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It’s Feeding Time Down The Hatch

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Story Title: It’s Feeding Time Down The Hatch

Story Type: Long Fic
Main Characters: Leah,Nate,Sophie,Zac,Hannah
Genre: Horror,comedy. Silly stories written for Halloween
Does story include spoilers: The idea of the story is based around a spoiler.

Warnings: SC

BTTB Rating: A to be safe
Plot Summary Nate has noticed that Leah is acting strange

It’s Feeding Time Down The Hatch.

Chapter 1

Dr Nate Cropper was normally a deep sleeper. Able to grab forty winks almost anywhere, given the nature of he’s work. (a twenty four hour on call doctor) But ever since becoming a lodger at the Patterson’s household things had changed.

For one he was back with his long lost girlfriend Sophie. Who upon hearing that he had scored himself a place to live had asked him, or to put it a better way demanded that he check if she could come lodge there too. Leah Patterson had quite frankly screamed with delight before Nate had even finished asking his request.

While it was nice to live with Leah and all that, it wasn’t what you would call cheap. Pretty much the opposite Leah’s rent rates had a habit of rocketing sky high. Perhaps it was down to her working all day everyday in the fast food chain of the local diner. But Leah needed that rent money because, there was no denying it Leah liked her family side buckets of fried chicken. To Nate’s surprise it didn’t matter how many buckets of those greasy heavenly tasty chicken treats Leah worked herself through a week, she still looked as slim as ever The chicken bones that Nate had found in the various places around the house were sucked clean of the meat and grease.

Hamburgers and huge slabs of chocolate mud cake entered the house and were disposed of in record time as well. which made it very disappointing for Nate’s midnight trips to the fridge to find it no longer contained the creamy chocolaty goodness. Nate would voice he’s concerns to Sophie only to be met with the reply, thank goodness Leah was keeping him away from that sort of food and helping him stay he’s namesake of Dr Sexy.

Lying in the dark gloomy room of his and Sophie’s bedroom Nate made a quick mental note to ask Leah about her new found diet plan in the morning. Rolling over Nate hugged himself into the warmth of Sophie’s smooth body.

Sleep though was still far away. The deep growling and scratching sounds from beneath the floorboards would make sure of that. Rats there must be rats underneath there Nate had been telling himself that for the two weeks. Rats though don’t growl do they? Unless they are a new kind of species of Australian rat they might growl Nate closed his eyes.

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Thanks for the comments Kristen and Sarah hope yo like this one

Chapter 2

Within the dreamy dark corners of the bedroom with its sliver glow of moonlight shinning through the partway open fluttering curtains. Nate awoke from his dream of kayaking championship racing. He couldn’t be sure what had awaked him from his slumber. It could have been the pained cries of hunger coming from the new species of Australian rats that had made a home for themselves beneath the floor. It could have been the green glow coming from the Mutant Ninja Turtles nightlight which belonged to Leah’s son VJ.

Now come to think of it Nate couldn’t remember the last time he had seen the young boy. And he could always have been found most of the days in the diner nursing over a chocolate milkshake before. Giving a quick shrug Nate rolled over gave Sophie a quick kiss on the lips and then closed his eyes.

The loud crack of what sounded like a trapdoor opening from somewhere within the dark folds of room. Alerted Nate into making a scary upward jolt to a sitting position.

“Nate babe go back to sleep” Nate hears Sophie say off to the side.

“I think I heard something” Nate all but whispers back to Sophie’s sleepy request.

“No you didn’t I turned you’re phone on to silent, so no need to think or worry about getting a call from the hospital tonight.”

Nate would have been bloody furious if he had heard what he’s girlfriend had just let slip within her sleepy dreamlike state if it wasn't for the sight that Nate was seeing at this moment in time, A shadowy shape of a female merging from out of the floor.

Leah tries to steady herself upon the dark cold stone steps as she makes her way back up top. Her orange flamed lamp swings back and fourth mere inches from her face. The flicker from the lamp’s light catches the sight of Nate’s watchful eyes.

“Leah is that you?” Nate’s voice asked, before answering Leah turns quickly. Dropping the heavy latched door of the hidden hatch closed then quickly covers it over with some loose carpet.

“Oh you’re awake Nate sorry was that my fault?” Leah asks stepping closer to the foot of the bed.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Just checking to see if you or Sophie needs anything, do you?”

“No we are fine Leah.”

“You sure, hot chocolate? How about a plate of my famous Greek styled cheesecake?”

“No we just want to sleep”

“Ok no problem, see you tomorrow.”

