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Story Title: Fixable?

Type: M/L

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ruby, Casey, Heath, Bianca.

BTTB Rating: T

Genre: Friendship, Drama, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Family.

Spoilers: No

Warnings: Language, Violence.

Summary; What would it be like if the Braxton's lives were different? If they hadn't all stayed together? What would it be like if Brax had been part of reason the family had broken up?



Authors Note: I do NOT own Home and Away! All credit to the writers.



Chapter One:

Chapter One:

Fifteen year old Heath Braxton walked into the house and dumped his school bag by the front door, hearing the cries of his younger brother he moved to the living room to see Casey curled up on the couch in a ball, crying into his knees.

"Case?" Heath asked as he approached the three year old. "Casey, what happened?" Heath asked as he knelt down in front of his brother.

Casey pulled back from his knees; at the sight of Heath he launched himself into his brother's arms. "Heath"

Heath only just managed to stop himself for crashing to the floor as he held onto Casey, the little boy clutching to him. "Casey?" Heath was confused, Casey was never overly affectionate towards him as much as it hurt Heath he knew that Brax was the little boy's hero. "What happened?"

"Mummy and Brax were yelling" Casey wailed into Heath's shoulder. "I don't like it. I don't want to leave" Casey cried and Heath frowned.

"You're not leaving Case, remember you live here" Heath reminded the kid. "You're my little bro"

Casey shook his head. "Brax taking me away" Casey sobbed.

Heath didn't understand what was happening; he didn't understand what Casey was talking about. Brax hadn't mentioned anything about a trip.

"I don't wanna go" Casey whined.

Heath hugged him closely as he watched Brax storm out of the hallway carrying a couple of bags. He knew something was off when his older brother wouldn't turn to face him. "It's alright, mate" Heath said as the front door opened and then closed again moments later.


Hearing Brax's voice Casey cringed further into Heath. "I don't wanna go!" Casey cried and Heath stood up with Casey in his arms as Brax walked into the room.

"Time to go, Case"

Casey shook his head as Brax reached for him. "NO!"

Brax groaned. "It's time to go"

"No. I stay with Heath and mummy" Casey told him.

"No. You're coming with me. Let's go" Brax told him sternly as he pulled him out of Heath's arms.

"Brax! What is going on?" Heath asked but Brax didn't look at him.

"Heath!" Casey wailed over Brax's shoulder.

Heath couldn't help it, he froze, he stood in the middle of the lounge room completely frozen as his younger brother shouted his name. Heath didn't know what was happening but he could tell by the look on Brax's face that it wasn't good. Brax was angry it was written all over his face.

"Casey" The name was barely a whisper as it came from Heath's mouth.

Cheryl came stumbling out of the hall still hung over from the previous night, gripping the wall as she glared at Brax. "You can't take him!" Cheryl screeched.

All Heath could do was watch as his brother spun back around in a rage. "I ain't leaving him with you, I put up with dad's abuse, I'm not about to stand by and watch you drink yourself to death. Casey deserves better"

Cheryl laughed. "You're seventeen! Where you gonna go?"

Brax puffed out his chest. "I'm nearly eighteen"

"What about Heath?" Cheryl asked as she pointed towards him.

Brax shrugged. "He's fifteen. I can't take care of him forever. He's screwing up his life. He can stay with you"

Heath tried not to look hurt as he glanced back at his mother. "That's how you treat your brother. I thought I raised ya better"

Brax scoffed. "Raised me?! I raised myself. Heath ain't going nowhere in life, he's as much a screw up as you are, I'm giving Casey his best shot and that's with me"

Cheryl glared. "He's my son! You're not taking him, Darryl, give him to me" Cheryl demanded.

"Heath!" Casey cried as he reached for his brother.

Brax just laughed. "He's not your son! I'm not giving him to you. He can have a better life away from you!"

"Brax!" Heath started but Brax turned around.

"Mummy, Heath!" Casey cried as Brax walked out the front door, slamming it behind him.

