crowd surfing at a concert. The smack to his face caught Jett by surprise and he fell from his chair, VJ beat and punched at his face while letting out a monstrous roar.

Locked in a office with two women one being your mother the other being the sexy new principal, but hey VJ couldn’t have complained. Maybe it could have been better if Leah wasn’t sat next to him but surprising enough VJ still was enjoying himself. Sophie was giving him a good telling off for sending Jett to the school nurse this made VJ wonder what Sophie may look like wearing a nurses outfit.

“I hope your ashamed VJ I really do because next I won’t be so easy on you” Sophie was now saying. VJ smiled and nodded and said he was very sorry while he gazed up Sophie’s short little skirt.

“VJ we will talk about this at home meet out by the car” Leah said standing up and walking from the office. VJ stood awaiting for the door to slam shut as it did so he dashed forwards and pinned Sophie down on her desk. Then with one fine sweep of his arm VJ knocked the desk clean of any paperwork.

VJ then planted one heck of a lustful kiss against Sophie’s lips. He then climbed from being on top of her and winked. Sophie breathed a quick sigh and then grabbed VJ and threw him against the wall her arms wrapped tightly around his muscle filled body she wasn’t going to deny that she was enjoying this attention VJ had turned into such a hot hunk.

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Thank You for you're comments guys

Chapter 14

Leah Patterson would do all it took to love, protect, and care for the well being of her son VJ. It was down to almost this reason and that was almost the reason she had jumped at the chance of going for dinner with the local Dr sexy otherwise known as Nate Copper. Yes Leah could air out her concerns for VJ to Nate while gazing deep and dreamily into his deep twinkling eyes, while going all gooey over his British accent. Nate himself had seemed to be a bit over keen at being asked to join Leah for dinner, not that he fancied her at all, though he did find her bum quite peachy to look at when she walked. The main reason for Nate was Sophie she had been driving him nuts with her desires of sex in the middle of the night. Nate had begun to suffer badly from back pain from having to do the deed upon the Leah’s very hard and lumpy sofa

Irene’s services of babysitting had been called upon while Leah went out and dined with the sexy doctor. VJ to Leah’s surprise hadn’t seemed to mind the fact that Irene was to babysit him saying he planned to be in his bedroom studying hard. The fact that he planned to study the female form of his school principal never came into question from anyone.

So while Irene sat downstairs working herself through a large box of tissues while crying her way through the movie Titanic. VJ was lying upon his grinning faced Joker bedcover, exposing his muscled six packed to Sophie, who had already undressed down her black lacy bra and knickers and was making her way over to VJ smiling.

“Well, well VJ haven’t you changed from the young boy that you were just a week ago?” Sophie said as she slithered up his body slowly like a snake.

“Yeah haven’t I just? Man you are hot.” VJ said taking Sophie into his new strong built like tree trunk arms, and rolling with her from off the bed and onto the floor. VJ could hear Irene blubbering to hard to hear from downstairs the huge sounding thud as they had both fell from the bed.

“Ouch what the hell was that?” Sophie screamed as her head hit the soft carpet.

“I don’t know hey let me make you feel better baby VJ said going to kiss his way down her smooth looking neck.

“No VJ there’s something underneath the carpet” Sophie said as she rolled away from VJ rubbing her sore head. VJ laughed but as he did so he found that he could easily slide a square of his carpet away, and underneath that piece of carpet there seemed to be some kind of trapdoor. Sophie had banged her head against its brass bolt. VJ had never known or seen anything that resembled trapdoor in his room before. Leah had often spoken about a hard to find hiding place that she said was where his dad Vinnie was hiding from him VJ had just thought she had been making it up.

Sophie was just about to go give VJ some loving again, but he ushered her away, because now he was thinking of his friend Jett with his girlfriend Darcy once more. Maybe he could show Jett this trapdoor that he had found. Jett would be impressed after all he had enjoyed the adventure of building a tree house with VJ. The discovery of a secret hidden trapdoor would more than likely make Jett wet himself with joy.

VJ quickly ran downstairs to tell Irene that Jett was going to come around when Irene had asked why, VJ just said he needed help with his maths and Jett was very good at maths Irene had smiled and just went back to watching Titanic through her tear stained eyes. VJ then called Jett before he went back to having fun with Sophie.

“WOW Dude how was she? Jett asked opened mouthed as VJ shot at him from the virtual world of Call of Duty.

“So good I mean she’s such a great kisser, she uses her tongue and everything. Oh it feels like I’m in a dream” VJ said grinning as Jett grabbed at a tossed away pair of knickers of Sophie’s to smell.

“Eww you pervert” VJ said laughing.

“Wait until I tell Darcy”

“No man don’t I mean why?” Jett asked feeling that he just slipped up badly.