Nate watches Leah leave the room, the cast of light from her lamp reveals that she is carrying a big armful of dirty empty plates fill of countless bones.

The next morning came with more questionable behaviour from Leah as Nate walks into the kitchen to find Zac the owner of the local farm which is out on the outer edges of Summer Bay standing into the kitchen’s open doorway.

Leah is taking a large package from Zac’s muscle filled arms.

“Thanks Zac I will get it back to you soon I promise.”

“What is it?” Nate finds himself wondering out loud.

“It’s a cattle prod, don’t ask me why Leah wants one of those” Zac says while laughing.

“Oh you know it’s a way to keep my house guests in line.” Leah quickly says back giving Nate a quick wink. Zac then left, and Nate watches as Leah walks from the kitchen

“I see you are checking Leah out, she got nice bum Nate?” Sophie asks as she wanders into the kitchen.

The note of jealously in Sophie’s voice escapes Nate’s attention. As he’s mind is fill of crazy questions of why Leah was in their bedroom the night before with a plate fill of bones and why Leah now had a cattle prod?

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Thanks Sarah, Kristen and JT for you're comments

Hope you like this next one

Chapter 3

“Drop all personal items into the trays please, and move down the line. Arms up Miss, who is it you’re here to see today?”

“Vinnie Patterson” Leah answers as the prison guard nods. Leah takes a nervous and quick look through the peep hole, of the door in where the Yabbie Creek prisoners sit waiting for their loved ones and friends to walk through.

“You’re clear Miss, go up to the door scanner and scan your visiting order’s barcode please.”

Leah nods stepping rather clumsy up to the big sliver metal door. With a quick glance back over her shoulder, she catches sight of her new housemate and Nate’s now girlfriend Sophie waiting behind in the line of visitors.

The piercing sound of the scanned barcode on the prison visiting order brings Leah back down to earth. The big metal door slides back noisily, Leah steps through gazing around keeping an eye out for Vinne. Sophie meanwhile has walked over to a seated tattooed man who looks to be pretty put out to see her and even by the looks of it a tiny bit scared.

“Sophie what ya doing here eh? I thought I had seen the last of you.”

“No Brax we are together, I do hope you have kept faithful to me because it wouldn’t be good for you if you haven’t.”

Sophie’s old flame can do nothing else but gulp. She was after all the reason he was put in this prison. It would seem that trying to turn you’re batty psycho jealous girlfriend rather crispy in a house explosion, did not stop them from returning to torment you.

“Please do cheat on me Sophie I beg ya eh”

“I am Brax with a doctor, but that doesn’t mean you can cheat on me. I know where you are if you ever do.” Brax gulps and looks around the room for the nearest prison guard.

Vinnie Patterson watches as the wife that he hasn’t seen in what feels like an millennium makes her way over to the chair opposite him.


“Vinnie” Leah says watching as Vinne moves slightly in his seat, cut off by making much movement given the straight jacket that he is wearing.

“Errrrr, how have you been?” Leah asks eyeing up Vinne’s straight jacket with caution.

“Oh great you know, when not getting involved in prison riots. Faking my own death being put into witness protection, then coming back dressed as a big brown bear for my son’s birthday party. Oh and don’t worry about this straight jacket I was transferred to a prison in a little town called Bon Temps. Everybody died there they pinned it on me, said I had murdered them all. But I tell you it was the vampires, and now because I have said that they think I’m insane Lucky you caught me I’m being transferred to an insanity unit later today. Anyway how’s you how’s VJ?”

The mention of VJ snaps Leah out of her gaping opened mouth gazed stare of utter shock over what Vinnie had just came out with.

“Vinnie I have something to ask you, and please tell me the truth.”

“Ok shoot”

“Did you have any problems going through puberty?”

“Leah I am insulted, clearly not I’m a grown man. I have a lot of bad luck and bad things happen around me I will give you that much But……….”

“Did you go through any strange changes?”

“Well babe that is what happens with puberty. Your body grows changes you know its normal. I never thought that one day I would be explaining the birds and the bees to you Leah”

“Yes I know all that. But did you go through any kind of monstrous sort of changes?”

“Nope I just turned into the handsome V Man” Vinnie then grins causing Leah to blush, sending a flutter of butterflies through her stomach. She quickly rises from her seat.

“Is that it? How VJ you never said. Is the young dude causing you chaos?” Vinnie asks questionably.

“It was good to see you Vinnie, I really have to go I hmmm errrr have a live model drawing class to go to with Irene.”