Heath reacted quickly as he saw his mother falling to the floor. "I got you, mum"

"He took my baby!" Cheryl shouted as she hugged Heath tight.

Heath didn't speak, he didn't know what to say but he knew he had to be strong for his mother. But what Brax had said had cut him deeply, how could his older brother think that he was a screw up? Brax was meant to protect him like he had protected Casey.


Heath couldn't explain how bad he felt, he didn't know what to do but he knew he couldn't let this be the end of it, he knew without a doubt that he had to find them, that he had to bring Casey home.

He didn't know what had sent Brax off in a rage, what had made him decide to take Casey away.

There was one thing that wouldn't leave his mind "He's not your son!" Heath didn't understand what Brax had meant by that.

He didn't understand how Brax could say something like that to his own mother.


Heath glanced down at the sound of his mother's fragile voice; she had her eyes closed, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I got you. It's gonna be fine mum, it's gonna be okay" Heath muttered, trying to calm her. "We'll get Casey back" Heath told her, he didn't know how, he didn't know when but he knew he had to try. He also knew he needed to find out what had happened, why Brax had suddenly lost it.


Authors Note: Please Review! Let me know what you think.

Quick Note: First couple of chapters are about the past.

Next Chapter:

Heath finds out some life changing news.

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Chapter Two:
One Year Later

Darryl Braxton sat on the motel bed looking at four year old Casey as he slept peacefully tucked beneath the blankets, his eyes filled with sadness as he listened to the sound of the little boys breathing.

He couldn’t believe what he had done, one year on and it still seemed like yesterday. Walking out of the house carrying Casey as he screamed and squirmed, reaching for his mother and Heath. Brax hated the thought that he’d put Casey through any pain. It had never been his intention.

But as he thought about the past year, moving for motel to motel as they made their way up the coast, Brax was having a hard time determining if it was a better life or if the one they had walked out on was really all they ever needed.


Heath walked through the front door dumping his bag on the ground by the door, he was exhausted. He letter he’d received kept playing over and over in his mind, he knew there was only one option left if he wanted to find Casey, he had to go to the police. But he didn’t want to call and then get Brax into trouble. No matter what his older brother had said or done, they were still related and he didn’t want Brax getting into any trouble over it.

Entering the lounge room he swallowed as he looked at his mother, curled up under a thick blanket staring blankly at the tv in front of her. A year. Heath couldn’t believe it had been a year; time seemed to be frozen in place. He wanted to make things better for his mother, she didn’t do anything, couldn’t bring herself to. She couldn’t even speak Casey’s name without breaking in tears.

“How was school?”

Heath shook his head as he stood a seat beside her. “We talked about this mum; I ain’t going to school right now. Someone has to pay the bills, remember?” Heath asked.

Cheryl hummed as she reached out towards him, Heath laid his head in her lap as he did every evening and allowed her to run her fingers through his hair. “You should go to school” Cheryl said after a moment of silence.

Heath closed his eyes, even though it had gotten better, even though her drinking had stopped it didn’t take the depression away. The memory of Casey being ripped away from her was still too strong. “I can’t. You’re not working at the moment, if I went back to school we’d be living on the street and Brax would be right”

Cheryl paused her movements. “He’s wrong. I won’t let him be right. He took my baby away”

Heath sighed. He had yet to find out what Brax had meant by this words the day he left, but it didn’t matter to him Casey would always be his little brother. “Well he is, Ma. We are stuck, ain’t going anywhere”

Hearing the door open and shut caused Heath to sit up startled, relaxing when he noticed it was his girlfriend Tegan, panicking again when he saw the tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Babe?” Heath asked as he scrambled off the couch. “What’s happened?”

The crying coming from someone other than herself seemed to alarm Cheryl; it panicked her as she turned towards Tegan.
Watching silently as Heath guided her to the couch.

“I’m so sorry” Tegan blubbered as she clung onto Heath, her fists gripping his shirt tightly causing her knuckles to turn white.