“I know you like dude” VJ said shrugging.

“Noooo we are just mates she’s you’re girlfriend” Jett said quickly lifting the knickers up to hide his blushing face.

“Really she was kissing you the other day, and you’re always giggling together. She sits on your lap and I have lost count at the amount of love hearts she drawn on your leg plaster cast.”

“Oh those their just a joke dude nothing to worry about.”

VJ’s head snapped around making Jett drop his Xbox controller.

“Oh really is that so?” VJ seemed to roar getting to his feet. Jett gulped VJ was now tall much taller. In fact if only he could have been a year older Jett wouldn’t have felt like he was in the presence of a giant.

The red tint that had been in Casey’s eye that day on the beach when he had turned into a monster had started to show now in VJ’s eyes. The trapdoor that VJ wanted to show Jett had already been opened VJ had picked the bolt lock with one of Sophie’s hair clips. Jett had already started to wheel backwards in his slightly to big NHS wheelchair.

“Back Jett move backwards that’s it nearly there” VJ was now laughing as he started to come at him his footsteps thumbing down against the floor. Jett’s eyes widen with fright his hands were going rapid speed at the wheels of his chair causing his hands to burn with friction of the wheels fast paced motion. He was starting to understand how it had been that VJ had seemed to hang his wheelchair over his shoulders to bring it upstairs so easily, while Jett had followed him slowly behind with having to lift his bottom onto one step at a time.

VJ now looked to be the same build and size as King Kong.

“Jett you will soon be trapped within the folds of my bedroom floor, and then you will no longer be able to steal Darcy from me” VJ laughed edging closer and closer to his once best friend.

Jett felt the gapping hole below himself he started to fall but then stopped mid flow Saved by the huge wheels from the chair, getting themselves wedged midway through the gap.

“HELP!!!!!!!!!” Jett screamed.

Sophie came rushing through the bedroom door dripping wet from head to toe and smelling heavenly from her shower.

“What is it boys what’s wrong?

Both VJ and Jett instantly forgot and could only take in her naked beauty as Sophie dropped her towel onto the floor

Alf sat upon the sandy shore whistling, darkness had fallen the fish were biting. He would be having a fishy feast tonight and he was looking forward to it.

The dark cloaked figure swept down on him before Alf could utter a flaming word. The black hooded bag that was tossed over his bald head blinded Alf from his attacker. Alf’s feet were then tied and then he was being thrown into a black van.

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Thank you Sarah,Kristen and JoiseTash for the brill comments

Chapter 15

The sheer brightness shone into his tired sagging old eyes, as the black bag was pulled clear of his bald egg shaped head.

“What the flaming hell?”

“Alf Stewart” Roman Harris said as he walked around a small desk coming to stand a stand still on the opposite side of it. Roman leaned over staring into Alf’s eyes.

“Roman flaming Harris, what are you doing flaming arresting me you flaming silly wombat?” Alf screamed clinking at the sliver binding chains which held his hands securely to the desk. Behind the old man were several huge brightly lit lamps the beams had the same scope as a pair of searchlights. The heat that radiated from those beams heated Alf’s back with a warm feeling glow.

“I want you to tell me how you made all the fish grow to massive sizes, and why you thought it was such a good idea. Do you realise that you have endangered the town with your careless behaviour? Roman ask looking very sternly down at Alf which made the old man sweat.

“I only wanted to win a few fishing contests. I meant no flaming harm to anyone, I swear I only wanted to catch big impressive looking fish.”

Roman turned away to load a mean looking machine gun.

“Oh no flaming no, I know I’m a right galah but please don’t shoot me. Alf pleaded.

Roman ignored him and pointed to a huge touch point screen in front of him, which showed the whole landscape of the bay.

“Do you know that your formula hasn’t just affected the fish in the bay, but the humans as well? Can you see that blinking red light on the screen there? That shows me where an overgrown human has been turned monster is right now.”

“Isn’t there a antidote that can be used? Alf asked as Roman looked at him with questioning eyebrows.

“Well that depends on what you used to make your formula now doesn’t it?”

“Oh Marilyn’s tofu veggie meals” Alf said pulling a disgusted face at the thought of the vile tasting food.

“I blended the meals together using Roo’s milkshake maker. Oh please don’t you go telling Roo or Marilyn any of this ok?”

Roman rolled his eyes just as a loud alarm sounded throughout the small dark room.

“I need to go” Roman shouted.

“Well that’s all well and dandy Roman but can I go too?” Alf questioned having just noticed that they seemed to be somewhere deep underground.

“If you can find you’re way back then you are most welcome too. Oh if you hang on awhile a guy called Darryl Braxton will come by. His out on a week’s release from prison to help the cops solve a murder which happen here in the desert, Braxton’s known for being a huge fan of the sandy desert and of the outback.

