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Vinnie "VJ" Patterson Jnr - Felix Dean & Matt Little

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12 hours ago, CaptainTed84 said:

Well to be honest, I think that when you go through various transitions in father figures throughout your life (eg. Dan, Elijah, Miles, Zac), you are more than likely to be less saddened over the fact that you have never known your real father, VJ's father also was claimed to be dead as well and not missing unlike other characters, and after a few years (and other father figures surrounding him) that is probably why he wasn't shown to be as saddened

Also, I think that they connected him to Vinnie in their own unique way with the Matt Little version of him seemingly very similar to Vinnie

Not sure about that one but great if you can make sense of it

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I just find the whole thing massively disappointing.VJ was a character too ingrained in the show to have his age messed about with but what we're left with is some very awkward halfway house.In Jett a

I think one of the main problems with the recast was that everything happened too fast. I was completely ready to accept Matt Little as VJ, because recasts and SORASing happens, that's how soaps work.

Though you're leaving out the fact that he's the only one to have played him for nearly 7 out of the 13 years VJ's been on the show, not to mention that all those before him (with perhaps the exceptio

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