While Leah ran out of the prison visiting room, glancing at her watch and thinking that she had to hurry because she had to stop off and get some more fried chicken, Brax was gazing at her behind with a puzzled frown upon his face.

“Hey eyes up front looking at me, Stop admiring her butt will you?” Sophie says causing Brax to turn.

“Naa I wasn’t I think I had a fling with that chick once that’s all” Brax then sighs loudly at the look of sheer jealously upon Sophie’s face.

As a doctor Nate Copper never had any need to become the next Sherlock Holmes. Well that was until this moment, when he found himself all alone in the old bedroom of the now missing and forgotten VJ. The room was now referred to as the spare room or even the lodger’s quarters. Nate had been walking up and down the whole length and width of the room tapping the floor with his foot. From the noise that was happening beneath his feet now it sure wasn’t the sound of any rat that he had ever heard before. Knocking the carpet back from the covered trapdoor Nate wonders if this was indeed a good idea that he has had of going down into its depths Shrugging the feeling off Nate bends down grips the trapdoor latch and pulls.

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Thanks Sarah,Kristen and JT for the comments

Hope you like this one

Warning sexaul content

Chapter 4

The latch weakens its hold and the trapdoor creaks open. Down the dark deep hole of blackness the sound of heavy breathing is heard. Nate finds himself thinking that maybe he should just stop here and now, and let his curious mind rest because whatever is breathing that heavily can not be human. Nate knows this for sure being a doctor.

But never the less Nate hangs his head over that hole of doom, and shouts down quite weakly into its abyss.


Unaware that Leah is on her way to make one of her countless trips to go order one of her family side buckets of fried chicken, Zac sits listening to the beep of her answering machine. It is soon afterwards that he starts to sputter his way through the process of leaving a rushed message.

Zac wants to know, has she found the cattle prod handy with whatever she was using it for? Would she want him to come pick her up? Correction he meant the cattle prod of course, Zac wouldn’t like Leah to think that maybe he might just find her a tiny bit sexy. Would that be such a bad thing for her know though? It would be better than having endless fantasies about Hannah the very sexy, but very unavailable dark haired nurse he lived with.

“So yeah Leah hmmmm. I was wondering would you like to you know……….” Zac jumps at the scream of pleasure that comes from Hannah’s bedroom. Odd being that her door seems to be locked and Zac hasn’t seen any men enter her room.

Nate can hear Zac’s voice on the answer phone. It’s a shame that when leaving a message on someone’s answer phone that the person doing so can’t hear when the person they are wanting to speak too is in trouble. Nate has found that he has pushed himself far too much over the open hole. Balance right now is in a very limited supply for him. Going head first down the hole would mean probably death, probably because he may get lucky and manage to mangle his six pack body on the unseen dark staircase, which goes down into the monsters pit. Nate gulps as a pair of red eyes hover in his eye line of sight, lighting up the darkness for him. Maybe when he falls it will be into the monsters waiting razor sharp claws.

Zac has now finished speaking to Leah’s answer phone and managed to get into Hannah’s room.

“Oh sorry Zac was I quite noisy when you were on the phone? My God how embarrassing.”.

Zac watches as the beads of sweat drip down from her brow. In Hannah’s hands he sees that she has her Dr Sexy calendar, 12 sexy pictures of Dr Nate Copper posing looking rather exotic and hot, the ideal material for a woman to pleasure herself over.

“Oh were you hmm having a sexy moment Hannah?”

“I was admiring the hospital’s charity calendar yes. Maybe I should go tell our Dr Sexy what a great poser he is.”

Zac blushes as Hannah shows him her full womanly naked form.

“Hmmm maybe you could get dressed before you go. Just an idea Oh and can you tell Leah to delete and forget about my phone message please?” Zac then dashes out of the room

Nate meanwhile is still feeling quite wobbly and unstable over the black hole of despair. To make matters even worse the sound of the monster climbing up the stone wall towards him only adds to the horror.

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Thanks for the comments

Hope you like this one it's rather silly. :P

Chapter 5

Upon leaving the late school meeting Zac tried to ease the tension from Sophie’s very professional and strict way of grading the students work. By telling her the story of Hannah pleasuring herself over her calendar of Nate.

Once Hannah’s antics had left Zac’s lips, he could tell that Sophie was on edge.

“Nate is mine, please tell Hannah this for me Zac” Sophie had said. The icy frosting of her words had alerted Zac to how dangerous Sophie might just be when she came seriously pissed off.

