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Finding Something True

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Story Title: Finding Something True

Type: M/L

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ruby, Casey, Heath, Bianca.

BTTB Rating: T

Genre: Friendship, Drama, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Family.

Spoilers: No

Warnings: Language, Sexual Content.

Summary; Charlie returns to the bay after thirteen years, a pregnant single mother of two teenagers. Catching up with old friends she discovers who the father of her baby really is. Can an attraction turn to a relationship stable enough to face any drama?



Authors Note: I do NOT own Home and Away! All credit to the writers.



Chapter One: Old Friends.

Charlie let her left hand linger on the stone bench as she took in her surroundings, all of which had changed since she had last set foot in the house. She knew what her parents had done; they had tried to erase her existence. But Charlie refused to let it bother her, what mattered now was being back in Summerbay, a fresh start even if she was back in a town she had left thirteen years ago.


Charlie glanced up at the sound of her two daughters voices to see them walking out of the hall, they were dressed for the bench. "Huh?"

Ruby smiled. "You weren't listening were you?"

"No" Charlie admitted with a small blush.

Nicole held up her bag. "Swimming, are you coming?"

"Uh, sure" Charlie agreed nervously.

Since returning to Summerbay she hadn't been out in the view of the public eye, preferring to stay in the confinement of the house. She was scared of how certain people would react to the news that she was back in town.

"Are you going to change?" Ruby asked.

Charlie was coaxed from her thoughts as she allowed her right hand to travel to her rounded stomach. "No. No, I won't be swimming, I will just watch"

The girls shrugged. "Okay. Come on"

Charlie grabbed her clutch containing her belongings off the table by the door as she followed her daughters out of the house. She knew sooner or later the people of Summerbay would know she was back in town. Charlie knew it would be impossible to hide forever.


Sitting on the golden sand Charlie rubbed her stomach gently as she dug her toes into the clumps of sand at her feet. The cool breeze flowed against her soothingly as she looked out toward the ocean watching the girls as they tossed a beach ball around. Simple pleasures were everything.

In the distance to her right she could hear the laughing of two younger boys as they kicked a soccer ball around. The voice of the younger one reminded her of someone she once knew. The resemblance in the voice was unbelievable.

Charlie glanced down as the soccer ball hit her right foot.


Charlie looked up shielding her eyes from the sun with her right hand as the two young boys ran up to her. "That's alright"

"Are you new? I haven't seen you before" The older child asked as he moved his blonde hair from his eyes.

"I lived here a long time ago. I'm Charlie"

"I'm Ryan. This is my brother VJ" Ryan said as he nudged the little boy by his side. "He's shy"

Charlie nodded. "I'm a stranger"

Ryan rolled his eyes. "No one is a stranger in Summerbay"

Charlie chuckled softly. "I suppose that is true"

"Ryan! VJ! What have I told you two about talking to strangers?"

"She's not a stranger mum, she's Charlie" VJ said innocently as he looked up at his mother.

Charlie glanced up as a shadow fell over her, her breath catching in her throat. "LLeah?"

"Charlie" Leah smiled softly. "Charlie. I can't believe it's you"

"You know her?" Ryan asked as he looked up at Leah.

"Yes. Charlie and I went to school together. We were best friends" Leah told the boys. "I can't believe your back"

Charlie smiled. "I just, I had to come home" Charlie gave a vague explanation.

Leah nodded in understanding as she watched Charlie rub her stomach. "You're pregnant"

"Nearly full term. It's still so surreal. I didn't expect to have another child after Ruby"

"Ruby?" Leah questioned in confusion.

Charlie smiled as she nodded towards the water. "Ruby is the one with brown hair, looks a lot like me. Nicole is the blonde, Roman's daughter"

Leah watched the two teenagers in the water, tossing the purple beach ball up in the air, both laughing when it hit Nicole square in the forehead. "Roman's daughter? Charlie, what exactly happened?"

Charlie sighed. "It's a long story, the gist is Roman left us and I have been raising Nicole as my own. Their thirteen, nearly fourteen"

Leah nodded. "Is the baby, Roman's?"

