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Vinnie "VJ" Patterson Jnr - Felix Dean & Matt Little

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I just find the whole thing massively disappointing.VJ was a character too ingrained in the show to have his age messed about with but what we're left with is some very awkward halfway house.In Jett a

I think one of the main problems with the recast was that everything happened too fast. I was completely ready to accept Matt Little as VJ, because recasts and SORASing happens, that's how soaps work.

Though you're leaving out the fact that he's the only one to have played him for nearly 7 out of the 13 years VJ's been on the show, not to mention that all those before him (with perhaps the exceptio

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On 11/8/2015, 10:06:02, kmp1963 said:

To be honest, I'm a bit confused. Why bother recasting with all the muscles if VJ is still not going to get the girl.

I'm assuming he stopped playing soccer and took up basketball when he suddenly grew two feet.

I expect VJ will be the one to find out that :lol: The part you wrote about VJ playing basketball and growing two feet made me laugh.



Oliva is self harming and help her through that



. Without Hunter knowing about it somehow. THen maybe they can carry on with VJ and Hunter's new found strange friendship that has seemed to happen over night

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It looks like he and Billie get together . I'm not really happy seeing  I love her but he had to get a gf eventually.They didn't change his physical appearance and personality for nothing.


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We are (almost) five months behind you, up here in Norway. But we have had this new VJ in for almost a year now, and I still can't take him seriously. It really doesn't feel like VJ. And how much they are trying to make him looks young with hairstyling and clothes, I really don't believe it. I don't think Matt Little is able to act that out, it is not only because of his "older" looks og size. 

I think it is really a big shame they made such a bad recast. We have seen a lot of VJ lately in serious storylines about Leah and her injuries and surgery, but I really don't feel anything. It doesn't feel sad at all, because I am not able to feel VJ's pain. The actor is not able to act that out in a realistic way. It's like I want to FF all the scenes with him and just have only Zack in them instead. I think that they should have cast someone with a bigger acting ability and someone who looks a bit younger. It's sad though, because these storylines have so much potential. 

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I am somewhat disappointed to look at this thread and find people still making the same comments that they (and I) were making a year ago.Which is hypocritical of me, because there are characters I haven't changed my opinion of in the last year despite "character development".But I stopped thinking of him as "the new VJ" about six or seven months ago, and as far as I'm concerned he's just VJ.Yes, as recasts go it wasn't the best, but I've moved on.

Ironically, the turning point for me seemed to coincide with the UK break in May.I think a big problem with the recast was that VJ wasn't just too old, he was also a jerk.It was a big mistake to give him the Leah in a coma storyline at a time when the audience had been given no reason to warm to him apart from the familiar name.When he's yelling at Zac and punching Matt, we take their side, because they're the ones with the faces we recognise and who we believe have a connection to Leah.I think someone realised that and so he suddenly became a lot more likable.I loved the way he suddenly became supportive of Zac and defended him to Leah.I don't think the difference between him and Will McDonald was really that noticeable by the end, or else I'd just got used to it, and yes, it does help having him stand next to Josh and Matt, who also look too old.I'm not even sure the "He's too big" argument applies anymore.If you saw him stood next to Felix Dean as he is now, rather than sticking photos of him next to Felix Dean from 2010, the difference in height and build might not be as obvious as people think.

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