“Where the flaming hell are we then”

“At the moment we are in a cut off underground mine.” Roman said running out into the fierce blowy sandstorm. Alf came to the mine’s gapping mouth of a door and watched Roman as he boarded upon an awaiting chopper.

“Once back in the bay Alf go hide out in you’re bait shop” Roman shouted down to him.

Irene Roberts screamed as the huge sounding roar of VJ shook the whole house.

“My flipping gawd father VJ was that you darl?”

Jett had taken to sliding down the stairs banister, there was no way that he was going to slid down the stairs on his bottom, not when his best friend was busy losing all touch with reality with his human side. VJ had now entered into full on monster mode just like Casey had. VJ now stood at the top of the stairs yanking at Sophie’s whose hair he had in a iron like grip. Jett watched as VJ picked his wheelchair up one handed and tossed it to bottom of the stairs. Jett was just thankful it had landed upright and was angled to catch him as he flew from the banister.

“Oh Jett darl are you ok?”

“Fine Irene thanks” Jett said as he sped up to the door and reached through the shattered glass caused by VJ’s roaring. Jett reached his arm through and undid the door latch and then he was off down the street as fast as his wheels could take him. Irene was out of the door like a shot too, but as she went she remembered to phone Leah to tell her that her son had became some kind of mutant.

Roman Harris had landed upon the roof of the Patterson’s household, and now he was making his way through VJ’s bedroom window. He held his machine gun which he had aimed at the open hole from where VJ’s door had once stood on it’s doorframe Roman called out to him.

VJ turned dropping a dazed looking Sophie to tumble her way down the stairs. (Nate the super doctor would later patch her up)

VJ ran full on into Roman’s incoming machine bullets. This caused VJ to do a sort of uncontrollable dance. VJ roared with panic as he hovered over the open trapdoor.

“I’m sorry VJ” Roman said pausing his shooting for a moment and expecting to see VJ fall to his death. VJ unaware to Roman had muscled pecks now and they were built like steel, they acted as his very own bullet proof vest. He grinned showing Roman the mass of his sharp teeth.

“Oh ****” Roman whispered as he prepared to shoot at VJ again. VJ ran at him Roman panicked finding that his machine gun had become jammed. But to his relief VJ slipped upon his own watery goo that had dripped down from his mouth making him lose his footing on the loose piece of carpet that had been covering the trapdoor. VJ’s huge feet crashed down and now were hovering over the trapdoor. Roman ran forwards to try and push VJ further over the edge, but as he did so VJ grabbed at his leg VJ was now falling and pulling Roman down into the trapdoor with him the huge wooden door thundered down shutting them into the dark depths of VJ’s floorboards.

A few years later

Summer Bay has forgotten VJ Patterson, the trapdoor within his bedroom has remained locked for a very long time Leah his mother was the only to remember him Oh and of course Jett Palmer who still came from time to time to play Xbox. Darcy had fled from the bay when Jett had once shown her a photo of her old boyfriend.

VJ Patterson had remained a hidden forgotten secret until now.

Nate Cropper stared wide eyed at Leah as she finished her story.

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Thank you Josie Tash,Sarah,Kristen and Red Ranger for all you're awesome feedback throughout this very silly story which came about because of VJ being recast in the show :D

Hope you enjoy this final chapter

Chapter 16

The quick flash of a smile which was filled with forced uneasy sweetness upon Leah’s tired a stressed worn face concerned Nate as his mind began to swim in and of conscious, which was a result of his long fall down beneath VJ’s trapdoor. Leah was a woman that had been bottling a big secret up all to herself for so long. Behind her fake forced smile Nate had doubt that she must be near to be having a total breakdown.

“Come on then let’s get you out of here” Leah said supporting Nate from under his arm.

VJ watched with hunger in his eyes as the bay sexy doctor hobbled his way across the stone caved floor of the Patterson’s foundations.

Zac and Hannah struggled to catch sight of what was happening from deep down in the gapping black hole but they could hear the hungry grunts of VJ quite clearly.

Nate was now slumping over the top of Leah’s petite shoulders. VJ followed as Leah ventured deeper into the blackness of his lair. Leah was wiping her tears away as she walked. Tonight she could push the family sized bucket of chicken to the back of the fridge. VJ was about to dine upon something that not only looked sexy but surely would also taste sexy too.

Nate was exhausted; his eyelids had grew very heavy. Leah would have been seriously turned on if Nate had been dozing against her shoulders if they had been in different circumstances say for example if they had been cuddling up to each other on the sofa. But no she wasn’t living out one of fantasy’s they were a long way away from her soft sofa, and this gruesome deed had to be carried out and seen finished. One of Nate’s hands hung loosely and it swung lightly against Leah’s butt cheeks as she lead him to his doomed demise.