Charlie blushed as she looked down at her stomach. "No. Uh, that was more of a one night thing. Complete misjudgement on my part" Charlie told her.

Leah laughed. "We are all allowed a fling, Charlie" Leah placed her hands on her boy's shoulders. "I suppose you've already met VJ and Ryan"

"Yes. I can't believe you have children, two boys. Are you married?" Charlie asked.

Leah smiled. "Engaged but it's rather difficult to pick a wedding dress third time round. Boys why don't you go play" Leah suggested.

VJ shrugged as he picked up the soccer ball and ran down the beach with Ryan chasing after him, his arms stretched out.

Charlie patted the sand beside her. "Third time?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, a hint of a smile gracing her lips.

Charlie didn't exactly know what marriage was like; she hadn't come close to a relationship since Roman walked out on her eleven years ago.

"I married Vinnie" Leah sat down in the sand, looking out at her two boys kicking the ball back and forth.

Charlie smiled. "Your high school sweetheart" Charlie reminisced. She had always known they would get together, they were in love from the moment they saw each other.

Leah smiled sadly. "I got pregnant with VJ straight away, Vinnie died when I was five months pregnant"

"Oh no. Leah, I'm so sorry" Charlie whispered as she reached out to take her friends hand.

Leah squeezed gently. "Thank-you. I meet Dan Baker at the hospital when I was rushing into the ward overdue and demanding they induce me. He was laughing at me. We were only ever friends, we eventually married when VJ was one, not because we were in love but because he need Ryan to have a mother; he was three when we tied the knot. Dan helped me believe that love would be possible again"

Charlie could feel Leah's fingers tightening around her hand. "Why did you marry?"

"Dan had cancer, he knew he wasn't going to be around for Ryan so he wanted him to have a family, he died six months after we married. He wanted Ryan to have a mother since his won't claim responsibility. I love Ryan, I'm his mother now regardless of blood" Leah said fondly. "I meet Miles Copeland, two years ago. We got engaged six months ago. He loves Ryan and VJ, they love him. He completes the family unit"

"I'm so sorry you had to experience the deaths of two husbands, I wish I had been here for you" Charlie whispered as she wrapped her arms around Leah.

Leah embraced her old friend. "Don't be. Vinnie and Dan gave me two precious gifts in life, I'll forever be grateful to them"

"That's beautiful, Leah"

"I still can't believe your back in town. Bianca is going to go ballistic"

Charlie looked surprised. "Bianca is still here?"

Leah smiled. "She was never leaving. She met her husband here"

Charlie's jaw dropped. "She's married? I thought she swore off marriage after her parents divorced"

"Charlie, you've been gone thirteen years. Bianca's changed. When she first met him it was just about attraction. They feel in love quickly though"

Charlie nodded; she was pleased that Bianca had moved forward with her life. "I'm proud of her for overcoming her fear but I don't think she'll want to see me. Bi could always hold a grudge"

Leah snorted. "Yeah she can, but she'll be ecstatic to see you, Charlie, you were like her sister" Leah stood up, reaching out to help Charlie up. "Come on, I'll show you were she lives"

Charlie dusted herself off. "The girls..."

"Are thirteen. I'd like to meet them" Leah teased; she knew how mothers could be over protective.

Charlie looked out at the girls. "Nicole. Ruby"

"Ryan. VJ"

Charlie's girls came running out of the water, dripping wet. Ruby dropped the pink oversized beach ball to into the sand by her feet as she looked at Charlie.

"Yeah, mum?"

Charlie bent awkwardly at the waist to pick up the two fluffy blue towels, passing them to the girls. "I was going to go and catch up with some friends. This is Leah and her sons, Ryan and VJ" Charlie gestured to Leah who was standing with a child either side of her.

Ruby smiled. "Nice to meet you. I'm Ruby"

"I'm Nicole" Nicole piped up as she dried her hair.

"Nice to meet you both. Ruby, you look a lot like your mother"

Ruby grinned. "People always comment on our looks"

"You should go see your friends, we both know how long it's been" Nicole told her.

Ruby nodded in agreement. "We can look after your boys if you like"

Leah looked down at her sons. "I..."

