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Home and Away bad boy Steve Peacocke (Spoiler )

Guest Mishyy

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Home and Away bad boy Steve Peacocke is off to the US to meet with big ticket agents
  • SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 9:54AM

LA-bound ... Steve Peacocke, who plays Darryl “Brax” Braxton on Home And Away, reveals he’s off to the US this week to meet film and TV bosses. Picture: Supplied

STEVE PEACOCKE will this week pack his bags and head to Los Angeles for a series of meetings with movie and TV bosses and casting agents, in a bid to crack the American entertainment industry.

It’s all part of a grand plan the 32-year-old has had since he began performing, but one which jeopardises the future of his popular Home And Awaycharacter.

The ambitious actor has played Darryl “Brax” Braxton on the hit Channel Seven series for three years now. But it seems he’s starting to get itchy feet.


Bye bye Brax ... is Steve Peacocke on his way out from Home and Away? The actor is off to America for two months to meet with movie and TV executives. Picture: Supplied

“I think the dream for any actor is to do well in America,” he said.

“It’s where I’ve always wanted to be. It’s hard though because at the same time, I’ve got this awesome job here.”

TABLOID TRASH: Steve Peacocke hits out at magazine rumours his fiance walked out on him

Producers last year allowed the former tradie from Dubbo to take a few months off to film his debut movie role, a small part in the blockbuster film Hercules.


Big ambition ... Steve Peacocke in his debut major film role in Hercules, which he hopes can propel him to the next level of his career. Picture: Supplied

Now they’re letting their biggest star take leave again, for two months’ worth of meetings that Peacocke hopes will land him his big break.

The last time Peacocke took off, writers were forced to put his hugely popular character Brax in jail. There are only so many times his absences can be accommodated, he concedes.

“We’ve filmed all of our cliffhanger stuff for this year,” he said. “Channel Seven have been really great with letting me take off for a while.”

This week, the long-running soap farewelled Lincoln Younes’ character Casey, Peacocke’s on-screen brother, in a dramatic murder storyline that prompted an outpouring from fans on social media.


Last one standing ... Steve Peacocke’s character Brax is the final remaining original River Boy after the departures of Dan Ewing and Lincoln Younes. Picture: Supplied

Younes and Peacocke were part of the original trio of Braxton brothers, known as the River Boys, along with actor Dan Ewing who left for greener pastures earlier this year.

Credited with reviving Home And Away and boosting its ratings, the characters have been popular with viewers and a gold mine for makers of the show.

On the weekend, Peacocke will wash off his burly character’s fake tattoos for the last time for a while and board a plane for Hollywood.

His fiance Bridgette Sneddon, who also joined the Summer Bay cast this year as Sophie, will join him in a few weeks’ time.


Clever writing ... the last time Steve Peacocke was away chasing his movie dreams, writers had to put his character Brax in jail so the absence wouldn’t be noticed. Picture: Supplied

“I get too homesick if I’m without Bridg for too long so I’m pretty glad she’s coming. Initially it’s me and mate who’s also chasing work over there, then she’ll join me.”

Between his meetings, facilitated by Peacocke’s American management, he and Sneddon will take some time out to explore the US, he said.

“We’ll definitely make time for a bit of travel.”


Loved up ... Steve can’t stand being away from fiance Bridgette Sneddon for too long, so she’ll join him in LA in a few weeks.

And after that, Peacocke said the plan is to return home to recommence work on Home And Away, saying he’s excited about the storyline coming up for Brax next year.

Of course, a big movie or TV part in America might change that.


So if this story is anything to go by Steve is sticking with H&A he will just have a couple of months off like he did when he filmed Hercules... I really don't want him to go anywhere.

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If he does only leave for a short time and then coming back then I think it's quite unfair to many other past actors in the show who has been written out before their contract expired... And the excuse is always that the character has coming to the end, there is no more storylines to explore. I can mention Roman who was written out after only 15 months because the character had served it's purpose. Which was totally nonsense of course, because we hadn't learned anything about his family except from his daughter. And he had a plenty of "roles" in the bay with both Aden and Nicole under his roof. And Conrad Coleby did a great job!

Angelo was also written out this way, just to give place for Steve/Brax, I think.

And Elijah...

Seriously there can't be more storylines for Brax now.. I can't see his purpose in the Bay anymore.

I wish the Australian media could be more critical to the channel, instead of blaming the actors when they have the guts to complain (for ex. Bobby Morley, Robert Mammone, Jay Laga'aia).

It is quite serious to give some people so many advantages, casting their relatives, the best storylines, storylines abroad and to other locations, more promotion and giving them so more opportunities than the others.

I know this wouldn't have worked in other places in the world. Media would have been there and given some constructive critics.

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I was also going to say that it is quite unfair to past actors to just hang on to Steve's job for him in case nothing else come up.Why arent the other actors offered the same? I really can't see much point of Brax just hanging around now without Heath and Casey. The Braxtons are kinda of gone now without them around. It would be better for the story and for the character if he was to leave.

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I'm glad to hear that Steve is sticking around for the time-being even after a two-month break from the show but I can't see him sticking around beyond 2015 unless the writers give his character a different angle. Steve is a huge talent and it will be a big loss when he does decide to call it a day from the show!

There's still storylines that can be explored with Brax like the pregnancy involving Ricky and hopefully the eventual birth of their child, how Brax copes without Casey anymore (will he become a different person for better or worse?) and could he become a darker and more ruthless character again and also he could take up the role as a big brother to Josh in honour of Casey. Maybe Brax will feel like that he has a moral obligation to be there for Josh and to help him with his life as Andy is hardly a good influence on him and his other half-brother is dead now.

It'll be interesting to see where they take Brax in the next year if he remains on the show.

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Steve wouldn't be spending all that time, effort and probably money meeting with TV bosses and casting agents

unless he was serious. I assume he would have to make himself available to offers. Hollywood isn't going to say

just finish your storyline on H & A and we'll wait. :lol: I doubt H & A could accommodate short notice absences

either with storylines involving other actors as well. He'll probably come back and finish off some filming and

then leave for good.

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