Zac now sits in he’s car waiting for he’s order of fried chicken to be brought to the drive through window. Mmmmmmmm nice tasty chicken, the bay had its small mercy answered when this chicken restaurant was built. Oh yes one did get quite bored of eating pizza and burgers all the time. One big fan of chicken it would seem was Leah, who Zac could now see making her way to her car with armfuls of the tasty meat almost like she was performing a juggling act. The woman that Zac had a secret crush on liked chicken, a trait that Zac himself felt like he could get used too. The trait he wasn’t quite sure over though was now hearing her swear across the car park, as she dropped her car keys into one of the greasy buckets.

“LEAH” Zac shouts opening his car door. Leah looks round smiles and then trips on the kerb, causing gravity to send the fried chicken down to the pavement.

“Oh God sorry Leah, I’m sorry. I’m sure it’s still good enough to eat” Zac says dashing over to help.

“You sure do like your chicken.” Zac says as he drops a drumstick into one of the many buckets.

“Oh no I can’t stand all the grease, and anyway it’s not for me it’s for V……….” Leah stops herself from speaking, as Zac searches his mind for someone in Leah’s life with a name starting with the letter V. Didn’t Leah once have a son V……..VJ? Zac ponders on whatever happened to VJ as he throws more chicken into the empty buckets.

Nate is hanging over the hole in the spare room of Leah’s house. Looking down there is nothing but the utter blackness and the red glowing eyes of the waiting monster. The reason Nate was now hanging was down to the monster causing Nate to fall head first. Luckily though Nate had managed to perform a mid air somersault, meaning he was able to flip backwards and catch hold of one of the hole’s crumbling away ledges.


Hannah smashed Nate’s back doors in, with help from a suspicious looking hammer that she had found in one of Leah’s plant pots.

“Hello Nate is that you shouting?” Hannah asks running at top speed through the house.

“I’m upstairs quick I’m……….”

Meanwhile outside Zac and Leah have just pulled up outside.

“Errr Leah looks like you had break in. Someone has smashed your back doors in” Zac says as he and Leah run up to the house.

Hannah meanwhile has found Dr Sexy and has taken a leaping dive across the floor to catch hold of his arms.

“Oh God Hannah I can hear it coming back up the wall for me. Please pull me up I’m slipping.”

“What’s Leah got down it sounds…….”

“Oh I don’t know, at first I thought she was feeding the rats. But now I’m thinking it must be a Greek wolf hound it may eat me you know”

“NO he won’t, he may have changed. But I taught him respect and his still my little boy” Leah says stepping into the room.


Leah’s instruction is meet by a huge roar. Nate feels a tug on his ankle.

Hannah then screams and all Nate can on his way is “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DR SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXY”

Leah pushes Hannah to the side and peers into the hole.


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Thanks Sarah,Kristen and JT for your comments

Chapter 6

Darkness has now seemed to have swallowed the brightness of the world, one moment it was there all around him and now it’s been quickly sucked away. This must be very similar to what it feels like to have been sucked down the plug hole, Nate thinks to himself as he waits for his eyes to adjust to the surrounding darkness that now bizarrely homes the underground lair of VJ Patterson. The questions of the whys and how’s of how this came to be true, only stay within Nate’s mind for mere moments as his fear for his pure survival takes over.

The ground around him shakes. The walls vibrate with each alarming roar of VJ. The closer and closer the young boy gets, Nate can smell his hot and pongy breath, that radiates it’s way generously down the dark filed carven.

Nate can sense that there is quite a bit of space down here. VJ is quite a distance away from him it would seem. Locating the heavy bolder sized rock by his swollen foot, Nate can guess that is how he had fallen down into this hole, VJ had chucked the over sized bolder right at Nate’s hanging feet and hey presto he had fell

Leaving him helpless and at the mercy of VJ’s thunderous and earth shattering advancing footsteps, gaining momentum with each frightening second. The red glow from his eyes the last colour Nate will surely see before he is chewed upon, like those many fried chicken bones that he had watched Leah dispose of in the kitchen bin. Nate closes his eyes for just moment or two.

Unnoticed to a very freaked out Zac and Hannah who are busy still gapping opened mouthed over the trapdoor’s black hole, Leah has disappeared into the dark folds of VJ’s walk in wardrobe. Collecting the hidden and tucked away weapons that she manages to warn and keep her son at bay with, Leah moves through to the back of the cupboard. Where there is hidden and secret compartment. There is a big red button hidden within a glass case, which can be found amongst the many folds of some of VJ’s old clothes. The glass case can be accessed by a scan of Leah’s eye movement only.

