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Surf's Up

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Story title: Surf's up
Type of Story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Sasha Bezmel/Walker,Xavier Austin and Casey Braxton
Other Characters: Brax,Kyle,Heath
BTTB rating: A
Genre: Romance

Spoilers: No
Any warning No
Summary: Sash is with Xavier but she's secretly in love with her best friend Casey

Chapter 1

Sasha Bezmel/Walker was hanging out with her best friend Casey Braxton at the diner.
Casey and Sasha had been friends since she moved to the bay and at first Sasha found Casey and his brothers Kyle, Brax and Heath annoying but once she started to get to know them Sasha and Casey connected instantly.
Casey has a thing for Sasha but Sasha is with Xavier but she cant admit shes in love with Casey.
Shall we order? Casey asked
Sure Sasha nodded and smiled as her boyfriend Xavier walked in.
Hey we are just about to order do you want anything? Casey asked
No thanks Im good Xavier responded
I still think that guys a bit weird Xavier said
Hey dont be rude Sasha said and hit him playfully
What? I just dont trust him Responded Xavier.
Casey was waiting in line to order.
Hey Bro said a voice from behind him causing Casey to jump.
Casey turned around Kyle you scared me Casey responded
You still pinting over Sasha? Kyle asked
No were just friends Casey responded
Kyle you coffee is ready Irene smiled
Thanks Irene good luck Bro. Kyle said slapping Casey on the shoulder
What can I get you Casey? Irene asked
Two Flat whites and two Pancakes Casey smiled
That will be $10.90 love Irene said
Casey handed Irene a 20 dollar bill.
Thanks love and heres your change $9.10 Irene said
Thanks Irene Casey said
Casey went back to the table and joined Sasha and Xavier.
Comments? :)

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Thanks for the comments Sarah and RR1

Chapter 2.

After breakfast Sasha and Xavier had left the diner shortly after Casey left and decided to go for a walk on the Beach.

Casey wasn't watching where he was going and all of a sudden Smack.

"ow" A familiar female voice said

"oh Tam I,m so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going" Casey said smiling and offered his hand

Tamara smiled and took Casey's hand

"Where is your head at Casey Braxton?" Tamara asked

"Sasha" Casey responded

Tamara followed Casey's gaze.

"Case you need to get her out of your head she's with Xavier" Tamara said

"I know but I think she's secretly in love with me and won't admit it" Casey responded

"You think everyone is secretly in love with you" Tamara giggled

"Well I know you are just maybe not secretly" Casey laughed

Tamara hit Casey playfully on the arm before kissing him.

"See I love you for you dweeb now come on no more plowing people over Tamara offered her hand and Casey took it smiling.

"Thanks Tam" Casey said softly

"Whatever" Tamara responded giggling

A few minutes later

"Hi bro where's Sasha?" Kyle asked

"Shut up Kyle" Tam Said punching him in the arm

"Ow" Kyle said

Tamara grinned.

"You make me jealous when you bring up Sasha they are just friends" Tamara said lightly

Casey squishes Tamara's hand

"Thanks superwoman" Casey said softly

"Anytime Kyle shouldn't tease you like that" Tamara responded

"That's what Brothers do" Casey said

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Thanks Sarah and RR1 to answer your question yes Casey is with Tamara I wanted him to have some sort of connection like Sasha and Xavier.

Chapter 3.

Later that night.

The Braxton,s and Tamara where having a bonfire on the beach.

Casey wasn't really excepting Sasha and Xavier to show so when they did it surprised him.

"Hey mate" Casey said

"I'm not you're mate" Xavier muttered

Sasha punched him.

"Be nice" Sasha whispered

Kyle was staring at a mystery girl farther up the beach.

"Why don't you go introduce yourself?" Heath asked

"I can't that would be way to obvious" Kyle replied

"Too late" Heath said

Kyle looked up and saw the mystery girl approaching

"Hi I'm Celeste" The girl said

"Kyle and these are my brothers Brax, Heath and Casey" Kyle replied

"Well it's nice to meet you" Celeste smiled

"I'm Sasha and this is my boyfriend Xavier"Sasha smiled

Celeste flinched Xavier was her ex boy friend.