"We'll take them to get milkshakes. Please tell me there is somewhere to get a decent milkshake" Ruby moaned as she rubbed her stomach.

Leah chuckled. "Of course. The boys will show you" Leah placed her hand on Ryan's head; he turned to look at her. "Tell Irene that it's on the house"

"Okay mum"


Bianca heard the knocking at the front door but failed to take one step as Harley latched onto her left leg pulling at the bottom of her dress.

Looking down she smiled at the eleven month old as his eyes shone up into hers, the same colour as his father.


Bianca reached down and rubbed her hand through his sandy blonde hair. "I need to get the front door"

"Up" Harley demanded as he stretched his arms up indicating that he wanted to be held.

Bianca sighed as she reached down and scooped him up into her arms. "Alright, let's see who's come to visit us"

"Mum, can you tell Uncle Kyle to stop tickling me?" Darcy shrieked as she stumbled over the back of the couch, Kyle chasing after her.

Bianca rolled her eyes. "Kyle. Darcy. Stop it"

"Arggh!" April shouted as they swished past the desk and the breeze caused her study notes to drop from the desk.

"Kyle. Darcy. Stop running around and help April pick up her papers" Bianca told them sternly, her voice loud as she swung the door open. "Leah, hey, come on in" Bianca failed to notice Charlie as she spun back around at the sound of a loud string of curse words. "Casey!" Bianca screeched.

"Tamara just"

Bianca held her hand up. "I don't care" Bianca muttered as she placed Harley down in the porta cot much to his disgust. "Kyle. Casey. Tamara. April. Darcy. Outside, it's a beautiful day, enjoy it. If anyone is back in this house within the next two hours then you'll regret it"

"But I'm only nine. You can't send me out with these people" Darcy complained as she jerked her thumb in the teenagers direction.

Casey scoffed as he pulled her into a head lock. "What did you say squirt?"

"Uncle Casey!"

Bianca whistled. "Out!"

The five kids groaned as they scooped up their bags and headed for the door. "Let's go get money from Dad" Darcy told them.

"Good idea squirt" Casey ruffled her hair.

"Don't call me that!"

Bianca sighed as the front door swung shut and she collapsed into the arm chair beside Harley's porta cot pulling a cushion onto her lap and hugging it. "Thank god it's peaceful"

Charlie let out a little giggle at Bianca's actions. "It's nice to see you, Bi"

Bianca's head snapped up at the sound of Charlie's voice. "Charlie?! Oh my god. Charlie!" Bianca squealed as she flew up out of her chair and through her arms around her best friend. "I've missed you"

Charlie smiled as she hugged Bianca back tightly. "I've missed you too, Bi. Seems like you've been busy though" Charlie said as she pulled back and gestured towards the little guy looking at them with confusion. "Must say he doesn't look like you though"

Bianca smiled. "He's his father's spitting image. Biologically not mine" Bianca admitted as she ran her hand over the little boys hair. "Meet Harley"

"He is adorable" Charlie commented as she crouched down. "Hi Harley"

Harley glanced up in Bianca's direction. "Mama" He whined.

"Oh my. Charlie" Bianca shouted.

Charlie glanced up startled. "What?"

"You're pregnant!"

Charlie smiled as she rubbed her stomach. "Yeah, thirty six weeks and counting. Could come any day now"

Bianca reached forward and placed her hand on Charlie's stomach, looking up into the woman's eyes. "I missed you"

"I missed you too, Bi"

Leah chuckled. "I'm here to you know"

"It's okay. I love ya Leah"

The women jumped in fright at the sound of Heath's booming voice. Leah smirked when she saw Heath was the one who had spoken. "Heath Braxton loving me, oooh isn't it a dream come true" Leah teased.

Heath placed his hand over his heart as he mocked being wounded. "That hurts, Leah, it hurts" Heath place his arm around Bianca and kissed her temple, his left hand sliding over Harley's head. "Hey babe"

"I take it this is the husband" Charlie said making her presence known.

Bianca smiled. "Sure is. Heath this is Charlie Buckton, we grew up together"

Heath nodded. "Hey"

Bianca rolled her eyes. "Charlie this is my husband. Heath Braxton"

Charlie felt her body freeze up. "DidDid you just say Braxton?"