Licking his chubby goo covered lips VJ runs forward. There is someone tasty and delicious at foot of his lair. He can smell it oh yes, but maybe he shouldn’t eat his guest. Last time it had only been his best friend Jett, who had only wanted to play some Xbox with him. Maybe it was Jett again this time. He had only screamed at VJ a dozen times when he had caught the hideous sight of him. VJ was sad of course at Jett’s reaction, but to be truthful VJ was also quite insulted. VJ was proud of his new found muscles, his towering height and new found desire to be feared. Oh yes it was Jett’s fault anyway that he had turned into this monster.

VJ roars and lets his long razor sharp claws creep further outwards. He then leaps into the air the shadow of his next kill looms beneath him.

Nate screams surely this is it the end the final chapter the…………….. The surge of electrically sizzles in the air, Blue sparks sparkle above Nate’s head. There is a big sounding loud thump against one of the dirt covered crumbling walls of the lair.

“VJ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Leah screams dashing forwards giving VJ a quick shot with the cattle prod. VJ lets out a huff of disappointment.


“VJ here be a good boy have some chicken.” Leah says handing him some chicken. VJ then slumps down and starts to chew through the meat with his fang like teeth.

“Leah that’s VJ?” A rather sweaty looking Nate asks.


“What on earth has happened to him? Because in my doctoring opinion VJ is no longer human” Nate says rather matter worriedly.

“Well thank you for that great diagnosis Doctor Cooper” Leah says rolling her eyes.

“What, how, what the…………… Leah what has happen to your thirteen year old son? Nate asks dumbfounded.

“Fine I will tell you, but please don’t tell anyone else I don’t want them coming after VJ with their pitchforks” Leah says sighing.

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Thanks for the comments glad you are enjoying this story

Next chapter is the start of a set of flashbacks and backstory of how VJ became a monster :lol:

Sorry its only a short chapter next update will be at weekend

Chapter 7

Summer Bay has always prided itself upon being the little town of sunshine The beach, the breath taking scenery, the glorious mouth watering food cooked fresh by the hands of Irene Roberts inside her little diner just off the beaches pier. All those things though didn’t seem to excite VJ Patterson.

He enjoyed the diners milkshakes yes, but they didn’t even come close to comparing to the golden haired bombshell, that had seemed to float into his life. Darcy was the name of this golden haired angel that VJ had became ever so besotted with. Darcy was the girl of his dreams, never before had VJ even paid any other girl this much attention. All the girls up until that point of Darcy coming into his life had always driven VJ nuts. They had all in VJ’s eyes been pains in the neck.

Darcy was different, she was cool, she was badass, she didn’t seem to care what anyone said or did. She often turned up to school wearing a long leather jacket, sliver chains hanging and dangling loosely from her neck, dark eyeliner coating the skin around her eyes, tattoos which were stencilled onto her skin given her young age but never the less they were very cool. She also had one sliver pierced stud lip ring that VJ just found utterly hot.

When he tried to speak to her he found he felt very weak at the knees and often stuttered. Darcy though found him sweet and she often shared his diner milkshakes with him, Irene having to get two straws for them to sink into the creamy milk. VJ listened intently to Darcy’s wild stories about her dad who was a member of a dangerous gang, when finished she often took VJ’s hand and held it in hers across the diners small little table they were sitting at. VJ would then dream of leaning across and kissing her while Darcy sat smiling at him. VJ was in love at the tender age of thirteen Leah Patterson’s baby boy was head over heels within the wonders of teenage lust.

Leah and Irene at the time had both gazed across every so often with huge manic happy smiling faces.

“Awwwwwwwwwwww Darl Your VJ looks happy. You’re future daughter in-law” Irene laughed often she teased Leah of gaining Darcy as her future daughter in law and evey time Leah responded with………

“Oh I don’t think I could cope with having a Goth in the family Irene they are slightly scary.” Leah would then laugh, maybe she wouldn’t have if she had known how VJ was going to turn out to be much more scarier as he grew up, monstrous even. Locked away deep beneath the floorboards of his bedroom away from people who had once known him. Yes maybe then Leah might have realised that VJ’s girlfriend being Goth was not that scary at all.

VJ’s friend Jett was yet to meet Darcy. VJ looked forward to the two of them meeting. Jett was cool, Jett would think that Darcy was cool too VJ was sure of that. Jett would be grateful for the company having been bed bound for the last month, due to him breaking his leg while skate boarding. Jett would like VJ’s new girlfriend they would get on really well just like best friends VJ imagined.