Heath rubbed her back as he looked at his mother for some kind of help, he didn’t know what to do, they’d been dating six months and he hadn’t seen her cry at all. “It’s okay” Heath muttered as he kissed the side of her head.

“I’m so sorry” Tegan repeated her voice filled with sadness.

Cheryl moved the blanket from her legs and stood up, moving to sit next to the two sixteen year olds. “What’s going on Tegan?” Cheryl finally asked, her voice weak with exhaustion.

“I’m pregnant” Tegan sobbed.

Heath couldn’t help it, he reacted by pulling away and jumping to his feet, he looked at her his eyes filled with absolute shock. “You’re pregnant with my baby?!”

Tegan bit her lip as she nodded; she was blushing as the tears rolled down her cheeks. “Yes”

Heath held his head in his hand, taking deep breaths. “Brax was right. Oh god. Brax was right, I am a screw up” Heath shook his head as he kicked the coffee table in anger

Cheryl stood up when she saw the tears escaping Tegan’s eyes. “You’re not a screw up!” Cheryl told him firmly. She hated that Brax had ever thought of him that way. “You’re just having a baby”

Heath looked at his mother in disbelief, moments earlier she had been sitting on the couch in a fragile state, and then she suddenly felt the urge to tell him he wasn’t a screw up. Heath shook his head, he didn’t believe her. “I’m sixteen!” Heath shouted as he turned to his mum. “How is this going to be okay? How? I’m a failure”

Cheryl whacked him over the back of his head lightly it caused him to freeze. “You are not a failure, Heath Braxton! I don’t want to hear you call yourself one, understand me?” Cheryl asked and Heath begrudgingly nodded. “Now look at Tegan”

Heath did as instructed, the tears trailing down his girlfriend’s face made him cringe. She was a complete mess, her face bright red, eyes filled with sadness. “Teegs”

“I’m sorry” Tegan blubbered.

Cheryl sighed as she walked around and brushed her hand through Tegan’s hair. “It’ll be okay. Heath is gonna man up, aren’t you?”

Heath walked over and knelt down in front of Tegan, he looked at her. “It’ll be okay”

“I don’t think it will be” Tegan sobbed and Heath pulled her in for a tight hug.

“It will be” Heath promised as he looked up at his mum with sad eyes, Cheryl smiled and nodded, encouraging him to speak. “It’s gonna be fine. I’ve got you”

Heath watched as his mother leaned against the couch for support as he comforted the mother of his unborn child. “Well this changes things” Cheryl finally spoke, as she lifted the nearby newspaper with her shaky hand. “We can’t live like this. I’ll need a job, Heath you have to finish school”


Cheryl turned to her son, fixing him with a weak glare. “I won’t have Brax winning this fight. You’re not a screw up and neither am I. I need Casey to be proud when he walks through that door. You’re going to finish school, Heath Braxton, because you’re going to give your baby a better life then you had”

Heath frowned. “Mum, I had a good life”

Cheryl laughed weakly. “No you didn’t. But I’m going to make up for it; I have to do this for you and Casey. We start tomorrow” Cheryl looked at her son’s sadness as he rubbed Tegan’s back. “It’ll be okay” Cheryl promised.


Authors Note: Please Review! Let me know what you think

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I will write at the beginning of each chapter if I am doing a time skip. This chapter is still relating to the previous one.



Chapter Three:

Tegan smiled as she gripped onto Heath's hand, tightly, to tightly. She was sitting on top of the bed waiting impatiently for the doctor to enter the room. The squeal she let out when Doctor Sid Walker entered was deafening.

"Happy to see me?" Sid asked.

Tegan nodded her head, bouncing with joy. "Yes. I can't wait to see the baby" Tegan told him as she smiled at Heath.

"How have you been feeling Tegan? Morning sickness stopping?" Sid asked her.

Cheryl laughed quietly from the corner. "I wouldn't call it morning sickness; it strikes every moment of the day"

"Cheryl!" Tegan muttered as she looked horrified at the thought of the doctor in visioning her puking.