Bianca nodded. "Yeah. How do you know the name? Don't tell me Heath has stolen from you, sold you drugs, oh god did he sleep with you?" Bianca's eyebrow was raised, her eyes narrowed as she stared at Heath.

Heath glanced down. "Woman! A little credit. If I slept with her I'd remember it" Heath scoffed.

Charlie shook her head back and forth. "There has to be heaps of Braxton's maybe you're not related" Charlie murmured to herself, trying to convince herself.

"Related to who, Charlie?" Leah asked as she laid her left hand on Charlie's arm to calm her.

Charlie looked over at Heath. "Darryl Braxton"

Heath let out a low whistle. "My older brother. What did he do to ya?"

Charlie sighed as she sat down on the edge of the couch. "Got me pregnant. You have to promise you won't tell him"

Charlie was shaken; the thought of her baby's father finding out scared her. After all he was a one night stand not after any commitment. It was what he had told her.


Below are Quick Details and Questions.

Quick Details.

Charlie (26).

Ruby is her biological daughter (13).

Nicole her adoptive daughter (13).

Leah (26) has two sons.

Ryan is her stepson (9).

VJ (7) is her biological child.

Bianca (26)

April is her half-sister (13).

Darcy is her stepdaughter (9).

Harley is her stepson (11 Months).

Heath (27) married to Bianca.

Miles (27) married to Leah.

Kyle (14) and Casey (14) live with Cheryl part-time since they also stay frequently at Heath and Bianca's house to escape the woman.

Tamara (14) lives with Heath and Bianca as they took her in when her parents abandoned her when she was just 11 years old.

Brax (28) doesn't currently live in Summerbay, and didn't raise his brothers as he left Mangrove River when he was 17.

You'll learn more about Brax's history as well as everyone else's as we flow through the story. Yes it's a CHAX story.

Question time:

Who would you rather see Nate Cooper with Sophie or Ricky?

Are there any particular characters you would like to see introduced into the story?

I have love interests picked out for April and Kyle, but as the story progresses are there any pairs you would like to see?

Hope you enjoyed my first chapter.

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Chapter Two: Decisions.

Charlie dipped her spoon back into her tub of chocolate chip ice-cream, the tv was playing in front of her but she couldn't bring herself to be interested, her mind was focused solely on Darryl Braxton. Of all the people in Australia, of all the places she couldn't believe her best friend was married to his brother.

Picking up another spoon full of ice-cream she put the clump into her mouth as the front door swung open.

"Hey mum" Ruby spoke cheerfully.

Both girls dumped their bags by the front door. "Oh no. What's wrong?" Nicole asked as she moved over to the couch, sitting cross legged beside Charlie facing her.

Charlie sighed. "Long story"

Ruby handed Nicole a spoon and sunk down to the floor by Charlie's legs. "Talk to us, mum"

Charlie looked down into Ruby's eyes. "I met the baby's Uncle today"

"Is the father here?" Nicole asked.

Charlie shook her head. "No. But his brother Heath is. Heath is married to my best friend"

Ruby pulled her spoon from her mouth. "Leah?"

"No. Bianca. You'll meet her eventually. She is the principle at your high school" Charlie sighed. "What if he comes here, what if he sees that I am pregnant, he doesn't want commitment?"

Nicole stuck her spoon in the ice-cream and looked at Charlie. "Did Heath say that the baby's fatherwhat is his name?"

Charlie pursed her lips together. "Darryl"

"Did Heath say Darryl would be coming to Summerbay?" Nicole asked.

Charlie sighed. "I didn't give him a chance to say anything. I left pretty quickly after that. They were asking a lot of questions"

"You should talk to his brother then, maybe he can help you stop worrying" Ruby suggested.

"Doubtful" Charlie sighed, she wasn't certain she would ever be ready to face her child's father. "Let's watch a movie"

Ruby knew it was her mother's way of changing the subject and avoiding what was really happening but she nodded anyway. "Sure. What do you want to watch?"

"Oooh lets watch hunger games" Nicole said with excitement.

Ruby rolled her eyes. "Mum needs something cheerful. Not doom and gloom"

Nicole's eyes narrowed. "What your idea then?"


