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Summer Bay’s Pretty Little Liars

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Hmm this has the feel of the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer too it. I think whoever is sending the texts has seen someone accidently die long ago by the hands of Ruby,Indi and Nicole. They are back now for their revenge.

Hopefully Ruby is ok I wonder how and when Indi and Nicole are going to be targeted?

Good update

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Chapter 3

Colleen Smart was the woman who knew everybody’s business, whether they wanted her too or not. Normally she shared what she knew with Madge Wilkins and the two of them would gossip until proverbial cows came home. But for some reason Colleen was silent on this day. People would ask if she were okay because of it. They would enquire about her health with genuine concern and she would brush off the questions as though dusting lint of her favourite brightly coloured dress. They might see, if they looked close enough, the sheen of tears that sprang into her eyes now and again but if they did they didn’t ask about it.

She had a mobile phone, not a smart phone, not one that connected to the internet or did anything fancy, no it was just a phone her Lancie had bought her a long time ago to use in case of emergencies. When it sprang into life the night that they heard about Martha being hurt she ignored the strange message thinking someone had her number by accident. When she got the next messages she began to worry. From worrying to now being anxious. More than anxious. She was nervous and uncertain. She had no idea where to turn to.

“Why do you smile

Like you have told a secret

Now you're telling lies

Cause you're the one to keep it

If you’ve got a secret,

Colleen just can’t keep it

To Madge she will tell

Except for the secret

She hides even from her

Time to shine a light on the past

Let this secret come out at last

Or else…..


She read the latest message and looked around. Her lips were trembling and she pressed them together to stop them. There was only one secret she’d never told her friend. Thinking that it referenced the child she’d had when she was 15 she’d ignored the implications in the messages that were threatening to reveal her biggest, darkest secret as her daughter Maureen had tracked her down.

There was only one secret she’d never told anybody stemming back to the days of the Miss Groper contest which she’d won.

At first she’d dismissed it as a hoax. How could anyone know about what happened in 1959? Alf certainly had a long memory and his name started with ‘A’ the same at the person who signed of the mysterious texts but no, he wouldn’t know this story.

Colleen looked around the diner before she picked up her phone and sent back a single message.

“What do you want?”

The phone beeped and she looked at it, disappointed that it was the delivery message. When it beeped a second time she jumped, feeling a cold sweat crawling over her skin.

“Leave Summer Bay.”

Colleen trembled, where could she go she asked herself?

Looking around the diner she saw numerous people on their phones. The whole world was connected so how far did she have to go to escape these texts. What if she dumped her phone? They couldn’t contact her then.

“Visit Lancie…. Before I tell him the secret you keep”

She read the new message and groaned before tears slipped down her cheeks. Her hand was shaking so much that she couldn’t control her fingers as she tried to send a text and knew she’d misspelled it.

“Goaa way!”

After starring at the display for an age she finally decided that whoever it was had gone silent and she breathed a sigh of relief before putting it away in her handbag and trying to give her attention to everything else that was going on.

Madge Wilkins was looking out of her window, minding her own business, and everybody else’s, when she noticed people were moving things into the house over the road. Sitting back in her chair she picked up her binoculars and had a good look, watching as wardrobes were lifted inside and then the bed, boxes and TV. One of the modern slim ones that was huge. She noted down the number of beds being moved in and reached for her phone to pass on this latest development when she saw she had a text message.

Opening it up she gasped as she read it.

“Back in ’59, Miss Groper was no innocent little miss

To the judges she gave more than a kiss

She inherited her crown

After shedding her gown

For Judge one and then Judge two

Here’s a secret I bet no-one knew!

- A”

“Well I’ll be… that Colleen Smart has a lot to answer for…” Madge muttered as she reread the words of the text.

Climbing awkwardly out of her chair she paced over to her bedroom, getting dressed in her favourite floral dress and pinning one of her hats to her head. A coat of waxy red lipstick she only wore on special occasions was applied to her narrow lips and then from there she was off, first to the nursing home where she visited with the older ladies of the district, and then she would pop into the bowls club. She suddenly had a lot of people to see and talk to.

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