Cheryl zipped her lips with an amused look on her lips.

Uh, actually it still comes. I really don't understand why they call it morning sickness if it last all day and night" Tegan complained and Sid chuckled.

"That's part of having children, it can be worse in the case of multiples" Sid told her but was startled by Tegan's horrified look.

"Just one baby" Tegan pleaded. "Just one, I have to push it out of me, so just one" Tegan told him.

Sid chuckled. "Alright. Can you pull your shirt up a little for me?" Tegan did as instructed as she saw the gel in his hands. "This might be cold" He warned as he put a drop of gel onto her stomach, Tegan shivered as he started to spread it with the transducer. "Looks like everything is going fine, one healthy little baby" Sid informed them as the sound of a beating heart filled the room.

Tears startled to roll down Tegan's cheeks as she listened to the sound of the beating heart, the baby growing inside her sounded healthy, for that Tegan was thankful. She squeezed Heath's hand and he grinned as he leaned down and kissed her forehead, looking up he meet his mother's eyes. He was relieved to see her smiling, completely in love with the little figure on the screen.

"I'm just taking a few measurements" Sid told them as he noticed Tegan's confused look. "And there you go. At your next ultrasound you will be able to find out the sex but you need to make the decision if that is something you want. I find that most couples like the thought of a surprise"

"We'll be finding out" Tegan said with a grin as she took the tissues Sid held out.

"No, we won't" Heath said and Tegan turned to him with a raised eyebrow. "Yes we will!" Heath corrected.

Cheryl and Tegan laughed at his sudden change of thought, but they were all beaming with pride and love at the thought of the little baby on the screen.

"Here are some pictures" Sid said as he handed the pictures to Tegan.



Sid Walker took the spot at the machine and smiled at Tegan who was grinning brightly as though she was at her first ultrasound. He knew how excited couples got when it came to finding out the genders of their babies.

Heath looked down at Tegan with a smile as she squeezed his hand nervously; he had to admit he was nervous to at the thought of finally knowing if he would be raising a son or daughter.

"Would you two quit looking so terrified" Cheryl spoke.

Tegan glanced at her letting out a little giggle. "Sorry. I'm nervous" Tegan said as she pulled up her shirt a little.

"This will be cold" Sid warned as he put the gel on her stomach and used the transducer around to spread it before he started to concentrate. "Are we finding out gender today?" Sid asked.

Tegan glanced up at Heath who smiled and nodded. They had agreed on it earlier in the week, after two months of arguing. "Yes we are, we want to know" Heath confirmed and Sid nodded.

"Alright then, let's see what we have here" Sid said as he tried to get a picture of the baby, sighing he looked over at Tegan. "I'm having a hard time getting a clear picture. Take a deep breath" Sid instructed and Tegan did as told.

Sid used the opportunity to push on the right side of her stomach. "I am just trying to move the baby into a better position" Sid told her as he moved the transducer around. "Alright, here is your little baby. I'll just take a couple of quick measurements while I have a good picture" Sid said as he moved the transducer over her stomach.

Tegan glanced at Heath and he nodded. "Everything alright?"

Sid glanced at them. "Everything is perfect, you are having one healthy baby girl" Sid told them and Tegan burst out into tears.

"Oh baby" Heath said as he leaned down and kissed the top of her head.

"A girl. A little girl" Tegan sobbed.

Heath glanced at his mother, she nodded her approval. "A granddaughter"


Tegan screamed loudly as she clung to the sheet of the bed, her knuckles turning white. Heath cringed as he leaned down to move the hair from her face but he couldn't help the pang of hurt the surfaced as Tegan cringed away from him.

Her hair was matted to her face for sweat, her eyes bloodshot as she looked at him.

"Don't touch me!" Tegan shouted at him.

Heath couldn't take the look over hatred in her eyes so he walked over to his mother; she looked up at him with soft eyes. "I can't do this" Heath confessed. "I can't be a dad. I can't raise a kid, mum"

Cheryl just smiled. "You can and you will. You had sex; this is what you get so man up. Your about to welcome your daughter in the world" Cheryl told him.