"I'm Tamara" Tam smiled

Xavier turned around and saw Celeste

"What are you doing here?" Xavier whispered

" Looking for you but you're obviously taken" Celeste responded

" Celeste you left me before I moved to Summer bay and so I moved on" Xavier said

Farther up the beach

Kyle was teasing Casey again about Sasha.

"Kyle I'd break your arm if I could just shut up" Casey said

" Do it" Kyle challenged

"I'm not that violent" Casey said

" But I am" Tam said grabbing Kyle's arm hard and twisted it.

Kyle yelled out in pain.

" excuse me" Brax said to Celeste

"What happened?" Brax asked

Kyle was holding his arm

"Nothing" Casey replied

"Kyle was teasing Casey about Sasha again" Heath responded

"So you broke his arm?" Brax asked

" Not me" Heath responded

" it wasn't me" Casey added

"It was me" Tamara finally said

" right let's get you to the hospital" Brax said to Kyle

A few minutes late

Sid Walker was on at the hospital and took care of Kyle's arm.

"What happened?" Sid asked

" I tripped over a rock" Kyle replied

Sid knew Kyle was most likely lying but he write in his notes tripped over a rock.

"Thanks" Brax said to Sid

" So what did you tell him?" Casey asked

"That I tripped over a rock" Kyle responsed

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Thanks RR1 and Sarah for the comments :) RR1 I wanted Tamara to have a dark side.

Chapter 4.

A week later.

Kyle was walking home when Xavier attacked him.

"I know Casey has feelings for my girlfriend" Xavier yelled

"What how could you possibly know?"Kyle asked

"Celeste heard you teasing Casey" Xavier responded

Before Kyle could say anything Xavier punched him.

Sasha was terrified by what she saw as she rounded the corner.

"Xavier what was that?" Sasha asked

"You're so called best friend has a thing for you and not just as friends" Xavier responded

Kyle walked off he could feel a welt appearing on his cheek.

As soon as Kyle got to Angelo's Ricky jumped on him.

"What happened?' Ricky asked

"Xavier" Kyle replied

Ricky grabbed an ice pack and handed it to Kyle.

Brax walked in.

"What now?" Brax asked as he saw Kyle

"Xavier this time not Tamara" Kyle responded

Kyle still had a cast on his arm.

Tamara felt bad for breaking Kyle's arm but growing up she leant to protect herself being in and out of foster homes before the Kingsley 's adopted her.

After what Sasha saw she was unsure if she could trust Xavier she had a decision to make.

"Hey" Casey said siting next to Sasha.

"Hello" Sasha responded quietly

"Have you seen you're brother?" Sasha asked

"No why?" Casey asked

"No reason Xavier had a go at him apparently Celeste overheard you and Kyle talking about you having a crush on me" Sasha responded

"Oh I better go"Casey said walking to Angelo's

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Thanks for the comments RR1 and Sarah :)

Chapter 5.

2 weeks later.

After Sasha saw what Xavier did to Kyle, Sasha decided to break up with Xavier.

So Kyle, Casey and Sasha we're all hanging out at the diner.

Xavier walked in with Celeste.

Sasha knew Celeste was bad news from the beginning.

Casey decided that even though he was still with Tamara and he loved her there just wasn't anything there anymore.

Tamara rushed in.

"Hey Babe" Tamara said

"Hey" Casey responded

"Sorry I'm late" Tamara said

"It's fine" Sasha smiled

Casey and Kyle went up and ordered.

"So what are you going to do about Tam?" Kyle asked

"I really don't know I love her but there's just no chemistry anymore" Casey responded

"Yeah I wish Alex and I had that" Kyle said

"You will one day I'll be right back" Casey responded

Kyle nodded then it was his turn to order.

"Four of the big breakfast and four flat white's" Kyle said to Irene

"That will be $14.40 love" Irene said

Kyle handed her a 50.

"Thanks love and here's you're change $35.60" Irene said

"Thanks Irene" Kyle smiled

Casey had gone over to Xavier.

"If you ever touch my brother again or hurt Sasha I'll hunt you down" Casey yelled

"Case he's not worth it" Kyle said

Casey walked away with Kyle behind him.

