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All or Nothing

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Title:All or Nothing

Type of story: long Fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Cast: Braxtons, OC'S

Spoilers: no

Warnings: violence, language, adult themes

Plot: A bit of a re-telling, after Danny Braxton dies in prison, Brax, Heath and Casey discover they have another brother. But they are shocked when they find out how different he is from them.


Cheryl sat with her sons at the police station

"How ya holding up? Casey asked her

"Numb, I didn't care too much about him, but I didn't want him to die like this" she replied hugging her youngest son.

"These are all of The belongings Danny had in his cell" a young male police officer said handing Cheryl a large yellow envelope.

"Thanks mate" Brax said noticing Cheryl snatch it.

She pulled out it's contents some letters and a photo of a young blonde boy.

"Which one of us is that?" Casey asked

Cheryl stood up not answering him.

"None of us" Brax told him

Casey turned the photo over and noticed "your son, Kyle. Love Addison" written on the back in black marker texta.

"Who's Kyle and Addison?" He said out loud.

Brax looked up

"Addison, as in Addison Bennett?" Brax asked

"Don't know doesn't say" Casey told him.


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"Why didn't he have any photos of us?" Casey asked Heath sitting at the table

"Mum probably didn't give him any" Heath told him

"Do you know who this Addison is?" Casey asked

"Mine and Brax's babysitter" Heath replied

"Thank you" Brax said hanging up the phone

"So it turns out Addison Bennett moved to Melbourne in the late 80s and died about the same time dad went to prison leaving behind an 11 year old son, so means her be about 23 or 24" Brax told them

"What happened to the kid when she died" Heath asked

"Foster care apparently" Brax replied

"Well, I can't find a thing about him on google so either he's an underachiever or he lives a pretty boring life" Casey told them

Ricky walked in

"Hey, how did you guys go how did Cheryl handle it" she asked

"She was fine" Brax told her

"Turns out we have another brother" Heath added

"What, who is he?" She asked

"Kyle Bennett apparently. He's from Melbourne" Brax said as picked up his car keys

"Where are you going" she asked him

"To Melbourne, if this is true that makes him blood and I wanna know who he is" Brax said

"Hold on I'm comin with ya" Heath called


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"Are ya sure this is the house" Heath asked Brax as they walked through the gate

"You could've talked to the guy yourself, Heath" Brax replied as he knocked on the door

A girl in her early 20's answered.

"Yeah?" She asked

"We're looking for a guy named Kyke Bennett" Brax told her

She leaned against the door and folded her arms

"Whatever he did, I don't wanna get involved" she said

"Look, what's your name?" Brax asked

"Phoebe" she told him

"Listen Phoebe, it's really important we talk to him" Brax told her

"And as far as we know, he hasn't done anything" he added

"He probably has" Phoebe said

"What are you his mother" Heath joked

"If I'm his mother that must make you two his boyfriends" she replied

Heath quickly wiped the smile from his face.

Phoebe's phone rang

"Speaking of the son of satan" she said

"Hey Kyle... Ryan hey... Again, is he ok?... I'll be there soon" Phoebe said and hung up the phone

"I gotta go, can you guys come back another time" she asked

"Is Kyle ok?" Brax asked

"I don't know" she replied "but I gotta get to the hospital"

"We'll go with you" Brax told her


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"So what's the deal what happened?" Brax asked as the walked into the hospital

"Overdose, again" Phoebe told Brax and Heath

"Overdose as in drug overdose" Brax asked

Phoebe stopped

"How did you guys say you knew Kyle again" she asked

"Phoebs" a guy said before Brax could answer

"Is he ok?" She asked

"He flatlined but doctors were able bring him back, so once again he's gonna fine" the guy said

"Well I thought you were going to the meetings with him" Phoebe snapped

"I was finished work late, I called him and said I'd pick him up but he said he'd meet me there but he never showed up, I found in an alley a few blocks away" the guy told Phoebe

She hugged him

"Thanks Ryan, for finding him" Phoebe said and went to walk back to Brax and Heath

"Hey Phoebes, you deserve better than this" Ryan said grabbing her hand

She shook her hand free

"What's the deal between you two" Brax asked

Phoebe ignored him

"How do you know Kyle?" She asked

"We found out he was our brother" Heath told her

She stopped and looked through the door at Kyle, he turned his head and smiled at her

"Give me 5 minutes with him, then he's all yours and please and him back to whatever rock you crawled out from under and get him sorted" she said

"Hey kid" Kyle said as she walked in

She gave a fake smile

"I'm sorry, I got thinking about everything and I couldn't think of a good excuse not to use" he told

"What about me" she said

"What?" He asked confused

"I'm an excuse not use, god Kyle. 8 times I've listened to you tell me the same lies"

"Phoebs, I'm not gonna use anymore, I promise"

"Listen to yourself, you don't even realize you have a problem" she argued

"That's not true, Phoebe I love you"

"No, you don't get to do that. You don't get to give that sad puppy dog eye look and tell me you love me. Because I can't do this anymore" she cried


"I've done some thinking and I can't do this anymore" she told him

Kyle was silent for a minute

"Tell me, when you were doing your think, was I in our bed or was Ryan?" Kyle said

Kyle felt a sting go across his face before realizing it was Phoebes hand

"Go to hell" she said wiping tears from her eyes

"I'm sorry, Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe" Kyle called then picked up a glass and threw it at the door as she walked out it

"He's all yours" she said to Brax and Heath.


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Brax and Heath walked into Kyle's hospital room.

"What do you want" Kyle asked

"I'm Darryl this is Heath and we're brothers" Brax told him

Kyle gave a slight laugh

"I know who you are" Kyle said

"So what is this the part where we hug then and cry over dad's death" Kyle asked sarcastically

"Comedian" Heath muttered

Got a proposition for you, you come home with us and we get you help for your addiction..." Brax was saying when Kyle cut him off

"No" Kyle said

"Kid, the way I see it, you got no one here, your girlfriend just dumped you and the only family you had s dead. So I'm extending an olive branch and inviting you to join our family" Brax said

"The answer is still no" Kyle told them

"Come on the little punk doesn't want our help" Heath said

"Kid, I don't think you understand, you're turning a chance to be part of a family" Brax said

"No, you don't understand I'm not turning down a family, I'm turning down your family" Kyle spat


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