Heath shook his head as the doctor entered. "How you going, Tegan?" Dr Sid Walker asked as he looked up at her but Tegan glared at him with fierce eyes.

"Not okay" Tegan huffed as she tried to breathe. "It hurts so ****ing much!"

"Tegan!" Cheryl reprimanded but her eyes were filled with amusement as the teenager swore.

"I know it does baby but you're doing great" Heath whispered as he moved back to her side, Tegan just glared at him as a groan escaped her lips.

"I don't wanna do this, I didn't wanna do this. You're the one who said we should. Heath" Tegan moaned as the pain swept over her body causing her to scream.

"I know, I know. But you can do this, your bringing our daughter into the world" Heath told her.

Tegan whimpered as she clutched his hand. "I hate you. I really do" Tegan said squeezing.

Heath smiled. "I love you babe"

"Okay Tegan, when the next contraction hits I want you to push, push and push as hard as you can okay?" Sid asked and Tegan moaned as the tightening could be felt yet again.

"Owwwwwwww!" Tegan moaned as she pushed.

"Come on Tegan one more, a big one" Sid Walker coached her.

"Ahhhhhhh" Tegan moaned as she heard the cries of her baby girl, the screeching sounded perfect to her.

"Here we go, a girl" Sid Walker said as he handed the baby over to the nurse.

Tegan flopped back onto the pillows, she was exhausted, it could be seen in her facial features. Heath smiled as he leaned down and kissed her, he poured passion Tegan had never felt before into the kiss as the baby was placed onto her chest.

"You did it" Heath murmured as he brushed the hair away from her face. "I love you"

"I love you more" Tegan muttered as leaned down and kissed the baby on the head. "I love you Darcy, my precious and sweet baby girl"

A click of the camera went off as Cheryl took a picture of Tegan kissing Darcy on the forehead, a deep look of love in her eyes.

"Heath, take the baby" Tegan whispered as the machines started beeping.

Heath snatched the baby up from Tegan grasp as the doctors came rushing in, he looked terrified as his mother came to stand by him. "Tegan!" Heath shouted.

"She's haemorrhaging!" Sid informed the staff. "Let's move!"

Heath's eyes filled with tears as he watched them wheel Tegan's lifeless body away. Cheryl wrapped a comforting around her son as she gazed at the baby.

"It'll be okay"

Heath glanced at the baby, as a tear fell from his eye. "My little Darcy Rose Braxton"

"Rose?" Cheryl asked suddenly.

Heath turned to her with complete sadness. "Tegan's middle name"


Please comment

My question for you all. How would you like to see Connie protrayed?

I have written her as a bit of softy wanting to be involved in her granddaughter life but I'm unsure if its going to be the right move

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Summary: What would it be like if the Braxton's lives were different? If they hadn't all stayed together? What would it be like if Brax had been part of reason the family had broken up?



Chapter Four:

He looked down as they lowered his girlfriend into the ground; he gently gripped his newborn daughter tighter to his chest as he took a look at the guests, his eyes filled with utter sadness as he tried to remember what he had written down. He couldn't piece the words together, who could? He'd lost the girl who had given him everything, a precious little gift that lay sleeping in his arms.

Heath didn't know how to put his grief into words, because there were none.

"Mr Braxton?"

He turned to the funeral director as a tear trailed down his cheek landing on his daughter's forehead. "I"

"Take your time"

Heath glanced back at the crowd gathered to farewell Tegan. He hardly knew her family; she hadn't wanted him to meet anyone apart from her mother, Connie. Heath looked over at the blonde woman; she was in a flood of tears clinging onto Cheryl in hopes of not falling down.

In the week she'd been gone, Heath couldn't imagine how Connie was feeling, she'd lost her child. Heath couldn't imagine losing Darcy.