Nicole giggled. "That is cheerful? It's a horrible movie"

Charlie smiled at her daughters. "What about" The knocking at the door caught everyone's attention. "Why don't you pick a movie and I'll get the door. No arguing" Charlie moved the tub of ice-cream and went to stand up but couldn't quiet move out of her grove in the couch. "Nic"

Nicole grinned as she scrambled off the couch and grabbed her mother's hands pulling her to her feet. "There you go"

"Thanks" Charlie wattled over to the door, pulling it open she was surprised to see Heath Braxton standing on the other side of the door. Two teenage girls stood off to the side holding pizzas, uninterested in what was going on but Charlie vaguely remembered them from Bianca's house. "Heath!" Charlie spoke surprised.

"Hey. Uh" Heath scratched the side of his head. "I'm not good with words but I'll give this a shot. Can I come in?" Charlie nodded as she held the door open. "Ap. Tam. Wait here"

Charlie shook her head. "They can come in. Ruby and Nicole are trying to pick a movie maybe they can help" Charlie offered.

Heath nodded as he waved the girls into the house before him. "Thanks. I just need to talk to you. You ran out before I had a chance" Heath said as he closed the door.

Charlie looked over at Nicole and Ruby who were arguing quietly in front of the shelf filled with dvds. "Ruby. Nicole. This is Heath and uh, his daughters" Charlie spoke, she was guessing as she hadn't been introduced to him.



April shoved the pizzas she was holding into Heath's arms. "There you go, dad " April grinned teasingly, Heath grinned as he reached out to playfully ruffle her hair but she shoved his hand away.

Ruby looked up. "Do you think the hangover would be a good movie to cheer our mum up?"

Charlie placed her hands on her hips. "Ruby Buckton, you are too young to be watching the hangover. Pick something suitable"


Charlie shook her head as she turned to Heath. "Would you like a drink?"

"Sure. You got coke?"

Charlie nodded. "Yeah"

Heath followed her into the kitchen, placing the pizzas onto the kitchen table. "Charlie"

Charlie pulled the cups from the cupboard. "I know you think I should tell him but I can't. One of the first things he said to me was he wasn't up for commitment. I won't be the one who ties him down" Charlie pulled poured the coke into the glass and handed it to Heath.

"I'm not asking you to tell him" Heath said as he leaned against the bench. "Brax washe left home at seventeen because he didn't want to be responsible for our brothers, he didn't want the commitment then so he left. We don't hear from him much at all. He calls on the boy's birthdays" Heath sighed as he rubbed his head. "He doesn't know about my kids. Bianca. I refuse to tell him. But I'm just asking you to think about what you're doing"

"I know what I am doing"

Heath raised his eyebrow. "If that was my kid I would want to know. Just think about it. At least give him the option to be involved. If he doesn't want to well then this kids still going to have some pretty awesome Uncle's" Heath grinned.

Charlie smiled slightly. "Thanks Heath but I don't think I can. Not right now"

Heath nodded. "Alright. But you let me know when" Heath looked over at the girls laughing as they looked at several movie cases. "I always introduce them as my daughters, but they don't call me dad. I get that feeling when they do though, it might be teasing but it means the world" Heath glanced back at Charlie. "Brax will feel like that. I don't doubt it. It'll take some getting used to though"


Leah placed her book down on the arm of the couch as Miles sat down beside her book. The serious look on his face caused her to raise an eyebrow.

"Is there something wrong?" Leah asked as she mentally scanned her brain for anything she should have remembered.

Miles clasped his hands together; it was obvious he was a little nervous. "I want to speak about Ryan and VJ"

Leah sat up straight, a slight feeling of panic crossing through her body. "Did something happen?"

Miles shook his head. "It's nothing bad, Leah"

His quickness to react worried Leah further. "Then what is it?"

"The wedding, well, after the wedding"

Leah sighed. "I'm not following"

Miles leaned forward and took her hand. "I know I can't replace their dad's but..."

