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If the writers in the last year had remembered that Bobby was meant to wear glasses maybe she would have seen that log

Just to confirm that the Early Years airings are indeed continuing over Christmas as they did last year. Which also means our timeline (spoiler alert) as to when the major events of the season air

Here's a little something from the archive that may be of interest regarding Bobby/Nicolle:

This stealing underpants thing is seriously weird, all cos little sally wants this Craig? She's too young for that sort of thing!!

As for Bobby Simpson, I could throttle her for the way she's treating Greg and Sam. Wallowing in self pity because her "husband" treats me like "I don't exist".

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I can't really see why anyone would feel sorry for Greg in this situation. He's brought it all on himself. He was selfish when he was hooking up with Fiona and didn't think about anyone but himself and his own gratification. I agree with Bobby, she doesn't want to back down and be taken advantage of anymore, she specifically told Don that she's always the one to forgive and forget and she's over that now, but she's being pressured to take Greg back for Sam's sake. I don't think that's fair at all. She isn't even stopping Sam from seeing Greg, she only tried that once and figured out that it wasn't fair but now she's being blamed by Sam as well (I cant understand that though, he just wants his parents back together and doesn't know the full story). Its quite a frustrating storyline.

Continuing to enjoy the Laura storyline. I've always liked these quiet and personal plots between a regular cast member and a guest, they're almost always very character driven and emotionally engaging.

Great to see Angel and Shane finally get together. It's very clear early on that they've got a strong chemestry.

I don't have any memory of this storyline involving Sally trying to get into the 'cool gang' but I can remember an interview with Kate Ritchie who said she was in tears the night before shooting some of this material at the thought of embarrassing herself in front of the cast and crew, so I'm looking forward to seeing what that was all about.

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Made it up to 1280.I have very mixed feelings about Bobby.On the one hand, Greg did have an affair, which is a perfectly justifiable reason for ending a marriage, and it's kind of frustrating that no-one seems to be on her side and they all just expect her to get over it and take Greg back.On the other hand, she is being pretty hard-faced and unsympathetic and has handled it badly.I don't know what was going through her mind when she decided that the best way to make Sam feel secure again was to move back into the house without Greg, it's just inflicting more confusion and upheaval on him since he expects Greg to be there.

Shane and Angel do make quite a sweet couple.I don't know, it seems like they've lost their edge a bit but that's probably the idea, both of them are finally happy.Or would be if Don wasn't making things difficult.I can't see Shane's "pretend we hate each other" plan lasting for long, they're never going to keep it up.

I have absolutely no memory of Sally's storyline, or even that Sally had a storyline, so I'm kind of curious to see how that plays out.With Bill gone, Fin seems to be back to being a glorified extra, I'm not sure if she gets anything else to do until Irene comes back.

Did anyone else think Sarah, Bobby and Greg were all incredibly snobbish towards Michelle, and Tug downright rude?Okay, she seemed a bit...quick with her affections and wasn't blessed in the brains department, but they were talking like she was some sort of drug dealing car thief that no decent person would breathe the same air as, and she didn't really comes across as a bad person at all.(Oh wait, she smokes.Is that code for I'm Evil in the early 90s?)

I think as far back as Sam turns up, people having been saying it's not long until

Bobby dies

and I've been reeling off lists of everything that happens before then.Well...Shane and Angel getting together was the last thing on that list...

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The problem with the Bobby storyline is that the writing isn't great in my opinion. They're not really explaining why Bobby is doing what she's doing, and feeling what she's feeling. We get that she's an angry character, she always has been, but other than hints here and there about being fed up of being walked all over etc, the writers aren't really giving us anything to work with. She's just storming all over the bay like a little thunder cloud and hurting Sam in the process. If there was even just one scene with Ailsa and Pippa where she had an actual heart-to-heart and explained just how hurt she is, and WHY she is feeling so betrayed etc, it might help us understand what's actually going on in her mind. I just feel the storyline is lacking sympathy from Bobby's part and it's almost like the writers are writing the story as if they want us to be on Greg's side.

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Let's be honest, Red.

Michelle is basically a $1 store Narelle clone but without the charm. And while I'm not judgemental, Smoking when it's being blown onto you is pretty blech.

Bobby could have been better written, 2yrs ago she probably would have INSISTED Greg leave instead of taking Sam with her Don's had this happened.

The Confirmed 1993 spare parts club: Adam, Nick and Fin.

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