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Forever and Always (by Danni02) - comments

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Oh Charlie had a miscarriage maybe that's why things are tense between Chax and I wonder if April is pregnant and Finn is so cute it was sweet that Daniel was worried about his parents update again soon Danni :)

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Great chapter glad Kobe is warming up to Brax and Georgia. Glad that April agreed to move knew she would come around update again soon

Glad Charlie brought Kobe new clothes and Good that April and James are talking again update again soon

Glad Leo is doing a bit better hopefully he can be home for Christmas Kaya wanting a barbie was so cute and oh no Eli won't do what he is told so no game for him but I feel a bit sorry for him update

Another great chapter, Danni :) Hopefully Charlie and Brax can talk while they're in Bali. It seems like Daniel is right and Charlie should talk about it sooner rather then later! I don't like how April is being with James...it seems things have changed for the worse since moving in together! Hope she's okay! Xx

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Glad Chax talked and hopefully they have a great holiday and oh no things are tense between April and James I hope they sort it out soon update again soon Danni :)

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Great writing, Danni :) Aww I hope Charlie and Brax can enjoy the holiday as much as the kids seem to be! I hope Chax can talk some more and reconnect! I hope Ruby is okay! April is not being herself..I feel a bit sorry for James! I hope she opens up to him soon too! Xx

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Great couple of chapters Danni :)

So sad about Chax losing their babies.:( But I really do hope Charlie will find a way to open up and her and Brax can start comforting each other on this holiday

Feel so sorry for Ruby :( not good that she blames herself for Dex's death

April... really think she might be with child, just hope she talks to James rather than continue biting his head off. Feel so sorry for the guy

Update soon :)

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