Leah squeezed his hand. "Miles, if this is about more children"

"No" he exclaimed. I mean sure someday if you're comfortable but this is about Ryan and VJ. I want to adopt them. Ryan Baker-Copeland. VJ Patterson-Copeland" Mile blushed slightly as he squeezed Leah's hand, creeping forward on the couch as he saw the tears welling in her eyes. "I want us to be a family with the same last name. I don't expect them to call me dad. And I know I will never replace Vinnie or Dan but I want them to know I'll always love themso what do you say?"

Leah smiled through the tears running down her cheeks. "Yes. Of course I would say yes" Leah wrapped her arms around Miles listening to his chuckle. "But"

Miles pulled back. "Yea?"

"I think we should wait until closer to the wedding and ask them. I want their opinions as this is a big adjustment"

He nodded. "I know. In six months we will have been together for three years. I just want them to know how important they are"

Leah leaned forward and embraced him. "They do know. I know. You know how much you love them and that matters"

Miles placed his right hand on her cheek. "I love you, Leah" He breathed as he leaned in to capture her lips.

"Geez. Get a room!" Ricky spoke as she walked into the house, Nate trailing behind her.

Leah pulled back blushing. "What are you two doing here?"

Nate held up the wine and pizza in his hand. "Miles invited us over last week"

Leah raised her eyebrow. "Uh" Miles scratched the side of his head. "I forgot to tell, Leah"


Bianca slid into bed beside Heath, smiling she rolled over and laid her arm across his stomach, snuggling into him, breathing in his scent.

"I'm so exhausted, having the six of them here is tiring" Bianca exhaled.

Heath smiled as he wrapped his arms around her tightly. "They all asleep?"

Bianca sighed. "Kyle and Case are still up; I said one more game on the xbox then bed. Tamara and April were sleeping soundly. Darcy went down over an hour ago; I swear she is our easiest. And our little monster is finally sleeping in his cot"

Heath chuckled. "I would have put him to bed"

Bianca pulled back with a raised eyebrow. "That kid may be a Braxton but he is a mama's boy"

"I know" Heath scoffed. "Uh, I actually have something to tell you"

Bianca snuggled back into this embrace, tracing the pattern of their children's names tucked under his other tattoos. "Hmm-mm"

"Should I tell Charlie that Brax is coming to the bay?" Heath tightened his grasp on Bianca to keep her from pulling out of his embrace.

"What did you say?"

Heath flinched at her tone of voice. "Brax is coming to the bay; he'll be here in four weeks"

Bianca punched him in the arm.

"Owww. Damn babe, what the hell?" Heath groaned.

"Sometimes I hate your family" Bianca muttered.

Heath rubbed his arm. "Geez, so do I but I don't punch people" Heath said as he looked down. "Should I tell her? She doesn't want him to know"

Bianca exhaled. "She has a right to know"


Hope you all enjoyed the second chapter.

Thank-you to those who took the time to review, hearing your thoughts on my stories really does make them worth writing.

As you can see Nate and Ricky are together, I know some of you may not like that, but don't fret you won't see too much of them within the story, well Nate you will because he is the doctor.

I will be posting more frequently but I haven't had internet the last two weeks. Pure sadness I know!

Question Time;

Charlie's baby: Boy or Girl?

Should Heath be the one to tell Charlie that Brax is coming to Summerbay?

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Great chapter I enjoyed it I think Charlie should have another girl and yes Heath should tell Charlie Brax is coming to the bay liked that Miles wants to adopt Ryan and VJ update again soon :)

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Miles wanting to adopt VJ and Ryan is sweet. I hope that it goes through. :) Brax being in the bay could be interesting. Hopefully he takes the baby news well and of course things with him and Charlie progress. ;) Wow Heath and Bianca have their work cut out with 6 kids in the house!

It's totally up to you on what you want the baby to be, but I think it could be nice for Charlie to have a little boy. :)

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Chapter Three: Gender.

Charlie knocked on Bianca's door, stepping back in surprise when it flung open almost immediately. "Hi Charlie"

Charlie smiled at the sight of April; she was in the middle of plaiting her hair as she waved at them to come in. "Hi April, busy morning? Where is your mum?"

April smiled. "Shut the door behind you. She is just dressing Harley"

Charlie nodded as Nicole and Ruby dumped their bags beside the door.

