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Dan F

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I have finally caught up with all episodes.

I like this Kevin kid. He seems nice enough.

RIP Bobby Marshall. You will always be my favourite Early Years character. At the moment, Tug is my favourite male character because he has come so far since Bobby "adopted" him.

I didn't like the way Greg yelled at poor Ailsa who was just saying goodbye to Bobby. Everyone knew Bobby was brain dead and no way she could come out of the coma. Even Sam knew. I still don't like Greg despite him losing Bobby.

Cant wait til Morag comes back!

And finally Pippa visits the hospital. Maybe she had more scenes with Bobby but they got axed? I don't know.

I could do without the t shirt business. It seems pointless and stupid and taking away from the Bobby's death storyline.

Yeah every soap gets a bit of meaningless bullcrap subplot to distract from a major character's death. Same with Neighbours when they did the whole Amy/Lance/Jacinta mess when Helen died.

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If the writers in the last year had remembered that Bobby was meant to wear glasses maybe she would have seen that log

Just to confirm that the Early Years airings are indeed continuing over Christmas as they did last year. Which also means our timeline (spoiler alert) as to when the major events of the season air

Here's a little something from the archive that may be of interest regarding Bobby/Nicolle:

I don't know why they felt the need to keep Sally out of the storyline. A bit strange!

Also - rose tinted glasses much? Making out that Bobby started half the diner when she was 19? Bobby didn't have a penny to her name. Ailsa started the Diner and paid for everything and simply gave Bobby half. Credit where it's due though, she made a go of it!

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Finally caught up with last week's episodes... So sad to see them again, I did need the kleenex !!

I did find myself getting quite frustrated every time the story switched to Roxy and Sarah and the broken down car. All I wanted to see was the Bobby storyline although I obviously knew how it was going to pan out.

I will really miss the character of Bobby, one of my favourites, she certainly came a long way from the 1988/89 teenage tearaway days.

I am really enjoying 1993 again, it's a great year, although I think it has to be one of the saddest years in the show's history...

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At what point did Bobby actually die? When did she become brain-dead? Was it before she was taken to hospital?

I personally think she was killed instantly after the boat ran into the log

There was no pulse and she wasn't breathing when they found her. I don't know how these things work but unless she got a pulse back in the ambulance or something, I don't know why she was put on a ventilator and not just pronounced dead?

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And months of "Adam the town Pariah" will ensue... Which sucks because, he had known her for four years, a good two and half before Greg even showed up. There was even a little ship-tease between with the flowers he gave her early into his stint and offered her the chance to sail away to QLD with him (before plans changed, i.e. his yacht getting trashed).

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Made it up to 1305.I have to admit to being slightly underwhelmed by Bobby's death.Maybe it's the familiarity of having seen it before.I'm not sure that the focus on Greg really worked:His refusal to accept Bobby was dead should have been tragic but instead it just felt like Greg being annoying again.I have felt a certain amount of sympathy for him in the aftermath.I also felt really sorry for Adam when he was talking to Luke on the headland and it's a shame they seem to have pulled back a bit on his guilt.I found Tug's collection incredibly premature and I was surprised Ailsa agreed to it when she seemed to realise Bobby wasn't going to pull through:What are they going to do with the cash now, buy a wreath?I don't think Bobby was killed instantly, the implication seemed to have been that she got to the beach on her own steam and then collapsed.If she'd been knocked out straightaway, she'd have sank and drowned.I rewatched when they brought her into hospital and, although she was being ventilated, no-one was doing chest compressions, so I'd guess her heart had restarted somewhere along the way.The doctors seemed to be working on her a long time when she came in and there was mentioned of internal injuries, so I'm wondering if they repaired the obvious damage and stabilised her.

I also have to ask: Was Sally really close to Bobby?I mean, we kind of assume they were, since they were foster sisters, but they didn't have much interaction when they were living together and they haven't had that much to do with each other since.I'd say that out of that first group of foster children (Frank, Carly, Stephen and Lynn), Sally was the one Bobby was least close to, and, with the possible exception of Frank who she didn't have much to do with either, Bobby was the one Sally was least close to.Frankly, I'd say Fin was closer to Bobby than Sally, since Bobby took her under her wing a bit when she first turned up and got her the job at the Diner.Incidentally, Bobby being 19 when she started the Diner actually seems a bit old: She must have been 17 when the show started to be fostered.

I actually didn't mind the cutting to Roxy and Sarah, it made character sense if not story sense and served the function of introducing Kevin.I didn't realise Sarah had that much to do with him aside from being there when Roxy first met him.I did find the Angel and Damian storyline a bit jarring though, with them standing around grinning like idiots mere hours after Bobby's life support has been switched off.They treated Shane pretty badly when he turned up, obviously upset and wanting company, and they barely acknowledged him.Actually, I thought it was unfair of Nick to not tell Shane about Bobby until after he'd yelled at him: The way Nick was sat at the table suggested he'd been home some time, it's not like Shane started complaining to him as soon as he came in the door. (If that's the end of the t-shirt storyline, it seems a bit of pointless filler.)

Sally finally comes to her senses: I was cheering when she finally told the obnoxious Craig to get lost.Shame she seems to have lost Gloria as a friend in the process but some more nice stuff between her and Fin.

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