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Thanks for your comments

Here's the next one

Chapter 8

The blue crystal waters glistened behind the tall palm trees. The golden sands shone brightly, as did the flirty smile that came from Jett’s pretty young girlfriend, thanks to the wonders of Skype.

“So how’s the leg feeling now baby bear?”

“Nina don’t call me that John might hear.”

“It’s sweet just like you my Jetty Wetty, do you want me to come and look after you?”

“Oh yes please, I wish you could but don’t worry, John’s a good stand in.” Jett said as he began to jingle John’s summoning bell for what must have been the hundredth time that day.

“Oh Jett are you in pain right now?” Nina asked very worriedly.

Jett knew he shouldn’t of started playing upon this woe is me act so heavily. But seeing the concern in Nina’s eyes and the desperate want to have her feeling so sorry for him had Jett faking his supposed pain level. His leg still was hurting yes but it had improved greatly. It most certainly wasn’t deserving the clenched jaw and watery eyed grimace that Jett was warranting it right now.

“Baby bear awwww Jett.”

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Nina……….Nina………….I will…………….have to…………call………………..you………baccccccccccck…I…..” Then Jett closed the top of his laptop down and then stopped his pained faked panting almost immediately.

“JOHN!!!!!!” Jett then shouted as he jingled his bedside emergency bell once again.

“You called oh so annoying one” John’s tired voice answered followed closely by Jett’s bedroom door swinging back.

“Oh good you’re here, would you be a good butler/Stepdad and fetch me some strawberry ice cream? It’s for the intense pain” Jett quickly added upon seeing John’s questionable look.

“Of course would you like sprinkles or not this time?”

“Oh go on you pulled my leg mind the pun” Jett said winking over to his high sling hung extended leg.

“Of course and errrr fans would you like me to fan you down? Give you a bed bath maybe?

“Hi Jett how’s it going?” VJ said popping his head around the doorway.

“Oh cool VJ come in I have the latest zombie shoot em for the Xbox, let me thrash you.”

Jett glanced to John who took an over the top sort of bow.

“John would you mind making VJ a bowl of ice cream as well please?”

“Now look here I am tired I have work in a bit Jett please”

VJ stepped forward into the room smiling.

“No ice cream for me thanks. I only popped around to let Jett meet Darcy my girlfriend.”

“Oh in that case I will get out of your hair.” John said making a quick stride towards the door. No way did he want to be in the room hearing of how loved up VJ was.

“Oh cool dude where is she then?” Jett asked



“No John that’s Darcy, she’s a Goth cool don’t you think Jett? Come on babe come meet my best friend.” VJ said looking excited, maybe if Jett and Darcy got on then maybe they could all go on double dates well at least that’s what VJ hoped.

Nina was the girl for him she had always been the one Jett knew this to be true or thought he did. No other girl had ever come close to being even in the same league of hotness to Nina’s beauty that was until the ghostly, memorising captivating sight of Darcy came into view. The graceful way she walked into the room with her black flowing leather jacket lightly brushing upon Jett’s X Men carpet. The way her eyelashes fluttered as she smiled. The way she seated herself within the folds of Jett’s bed sheet as she sat down just to the side of him gazing at him. The deep pools of her eyes had the slight hint of mischief to them and sparkle of sexiness that sent shivers of excitement throughout the whole of Jett’s body even that of his broken leg. Then she spoke the voice of a utter angel.

“Hello Jett VJ’s told me a lot about you”

For a long time Jett could only gape at her, but then came his words his jumbled words, the kind of foolish words of someone who might have had their brains turned to mush after being hit over the head with a hammer.


“She’s cool ain’t she dude?” VJ said grinning.

Roo Stewart sighed as the pleasure of the tense feeling massage sunk deeper into her skin. Harvey was a very good foot massager, useless at everything else or so Roo told him. Roo was taking it easy and why shouldn’t she? Yes the time had come to cook the evening meal, but there was no need to slave away over a hot stove, not when your dad was a top class fish man. Alf Stewart had mastered the art of catching huge or some might say monstrous sized fish, tasty very tasty and that was what Roo was looking forward to having for dinner.

Alf Stewart sat upon the pier, his already cast fishing line was waiting for the bite of any passing fish to swim by. Instead of the use of bait to lure them in, there was a green glowing canister of slime hanging loosely attached to end of the fishing rod.

