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Devastating news for Ada and her family


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That's such awful news! I'm so sorry for their loss. My prayers go out to Ada, her husband, her son and their family.

Yeah it's really terrible news and very sad. I seen it on Facebook. Mixed feelings I know Ada's in the public eye and everything, but I feel it should of been kept private to let her grieve with her family and not shared with everyone right away

I think they would have preferred keeping this to themselves but seeing as she is in the public eye, I don't think she had another choice. As most people knew she was pregnant, people would have started asking for news about the baby, its name, pictures etc. and that would have hurt every time she read those messages or met people/fans asking about the baby. At least, we know now that we shouldn't be asking about the baby and just condole with her and her family and, most importantly, respect their privacy.

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Any words seem inadequate, that's something no-one should have to go through.I agree that they didn't really have any alternative but to announce it, given how high profile the situation was. Hopefully people will now leave them to grieve in peace.

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Ada Nicodemou and Chris Xipolitas has revealed their heartbreak at loss of stillborn son Harrison
  • 26 MINUTES AGO SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 4:08PM

Ada Nicodemou and her husband Chrys Xipolitas have thanked the public and each other for the support since the stillbirth of their son Harrison in August. Source: News Limited

ADA Nicodemou and husband Chris Xipolitas have spoken out for the first time since their second son Harrison was delivered stillborn.

The pair both shared a poem on their Instagram accounts, and the same caption, thanking the public for their support over the last few months.

The pair suffered their loss on August 7 — and first issued a statement via Channel 7, asking for privacy.

Nicodemou wrote: “@xippo74 and I would like to thank you all for your love and support through this very difficult time. Thank you!”

The poem was titled “Never.”


Ada Nicodemou's husband, Chrys Xipolitas posted this poem on Instagram. Source: Instagram Source: Instagram


It read in part: “I’ll never get to see your precious face; or whisper words to make you feel safe.”

“I’ll never get to fall asleep with you in my arms, all bundled in a blanket to keep you warm ... There are many things I will never get to do, but the hardest is not being with you.”

The initial statement announcing the shock news shared the couple’s heartbreak at losing their baby.

“It is with great sadness that we need to share some news with you. Our baby boy Harrison was delivered stillborn on Thursday 7 August 2014. We appreciate your love and support as we mourn the loss of our precious son,” it read.

“We understand we have lived some of our lives in the public eye. But we respectfully ask for privacy at this difficult and extremely painful time so we can grieve and heal. With love Ada, Chrys & Johnas.”

Johnas is two years old.


Big hugs to the both of you :innocent:

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Brave Ada Nicodemou back to work after heartbreaking loss
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You have to take the moments, when you can, to look after yourself.

Ada Nicodemou is taking small steps back into her daily routine, after suffering the loss of her baby son Harrison.

The Home And Away star says that while her grief is still very raw, she is slowly moving back into everyday life with her husband Chrys Xipolitas and their 2-year-old son, Johnas.

I’m back at Home And Away, I’m back, I’m working, so that keeps me really, really busy,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“And, you know, I’m running after a 2-year-old, so there’s never a free moment.”

Ada and Chris’s son Harrison was delivered stillborn in early August. While she is reluctant to talk about the tragedy, she says she is coping with the loss.

“I’m doing really well,” she said when asked how she was doing.

Ada says she has relied on the philosophy of personal wellbeing and taking time out to nurture herself throughout the difficult time.

“You have to take the moments, when you can, to look after yourself,” she said.

Earlier this week, Ada and her husband posted a heartfelt tribute to their son on Facebook, with a poem by K. Fulgleberg.

The pair also thanked everyone for their ongoing love and support.

“Chrys and I would like to thank everyone for their love and support through a very difficult time. Thank you xo,” Ada wrote.


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Ada Nicodemou: 'I miss my baby'

EXCLUSIVE For the first time, the beloved Home and Away star opens up about the tragic stillbirth of her tiny son.

New Idea May 18, 2015, 8:45 am


Ada Nicodemou opens up about the tragic stillbirth of her son in this week's issue of New Idea, on sale now.

There are small reminders every day. A red rose blooming, a baby’s laughter, the sight of two small brothers playing.

It’s been nine months since Ada Nicodemou’s life changed forever when her precious baby Harrison was stillborn, leaving her to grieve what might have been with husband Chrys Xipolitas.

For Ada – who struggled to have two-year-old son Johnas through IVF – a second unplanned, unassisted pregnancy seemed a beautiful blessing. She didn’t feel well, but had started to recover and look forward to the new arrival when heartbreak struck suddenly last August 7.

"We will never be the same people we were, and I hate that," the Home And Away favourite says softly, tears in her eyes.

"How do you cope with this? How do you cope? For both of us, what’s upsetting is that this is part of our story now. It’s something you never imagine. It’s just one of the most unnatural things you could ever go through."

She pauses, thinking carefully about her next words.

"It’s not that I will never be a complete person again, but I just wonder... How can I say? I just feel I can never be completely happy again because this has happened."

Source: New Idea magazine

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