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If the writers in the last year had remembered that Bobby was meant to wear glasses maybe she would have seen that log

Just to confirm that the Early Years airings are indeed continuing over Christmas as they did last year. Which also means our timeline (spoiler alert) as to when the major events of the season air

Here's a little something from the archive that may be of interest regarding Bobby/Nicolle:

Vanessa's Pippa never spoke to Sally like that when she was stressed.

I know they're the same character it's just that I feel Debra is always negative in her way of thinking and can become very short and unlikable.

On the contrary, Vanessa's Pippa spoke to her exactly like that.When Tom was missing, Pippa started measuring Sally up for a new dress to pretend that everything was normal, being very cold and dismissive of Sally's fears and ignoring Sally's protests that she didn't want one.Then when Sally does the same thing and tries to have a ping pong game with Lance, Pippa yells at her for only caring about ping pong when they could never see Tom again.Admittedly, she apologised fairly quickly and said she'd never behave like that again.I laughed.Then when Tom died, she actually went as far as telling a grieving Bobby that it was for the best because he hadn't much of a life since his heart attack.I know people for whom that episode was practically their first experience of Vanessa's Pippa who decided they hated her and much preferred Debra's version.Vanessa's Pippa was hardly a saint, as the whole thing with Dodge and her veering back and forth between treating him and treating Sally as the problem and just wanting a quiet life demonstrated.

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Really?I think Vanessa's Pippa was exactly like this when Tom died.Both times.(When she thought he was dead and when he actually was.)She's not very likable at the moment (although to be fair it's only been the last couple of episodes, prior to that she was coping quite well), but I think it's entirely consistent with the way she's been portrayed since 1988. It is curious that she and Michael have almost been flipped round over the course of the last year in that at times he's the one who has the warmer relationship with the kids.

I think Shane and Angel is very definitely in the region of Belligerent Sexual Tension at this point.We've had Shane suddenly decide that he does like her, I'm surprised it's come this early given that I seem to remember

he humiliates her on her first day at school.

The really interesting thing was Angel's behaviour.I expected her to just scoff at Shane's claim that he collects money for charity, but she was so quick to believe it that I can only assume that she wanted it to be true, that despite her misandristic diatribe to Sarah there are some feelings in there and she does want him to be more than an arrogant neanderthal.It does seem to have come slightly out of nowhere though, especially since up to this point it almost seemed like Damian was the one in love with her.

Which does kind of get paid off eventually.

Sadly, again it seems that Angel and Sarah only label Damian as the better of the three boys because they don't fancy him.

Fin is mostly reduced to serving at the Diner and stuff at home but in a sense that's enough, she's got the older sibling relationship with Damian and Sally.She does get a couple of storylines this year.Well, one anyway.Imogen:She came, she was nasty, she left.I'm sure Roxy will forget about her again soon enough.

Fun historical sidebar:It was probably different in Australia, but in the UK the episode where Tug breaks the window while trying to get Sarah's attention was shown on the same day as an episode of Neighbours where someone (Rick Alessi, I think) did the same thing.I watched the two episodes back to back and there was this almost identical scene in them.

Well, we were CHRONICALLY behind with Neighbours at that point (A Year), so that would have been likely. I don't think we fully caught up with Home and Away at a close range until about 2000 where we were only a week behind!

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I think we were pretty close by around 1997, that was the point where you'd read about what had just happened in Australia and then a few weeks later we'd get it.(Going from memory, we seem to have been about six months behind at this point.So if it took us 4 or 5 years to get from a year behind to six months, that would probably fit.)

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Debra's Pippa was hardly a saint either!.

Pippa is the character. They haven't really been written differently to cater to the actors Imo, the actors just have a different way of playing her perhaps. The point is Pippa could be short tempered when Vanessa was playing her, just as she was when Debra played her.

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Now that Angel's well and truly joined the show, who is the next full time character to join. Jack? If so, that's got to be the longest gap in the show's history.

Yeah it looks like it - Jack arrives in April '94 followed by Selina in May (though that's her initial guest stint).

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