"April, did you move my math book?" Tamara's shouting rang down the hall into the living room.

April rolled her eyes. "No!"

"Kyle has it, he was using it as a fly swatter" Casey said as he came out of the bathroom.

"Kyle Braxton! When I get my hands on you"

Kyle came barrelling out of the hallway with Tamara running behind him. "He's lying"

"Oi! You two knock it off. Are you ready for school or what?" Heath asked as he walked out of his bedroom, pointing sternly at Tamara and Kyle who were on the living room floor. "Hey Charlie, didn't hear you come in"

Charlie giggled. "No one could hear over all your kids!"

Heath smirked. "I know right" Heath frowned as a letter was shoved in his face. "Darcy..." He groaned as his daughter waved it around.

"It's for my school trip"

Heath arched an eyebrow. "You didn't think to get it sighed last night?"

Darcy shrugged. "Nope"

"Catch" Bianca chucked a pen at Heath as she slipped Harley's nappy bag over her shoulder trying to juggle him in her right arm. "Hey Charlie, I'm so sorry but I can't make your appointment. I just...Harley's been sick so I have to take him to Irene's then the kids I have to do school run"

Charlie shook her head. "Don't worry, Bi, I know things change"

Bianca shook her head. "Heath is going to go with you"

Heath grinned. "Yeah, hope you don't mind. Bianca said she would take Ruby and Nicole to school so we don't run late"

"I can go by myself"

Bianca looked at Charlie firmly. "Your thirty seven weeks pregnant, someone is going with you"

Charlie rolled her eyes. "One week back and you'd think I never left"

Darcy smiled. "Mum's always the boss"

"Hey!" Heath exclaimed as he looked at Darcy.

April grinned. "It's true, she is"

Bianca exhaled. "Alright people let's move. Darcy grab your backpack. Tamara your math book is on the dining room table. Kyle fix your shirt" Bianca looked over at Nicole and Ruby. "Grab your bags, girls. And April can you grab the tin of formula for me"

Heath glanced up. "Case, get Harley's stroller out of my car and put it in Bianca's"

Charlie giggled from the doorway. "Thank god I am only having three kids"

"It's not funny. I'm running on four hours sleep and three coffees" Bianca exhaled.

"Why didn't you sleep longer, mum?" Darcy asked as she came out of her room stuffing her letter into her pink backpack.

Bianca raised her eyebrow. "Your brother was sick" Bianca looked down at Harley who was resting his head on her shoulder, his cheeks rosy red. "Maybe I should stay home with him today"

Heath sighed. "Babe, Irene said she would be fine. You have a staff meeting today. Is everyone ready? Charlie, are you good to leave?"

"Yeah, just let me pee first" Charlie muttered as she headed for the bathroom.

Heath rolled his eyes. "Pregnant women"

"I heard that!"


Heath sat beside Charlie in the waiting room, he knew he had no choice, that he had to tell her what was going on, that Brax was returning to Summerbay but he didn't want to bring it up. His wife was scared she was going to lose her best friend all over again.

"Heath, could you stop shaking, you're making me nervous"

Heath glanced over at Charlie, as he stopped his leg shaking. "Sorry. Uh, Charlie, I have something to tell you"

Charlie raised her eyebrow as she closed her magazine. "What is it?"

"Well you see, uh, the thing is..."

"Charlotte Buckton"

Charlie turned away from Heath to the doctor standing in the doorway. "That's me. Heath, help me up"

Heath stood up and pulled Charlie out of her chair.

"Heath, how are you mate?"

Heath nodded. "Good. Uh, this is Charlie. Charlie, this is Nate"

Nate looked at Heath. "Please tell me..."

"No it's not mine" Heath chuckled. "Trust me; I wouldn't do that to Bianca again. Harley is enough"

"What?!" Charlie asked as she looked at Heath, turning a death stare on him as they walked into the room.

Heath raised his hands in surrender. "Didn't Bianca tell you?"

"She told me she wasn't Harley's biological mother, not that you cheated on her" Charlie glared.

"It's a long story. Let me help you up onto the bed" Heath went to reach forward but Charlie pulled away.