The number of canisters had been counted carefully twelve in total. Alf had checked himself, but boredom comes with fishing and one may just fall asleep for a little while. It is then that the winds starts to pick up blowing the bucket with these canisters inside open, allowing one of these canisters to roll into the water, where its contents can then seep and flow, and that’s where the true horror of nightmares and make believe monsters begin to take shape.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for your reviews Sarah, Kristen and JT sorry for the long wait I have been super busy

Chapter 9

Nicole Franklin’s balance was all but shot as she came very close to performing the splits. All thanks to Roman Harris’s frantic worried long running strides, as he pulled her across the busy street of the oncoming traffic. The luxury of waiting for the lights to change to green seemed the farthest thoughts from Roman’s preoccupied mind.

“DAD PLEASE” Nicole shouted over the loud honking sounding horns of the yellow New York cabs.

“Nic I’m sorry but this is urgent.”

“What why’s its so urgent that we get to my own cake decorating shop? And why are you coming with me?

“Nicole quiet please, I’m trying to remember where the secret entrance is.”

Nicole managed to root the heels of her shoes into the cracks of the pavement, which caused Roman to nearly trip.

“I’m sorry we are talking about the right shop here right? My own shop where I bake wedding cakes and arrange flowers for loved up couples. It only has two entrances the front and the back.”

I think you will be surprised to learn Nic that it has another entrance in which the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) meet in case of a dangerous outbreak.” Roman said looking far to smug for Nicole’s liking who just laughed at her father’s wild claims.

One week has been and gone and VJ had taken to locking himself in his bedroom. Where he would sit on his bed with a hanging head feeling sad and depressed. Sometimes he cried while the softness of his pillows caught and soaked up his tears. Soon afterwards he would exit his room and come downstairs, where Leah would place a hot steaming plate of food in front of him. The concern and the flow of worried questions would then wash over VJ as to the reason why instead of eating his food he had pushed it off to the side.

“I will have to have a word with Nate if this carries on VJ” Leah would say over the troubled sighs of her heartbroken son.

Love nobody ever warns you that it might just stop burning, like that of a waxed melted down candle. The flame doesn’t always turn out to be of the eternal kind, Especially when your girlfriend seems to want to try some new kind of sweet tasting candy within the candy store of teenage lust.

“VJ” Leah all but shouts into the sad and pitiful face of her son.

“What is it why are you looking so upset?”

VJ looked up as he did so his line of sight came in view with the fireplace, where upon it’s mantelpiece stood a smiling photo of him and Darcy. That photo had been taken while they had been going strong, when nothing or nobody was going to come close to breaking them up.

“VJ stop daydreaming what is it what is the problem?”

“Mom I’m strawberries and Jett’s the cream. Darcy she doesn’t seem to love me as much anymore. She’s always over at Jett’s place she says its nothing she’s only going to keep him company while his leg heals. But she laughs at everything Jett says and they are always chatting and they don’t seem to notice me and…………”

Leah then catches a loud wailing sobbing crying VJ in her arms. Leah then silently curses at herself for even asking the question. She was planning on watching TV soon If VJ wasn’t going to stop crying she was going to have to cancel Irene she was coming over for a girly movie night.

Roman Harris stopped gazing at the brick wall ahead of him.

“Errrr Dad I think I’m going to go open up if your just going to stand there staring at that brick wall. Oh you’re touching the wall up now hmmm yeah I’m off.”

“Yeah Nic probably for best, that’s the whole point of you coming with me looks less suspicious that way.”

Knocking at the bricks and using the technique of Morse code Roman then listened with his head pressed against the bricks. The returned sounds of Morse code echoed faintly. Then the bricks started to un slot and move slowly edging further and further apart from one another, which left a gapping hole where the bricks had once been. Roman quickly vanished, his footsteps echoed off the long and winding staircase. A huge glass sliver door greeted him at the bottom.

“HARRIS GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE NOW” Emerson the head of the CDC lead task force bellowed seeming to make the door’s glass to shudder and shake.

The door slid open and Roman stepped inside.

Emerson tutted his disproval at Roman’s lateness and then continued.

“Upon this screen you will see a image of the green filled canister in question” Emerson poked at the projector screen with a large pointed stick as if to prove his point.

“The man responsible for unleashing the contents of these canisters is as follows”

The picture upon the screen changed to show…….

“That’s Alf Stewart you have to be mistaken about this” Roman grasped.

