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Traumatized (by Melbelle94) - comments

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Wow three weeks is quite a long time for Kyle and Evie to have been missing. They were found far too easily on the show I think.

Hopefully Heath and Casey will get a lead on to where they are soon. It will be interesting to see how Kyle and Evie cope in the meantime though.

Good writing.

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Evie's in a very bad way at least she has Kyle looking out for her.

Intersted to see if Heath and Casey can get Ethan to talk. Or maybe he will end up having a run in with Brax seeing as they will be sharing the same prison.

Looking forward to more.

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This story is great, I've just caught up with this and had to post a review, poor Evie poor girl having to go through such an ordeal, kyle is being so sweet with her though, and if you,re going to be trapped in an environment like that someone like kyle and the way he,s being with Evie is just what she needs , I really hope Heath and cases can get through to Ethan, he can't keep the locked up indefinitely.

I look forward to see where you go with this really enjoying the story so far ?

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