The door latch of the cage locked nosily just as Sophie slammed the door to her car shut. The loudness of VJ’s roars of excitement and Nate’s wild sobs of fright warned her to run far. far away as the very earth seemed to shake beneath her feet.

Zac and Hannah turned shaking their heads as they heard Sophie’s thudding footsteps come towards them. Sophie didn’t waste any time as she crashed her way through VJ’s bedroom door. It is surprising what great strength one woman can find when she hears the frighten sobs from the man she is truly obsessed about.

Nate’s eyes shot open at the sight of seeing VJ sat on the other side of the cage. VJ waited for Nate to start screaming again and when Nate did so, with a very manly sounding deep laugh VJ poked a large finger through the bars of the cage.

Leah was now crying as she watched VJ suck at one of the bones from the pearly white skeleton which was sitting next to Nate The skeleton had once been that of Roman Harris.

“I’m so sorry Nate but I can’t let you go now, you see it’s always been just me and VJ against the world ever since Vinnie went off to prison that is. And now that you know what happened to him well…. I can’t have you running around the bay telling everyone that nature thought it was a good idea to recast my little sweet boy VJ as some sort of monster.

“DOWN THE HATCH WITH YA DOC!!!!!!!!” VJ giggled pointing deep down inside his big wide mouth with a razor sharp fingernail.

Hannah turned to warn Sophie there was no ladder down into the dark caved pit beneath VJ’s floor. But Sophie didn’t stop running towards the gapping hole in the middle of the floor as she heard Nate’s desperate screams, and before she knew it she was in mid flight and tumbling down crushing her bones on the hard surface of the stone walls.

Sophie landed screaming, VJ quickly whipped and wrapped her crushed body within his huge fist then he just smiled at her with his big yellow teeth licking his massive slimy lips.

Zac and Hannah gulped as they looked around VJ’s room as the very odd looking security shutters slid down against the windows blocking out any of the day’s sunlight. Hannah screamed as the bars dropped down from the ceiling they had both also become meals within VJ’s meal options for the night it would seem.

“Bugger” Zac muttered.

In the end Leah Patterson managed to keep the secret of VJ hidden from the rest of the bay. People did wonder for quite awhile about the disappearances of their super sexy doctor, their hot school principal, their sexy Summer Bay’s hospital nurse and their brushy breaded school teacher. But like everybody says with time things are forgotten about and put to rest. Time heals all wounds.

That is why when the time came about for Leah to advertise for a new lodgers again nobody questioned her motives. VJ was fond of his chicken but human meat was so much better for him.

Matt Page smiled at Leah as she pulled the room to rent sign from out of the soiled ground.

“Yeah so my girlfriend Sasha will here soon” Matt said nervously being in the presence of Leah unnerved him somewhat. Or it might have been the growling that was coming from somewhere in the house which had him on edge.

“What sort of dog do you have?” Matt asked.

“Oh no dog lives here just my son VJ” Leah said smiling.

Matt was looking confused until he felt Sasha’s arms wrap around his middle then a sort of calm washed over him.

“So what do you think, could you see yourselves lodging here?” Leah asked as Matt and Sasha gazed around VJ’s old but now turned spare room.

“Yeah its cool” Matt said kissing Sasha and smiling at Leah.

“Yeah Matt and I are just testing the waters to see if we can hack living together and this house seems the prefect place to do it” Sasha said.

That night the noises woke Matt with a start. Getting out of the bed and leaving Sasha to her beauty sleep, Matt wandered over to the big gapping hole in the middle of the bedroom floor that he was sure hadn’t been there when he and Sasha had viewed the bedroom earlier in the day.

“Sash wake up” Matt said as he rushed over to her and shook her, Without giving her any sort of chance to become fully awake Matt pulled her from their bed.

Matt what is it have you got the midnight munchies?” Sasha asked rubbing at her eyes.

“Shush” Matt whispered as he started to guide Sasha down deep beneath the open trap door.

Leah stood about a meter away from VJ throwing him some chicken. She turned at the sound of Sasha’s girly scream.

“Oh hi guys” Leah said.

Matt and Sasha gulped.

“Here is my son VJ” Leah said.

“What how’s that even possible?” Matt stuttered.

“How’s this monster that you seeing before you my son? Well let me tell you a story. Leah said smiling sitting herself down upon a heavy stoned rock. The yellow flickers of Leah’s burning lamp allowed Matt to catch sight of VJ licking his lips.

“Well will we begin the story? I warn you though it will be VJ’s dinner time again when I finish.” Leah said smiling up at her son.

The End

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