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Tessa James Cancer Fight


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My thoughts and prayers are with Tessa, Nate and their respective families at this tumultuous time.

I hope that the treatments will be successful and that Tessa, with the support of her husband as well as her family, friends and colleagues from the past, will stay strong throughout this ordeal.

Life is very precious so it needs to be treasured and not taken for granted!

I'd like to dedicate a song to Tessa - ironically it's by Delta Goodrem who also fought the same illness that Tessa is going through at the moment.

The song is Be Strong - Two different videos for this song : the concert version and a snazzy lyric version (credit to the uploaders).

* Delta Goodrem wrote the song for fellow cancer sufferer and friend (the late) Belinda Emmett.

Be Strong Tessa... be strong!

Cancer really doesn't discriminate unfortunately :(

That it ain't.

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