“I’m afraid not it has been reported he has found a way to cheat when competing in those biggest catch fishing tournaments that he so likes. The contents of these canisters allow his fish to grow to monstrous and dangerous sizes. In doing so this dangerous growth green liquid has mixed itself into the water supply of Summer Bay. It is our job to go flush it out and close off the town to stop it spreading. Roman you will leave at dawn we will follow you soon afterwards.”

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Thanks for the comments in my head I thought this story would be much shorter but there you go. :lol:

Hope you enjoy this chapter.

Hope you all have or had a fun bonfire night

Chapter 10

The evergreen undergrowth blanket of blossoming shrubs and heavy covering greenery of someone’s garden cushioned Emerson and his two flanking combat soldiers, as they reached the ground from their mid air parachute jumps from their heavy duty hovering helicopter.

“Eastwood I want you to take the right. Bourne you take the left guns at the ready.” Emerson crept forwards behind at a steady pace. If anything was to attack Eastwood and Bourne would act as his very own human pin cushion. The rest of the troops had been instructed to wait inside the chopper, while the chopper’s pilot was to be on high alert at all times manning the chopper’s machine guns.

Eyes darted around nervously, where the hell was Roman? Emerson hadn’t managed to make radio contact with him, and the sun was just starting to peek itself through the cloudy mist of the early morning’s shadowy darkness.

Roman waited laying himself down in amongst the grassy sandy dunes of Summer Bay’s number one beach. Here the sounds of happiness and playful laughter filled Roman’s ears. A few people had been brave enough to have had a early morning swim skinny dipping in the sea. Now they were running naked towards their dry but very sand filled clothes.

Roman couldn’t help but cringe. The thoughts of where these people would end up finding the itchy gains of sand later on as they went about their normal lives made him smile. How would these people even cope while making the discovery of mounts of sand tucked away within the folds of their underpants and knickers? Nicole was beyond bad when he used to take her for father, daughter picnics on the beach. She always complained that the sandwiches she munched on were riddled with sand.

Where the heck were Emerson and the rest of the troops?

The Queen of Cheese The Photonic Wizkid, The Photographer Blonde Bombshell, The Snapshot Beauty, The Laughing Hyena Princess, these were all names for the most wanted, high in demand, world famous celebrity photographer Ricky Shape. Oh indeed yes there were a huge amount of high blinding flashes from mobile phone cameras as people tried to catch a shot of her as the two automatic sliding bus doors opened, and she stepped off gracefully. Looking back to pay Miss Ricky Sharpe noticed that the bus driver was a tiny bit busy eyeballing her rather large bouncy boobs to see the coins that she was holding out for him to take.

“Hey eyes up front Mister, now do you want my bus fare or not?”

The bus driver answered in only a grumble and waved a hand ushering Ricky’s money away. Then the doors slid shut and the bus was off. Ricky then started walking with her small briefcase swinging lightly at her side. Her well trustworthy camera lightly slapping her chest as it swung back and forth as it hung around her neck. The light mist of dawn was breaking as she pondered the day ahead.

“Errr sir where are you stationed?”

“Where we agreed upon Harris, Where the blinking hell are you?”

“I’m on the beach all looks calm.”

Emerson’s blood turned cold, even though the ground was soft beneath his feet it sure didn’t feel like sand.

“Sir are you sure you have taken the right course? I don’t see anywhere.”

“Sssh Harris there’s something rustling in the brushes, Eastwood go check that out as for you Harris don’t be so cheeky I can read maps”

“You’re in Summer Bay right?”


Bourne ran forwards as Eastwood shot his gun at the groaning moaning teenager as he staggered forwards.

“No get back this kid just took a chunk out of my arm BOURNE GET BACK”

Bourne then slipped upon his journey down to the hard surface of what felt to be a street he caught a glimpse of a white sign. A Street sign one that read Ramsey Street. The neighbours of this street were out in force this fine day. The sounds of their moans were awoken from their feasting upon human flesh. Bourne was quickly pounced upon and ripped apart.

“Oh **** Harris well I won’t be joining you after all. In fact none of us will. Greg shoot those machine guns will you?”

Greg started to mash at the controls of the giant guns he had always wanted to blast up until this day he had been told that he needed a bit more training. Greg was a huge fan of horror. The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, 28 days later, Left For Dead. Yes Greg could tell a zombie when he saw one. The thing that he didn’t expect was one to jump from on top of his helicopter and then crawl inside and start to eat him at this sound Roman switched his walkie talkie off.

Roman was alone with no back up. But it could have been worse he guessed. He was alive and he was starting to turn crispy underneath the heat of the rising sun he may even have started to get a tan.

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