Taking in a deep breath, he glanced at the coffin. "I don't know what to say, it's the first time I've been able to understand the loss of someone close to me. Tegan and I were together one year, one year that absolutely changed my life. I love her. I'll always love her. Tegan was carefree, emotional and bright. She changed my life, especially by giving me Darcy. Tegan will always be with me, with us. I promise to share my memories with Darcy, I want her to know her mother in every sense she can" Heath paused to wipe away the tears that were trailing down his cheeks. "Tegan I promise to love Darcy enough for the both of us, she's our daughter, she is my piece of you. I promise you Tegan, I will always love you, babe. Forever"

He took a step forward and placed a red rose onto the coffin, followed by a copy of a picture, a picture of Tegan and Darcy in the hospital. He placed a kiss on his little girl's forehead, whispering to her before moving towards his mother and Connie.

Reaching out he grabbed Connie's hand and squeezed gently causing her to look up, cheeks bright red, eyes bloodshot and tears running down her face. "We'll do this together, we're a family" Heath told her as a few tears fell from his eyes. "We all loved her"


Six Months Later

Heath dumped his school bag by the front door and hurried into the house, he could hear laughter coming from the living room and he smiled at the sight of Connie and Cheryl sitting on the couch with coffee. Darcy was lying on the floor surrounded by toys; he couldn't help but grin at the sight of her.

"Darce, baby" Heath said as he picked her up and hugged her close to his chest, laughter escaped her mouth as she pulled at Heath's shirt.

"Hi to you to, son" Cheryl said sarcastically.

Heath chuckled as he glanced over at his mother and Connie. "Hey mum" Heath said as he leaned down and kissed her cheek. "Hi Connie, how are you doing?"

Connie looked up and smiled at Heath as he watched her cuddling her granddaughter, his daughter, tickling her sides. "I'm fine. How was your day?"

Heath grinned. "Good. Missed this little grommet" Heath said as he kissed the top of Darcy's head. "I hate leaving her in the mornings"

Connie nodded. "I can imagine. I want to talk to you about something"

Heath looked at her curiously as he passed Darcy to his mum. "I'll be back in a moment baby" Heath promised as he saw her watching him.

Following Connie to the kitchen he saw her sad eyes as she looked up at him. "I'm going on holiday next week"

Heath smiled. "Cool, you deserve it Connie. It'd be a good break"

Connie nodded as she turned to the window that overlooked the backyard. "I'll be gone two weeks, uhI was wondering if I could have Darcy for a few nights before I go"

Heath froze up; he looked at her back, eyes blank. It wasn't that he didn't want Darcy to sleep over at her grandmothers or that he didn't like Connie. It was that he wasn't sure he could trust her, not after she'd tried when Darcy was a newborn, a week after Tegan's funeral. "Connie"

She turned back to look at him. "I know Heath, I know. I wouldn't trust me if I was in your shoes. I know what I did was wrong, it was beyond forgivable but you let me see Darcy, you invite me to family dinners. I'm thankful" Connie said as she leaned against the bench. "After the judge awarded you custody, I should have let it go. I shouldn't have tried to take her. I know that, what I did was out of love. I wasn't thinking about how it would have affected you or even Darcy in the future" Connie took a deep breath. "I'm never going to try and take her away again; I won't do that because I see how much she loves you. You've allowed me to become part of your family instead of shutting me out. I'd be happy to have her just for one night, just please consider it Heath"

Heath rubbed a hand over his head and nodded. "I'm scared. I can't lose her, she's my everything"

Connie nodded. "You won't. I'll check in every two hours, if I don't text then you'll know something isn't right. But I promise I'll bring her back to you"

Heath sighed. "Alright. But just a night, I don't like being away from her"

Connie smiled as she wrapped her arms around Heath. "You're like a son to me Heath, that girl is your daughter. I won't take her away"

Heath nodded. "Good. Your apart of our family, your apart of her life but I'm her father and she's needs to be with me"


Authors Note: Let me know what you think.

Next Chapter:

We check in on Brax and Casey.

Darcy's first birthday.

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