"Sorry about that" Casey said

"It's fine he deserved it" Sasha responded

Kyle still had a bruise on his cheek from two week ago.

Irene brought over there coffee's and food.

"So what are we doing today?" Sasha asked

"I have to do a few things" Kyle responded

"I have to work at Angelo's" Casey responded

"Well Tam I guess it's just you and me." Sasha said smiling

"Yeah do you want to egg Xavier's house?" Tamara asked

"That may get us in trouble but after what he did sure" Sasha answered

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Thanks Sarah and RR1 :)

Warning some swearing.

Chapter 6.

Sasha and Tamara left the diner after buying a carton of eggs.

The girls walked to Xavier's house.

"ready?" Tamara asked

"Yes"Sasha Smiled

Tamara handed Sasha a egg.

The girls threw eggs at Xavier's house.

The door opened and out came Celeste.

"What the **** are you doing?" Celeste asked

"Egging the house" Sasha responded

Tamara threw an egg and Celeste jumped out of the way.

"I know who you are you're Brax's daughter" Tamara said

"That man means nothing to me he abonded me" Celeste responsed

"Actually no by the time he went looking for you you're mum had disappeared"Sasha said

"What's going on babe?" Xavier asked

"Don't call me babe" Celeste muttered

"Nothing we we're just leaving" Tamara responded

Should I continue down this dangerous path with Xavier and Celeste and what do you think about Celeste being Brax's daughter?

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Thanks Sarah for the comment :)

Chapter 7.
“Maybe you should hear Brax out” Xavier said
“I do want to know my family” Celeste said
“Well you can come with me and Sasha we are going there now” Tamara smiled
“Oh don’t worry I’ll clean this up” Xavier shouted as the three girls left.
“So what actually happened?” Sasha asked
“Well it’s hard to talk about but my mum died a yr. ago car accident and I tried to stay in our house in Perth on my own but I just couldn’t do it” Celeste responded
“I’m sorry my mum died in a car accident to and my dad didn’t know about me until after it happened” Sasha said
“I was fostered until the Kingsley’s adopted me” Tamara added
“Wait so you really didn’t know who we were when you came to the beach a few weeks ago?” Sasha asked
“No well maybe I knew who Brax was but I didn’t know about his brothers” Celeste responded
“Well I’m sure Brax had a reason why he stopped searching for you” Tamara said opening the door to the Braxton’s house.
“What is she doing here?” Casey asked
“Look we only just worked it out but this is the daughter Brax was looking for two yrs. ago.” Tamara responded
“Is Brax home?” Sasha asked
“In the back” Casey responded
The girl went out back.
“Hey” Brax said
“Hi” the girl responded
“Look we need to talk” Celeste said
“Yeah kiddo there’s no denying you’re my daughter” Brax said
“Wait you knew?” Tamara asked
“Of course” Brax responded
“So what happened two years ago when you tried to find me?” Celeste asked
“By the time I went looking for you you’re mum had moved to Perth and changed your name to her maiden name Vale” Brax responded

“I came looking for you I tried to live in Perth on my own but after mum died in a car accident a year ago I just couldn’t live on my own in that house” Celeste said
“Where are you staying now?” Brax asked

“Mostly with Xavier but we’re just friends” Celeste responded
“You can always stay here” Brax offered
“Yeah” Kyle yelled
“Hand off Kyle she’s’ you’re niece” Brax said
“But she’s kind of hot” Kyle said

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Thanks RR1 and Sarah :wub:

Chapter 8.

It had been a month since Celeste moved in with the Braxton's.

All was going well or so it seemed.

Kyle tried has best to behave himself but damn she was so fine.

Kyle hadn't been on a proper date in months not since he finally called it quits with Alex.

Kyle was hanging out with Casey,Sasha and Tamara

"Come on Kyle" Casey said.

"Coming" Kyle replied

"Are you going to do it today?" Kyle asked referring to Casey and Tamara.

"Well it's not working I think Tam knows it too so yeah" Casey responded

The boys arrived at the diner.

Sasha and Tamara where already there.

"We already ordered" Sasha said

"Great" the boys said in unison.

