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Devastating news for Ada and her family


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Given how popular the show is I think it would have been almost impossible to keep a secret for long.It's not really for us to judge.

My heart goes out to her.I can't even begin to imagine that sort of pain.

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Yeah it's really terrible news and very sad. I seen it on Facebook. Mixed feelings I know Ada's in the public eye and everything, but I feel it should of been kept private to let her grieve with her family and not shared with everyone right away

I don't think they had any choice. They needed to bring this to the public. Everyone knew that Ada was going to have the baby around this time. And the rumors and speculations can be really cruel sometimes, and I think that a lot of people already have guessed or heard the truth anyways. You know from friends of friends. It's better to put the truth out.

But I really hope that people respect their wish about some privacy around this!!!!

Really sad news, I hope they are able to take care of each other in all this.

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