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If the writers in the last year had remembered that Bobby was meant to wear glasses maybe she would have seen that log

Just to confirm that the Early Years airings are indeed continuing over Christmas as they did last year. Which also means our timeline (spoiler alert) as to when the major events of the season air

Here's a little something from the archive that may be of interest regarding Bobby/Nicolle:

One small strange thing I've noticed recently is that the current writer(s) don't seem to know how to compose grammatical sentences, concerning '[name} and I' or "[name] and me'.

'[Name] and I are going on a picnic' is of course correct as the subjects.

So often I've heard Fin and other characters in recent episodes saying things like 'Everything's great between Blake and I', when it should be "...Blake and me', as objects of the sentence.

Ailsa and another character said something similar last week so I doubt they're trying to ascribe this flaw to Fin as one character - I wish they'd get writers who could actually write grammatically...

Remember the writers are writing dialogue for characters here. As regular people, they aren't supposed to know English in the way the the writers do. In fairness I do think the distinction between using 'I' or 'Me' in that sort of context can be quite difficult to grasp, I often get muddled too.

Well I thought that might be the reason - but when Michael says to Fin in her new bedroom: 'Remember, Dale will have to move in with Pippa and I' (wrong), I don't believe they are trying to make him sound natural or realistic - or he would have said '...with Pippa and me', wouldn't he? Or more likely '...with me and Pippa'.

I genuinely don't think they know which is right. I'm now observing whether any character *ever* says '[name] and me'!

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^ I suspect they recycled the sound effect! :lol:

Anyway, I'm aware of the mislabelling.

Summing up this week; Funny in parts (Don/Shane/Damo), The Fin story obviously the most dramatic thing isn't overshadowing the rest of the show.

Bobby's absence seems somewhat curious. Maybe Nicolle needed a break?

I see where the Sal/Damo thing is going... I vividly remember the story itself.

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Bobby's absence seems somewhat curious. Maybe Nicolle needed a break?

She did panto that Xmas in my county - I met her, one of the best moments of my life (some things you never forget ;)).... We've now just reached the first eps that were recorded after the 92 - 3 xmas break (I think), so she'll probably be back next block. In fact, I'm sure there's a storyline coming up very soon when she misses her birthday party because of her attitude to Tug.

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