"I can do it" Charlie muttered as she went to steady herself, fumbling a bit she finally glanced over her shoulder at Heath blushing slightly. "Alright, you can help me"

Heath smiled as he helped her up. "There you go"

"So how are you involved then Heath?" Nate asked as he turned the machines on and grabbed Charlie's file.

"I'm the baby's uncle"

Nate nodded. "And your thirty seven weeks, Charlie?"


"How has the pregnancy been so far?"

Charlie shrugged. "Great. I found out I was pregnant at thirteen weeks so it's been a pretty quick pregnancy considering I didn't even know in the first trimester"

"Do you know what you're having?"

Charlie shook her head. "No. That's why I scheduled another ultrasound because for the last two the baby has decided not to show us"

Nate chuckled. "That happens sometimes. Any other kids?"

"Two daughters. Ruby is my biological, Nicole adopted. They are both thirteen"

"Alright, this might be cold" Nate warned as he pushed Charlie's top up and dropped a little glop of gel on her stomach.

Charlie shivered before turning to the screen. "Uh, you'll put the heartbeat on for me right?"

Nate smiled. "I can do that"

Charlie reached out and grabbed Heath's hand. "Ready to find out if it's a niece or nephew?"

"Ten bucks says it's a boy?"

Charlie smirked. "I think it's a girl"

Nate moved the transducer around on her stomach spreading the gel around. "Here we have two hands, two feet with ten little fingers and toes" Nate said pointing at the screen. "And this is the heartbeat"

The sound of a thumping heart beating filled the room and a peaceful smile graced Charlie's face. "That's a relief. I love that sound"

Nate smiled. "Would you like to know the gender now?"

Charlie nodded. "Yes"

Nate glanced at the screen closely. "It's a boy"

Heath grinned as he fist pumped the air. "Yes. Ten bucks to me"

Charlie giggled as tears started to well in her eyes. "A boy. I thought for sure it would be a girl. I can't believe I am having a boy"

"Now, Charlie, the next time we will see you will be at the birth. Have you packed your bags, booked in with the hospital, organised somewhere for your girls to stay? You have to start organising these things as your little guy could come into the world any day now" Nate wiped the gel from her stomach before feeling around. "Bubs head in engaged, breath in" Charlie did as instructed. "Looks like he's locked in comfortably. I would be prepared"

Charlie nodded. "Everything is organised"

"Do you have someone who is coming with you when you deliver?"

Charlie bit her lip as she looked at Heath. "I was going to ask Bianca"

Heath nodded. "She'll be ecstatic. Be prepared for her screaming" Heath chuckled.

Nate smirked. "Yeah. I remember when Leah had VJ. I swear Bianca screamed as much as Leah, she was so excited"

Charlie giggled. "Okay. Come on, Heath, I have some shopping to do. You can drive"

Heath shook his head. "No. No. I am not shopping with you if you're anything like Bianca"

"You're coming, now help me up"


As they drove through town in the direction of Yabbie Creek, Charlie turned to Heath with a curious glance. He was gripping the steering wheel tightly and pretending nothing was wrong when Charlie could clearly see there was.

"You don't have to come shopping"

"Huh?" Heath glanced at her. "I don't mind. I have a couple of hours before I have to head to the real estate agency anyway. I'll just leave you in a shop while I nick over and sign a few papers"

Charlie raised her eyebrow. "Is something wrong?"

Heath shook his head. "No" He exhaled. "Yes, I just don't know how to tell you"

Charlie smiled. "No need to get worked up over it, just tell me"

"Brax is coming to Summerbay in three weeks' time"


Hope you all enjoyed the third chapter.

Thank-you to those who took the time to review, hearing your thoughts on my stories really does make them worth writing.

It's a boy!

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Aww a little boy :wub:

I loved that entire chapter. It was funny! The scene with all the kids getting ready for school and Heath getting mad with Darcy for saying Bianca was the boss made me laugh. So hectic! Loved that Heath went with Charlie to the appointment, they are forming a cute little bond already and it's nice to see them like that and so different from the show! Hope Charlie takes the news of Brax's arrival in the bay well but doubt so.....

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