"Tam can we talk alone?" Casey asked

"Sure" Tamara said

"Be right back" Casey told the others

"Will be here" Kyle said

"Look Tamara i love you but it's not working out " Casey said

"I think it's best we break up I love you but like you said it's just not working." Tamara responded

"In time I'm sure we can be friends " Casey said

Tamara smiled weakly at Casey as they both walked back to the diner.

"Hi" Celeste said

"Hey" Casey smiled

"Is that you're girlfriend?" Celeste asked

"Not anymore we just broke up long story" Casey responded

"Oh well I should go" Celeste said

"See you at home" Casey responded

Casey went back and joined the others just as Irene brought their food out.

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Thanks RR1 and Sarah :)

I've skipped ahead a few months.

Chapter 9.

3 months later.

Sasha and Casey we're together waiting for Tamara and Kyle at the diner.

"Hey" A voice said

Sasha looked up At Celeste.

"Hi want to join you?" Casey asked

"If that's alright with you" Celeste responded

"I don't mind" Sasha said

Celeste sat down.

"I don't mean to pry so tell me to butt out but are you two together?" Celeste asked

"No" Sasha responded

"We are just friends" Casey added

Tamara and Kyle arrived.

"Celeste will be joining us is that alright?" Casey asked

"Perfectly fine" Kyle responded

"We should order" Celeste said

Tamara got up it was her turn to order

"Hi love what can I get you?" Irene asked

"The usuals please" Tamara responded

As Tam was walking back to the table she realised she didn't ask Celeste if she wanted anything different.

The boys we're talking and laughing like real brothers.

Sasha was drumming her fingers on the table.

Celeste was looking around.

"Are you okay?" Tamara asked

"What?" Celeste said

"I asked if your ok" Tamara responded

"Yeah I'm great" Celeste smiled

"If you're looking for Xavier he moved to Perth" Sasha added

"No I was just looking around" Celeste said

Just then Irene brought there coffee's out.

"Sorry I didn't know what you liked" Tam said

"No this is great" Celeste smiled

Brax walked in to the diner.

"Hi what can I get you?" Irene asked

Just a flat white" Brax said

"Sure love that will be $3.50 Irene said

Brax handed Irene the exact change,

"Thanks love I don't mean to pry but how is it living with your daughter?" Irene asked

"Yeah it's going really great" Brax responded

"Good to hear love" Irene said

"Yeah I better go got a restaurant that can't run itself" Brax said

"Are you working later?" Tamara asked

"Yes he is" Brax said as he walked past the table.

"What should we do?" Sasha asked

"We could go in to Yabby creek and see a movie" Celeste responded

"We will work it out" Sasha said

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Chapter 10.

The teens finally decided what they we're going to do.

After breakfast Kyle went off to work and the other teens went to Yabby creek to see a movie and maybe the girls will do shopping Casey decided he didn't want to go to Yabby creek because if he went then he would have to carry the shopping bags and probably watch a chick flick.

Casey went to check on Heath and the kids.

"Hey Case why aren't you out?" Heath asked

"The girls went it Yabby creek to do shopping and the movies" Casey answered

"You didn't want to hold the bags or something?" Heath asked

"No not really" Casey responded

"Uncle Casey" Darcy said coming out of the bedroom.

"Hey kiddo want to go for a swim?" Casey asked

Darcy looked at Heath.

"Yes dad is that alright?" Darcy asked

"Yeah go hang out with your uncle Casey" Heath answered

In Yabby Creek the three girls we're bonding and trying on clothes.

"What do you think of this?" Sasha asked picking up a dress.

"It's a bit short if it's for Casey's benefit" Tamara answered

"Tam I'm so sorry"Sasha said

"It's fine I've had time to get over him" Tamara said

"Hey where did Celseste go?" Sasha asked

"I don't know" Tamara said

The girls left the shop and found Celeste outside.

"Are you alright?" Sasha asked

"Yeah I just don't have much money to buy clothes just enough for lunch and the movie." Celeste responsed

"You can always ask Brax for a bit of extra money until you get a job" Tamara said

"I know but I still feel a bit awkward asking" Celeste responded

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