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Title: Magic

Type Of Story: Med / Long Fic

Genre: Drama

Rating: A

Cast: The Braxton's, Jem, OC'S

Spoilers: No

Warnings: Language, Violence, Adult Themes

Plot: A friend of Brax's from jail shows up in the bay.


Ricky got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself.

"Hey Ricky" a young skinny guy with light brown hair, deep blue eyes day old facial hair, wearing a flannelette shirt over a white singlet and very baggy jeans said standing in the bathroom room doorway.

Ricky let out a slight scream checking to see if she was covered up.

"Relax, I didn't see ya goods" he tried to assure her

"Do we know each other?" she asked trying to remember him

"Feel like we do, heard all about you in jail" he replied

Ricky frowned

"From Darryl" he informed her

"You knew Brax in jail?" She asked

"Yeah, practically saved his life, added time to my sentence, but hey who's complaining" he replied

"Forgive me, but Brax doesn't talk about his time in jail" Ricky replied

"Right, I'm Jem" he said dropping his duffel bag and holding his hand

"Your name's Jem" Ricky replied shaking his hand cautiously

"That coming from a girl who calls herself Ricky" he said

"Jem" Brax interrupted them

"Hey, I was just getting to know ya chick" Jem said

"I see that, what are ya doin here?" brax asked

"Is there any way can crash here for a couple of nights" He asked


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"So Jem" Ricky said to Brax as Jem went and had a shower.

"It's actually Jeremy" Brax told her

"How'd you guys meet" Ricky asked going through Jem's bag getting dirty clothes.

"We shared cooking duty" Brax told her

"He said he saved your life" Ricky said putting Jem's clothes in washing machine

"That's a long story for another time" he told her

"Why is he here?" She asked

"You're unsure of him, but he's a good kid" Brax tried to assure her.

"Um where's my gear?" Jem asked

"In the wash" Ricky told him

"Why?" He asked

"It stunk, so how long are you intending on staying?" She asked trying to sound polite

Jem folded his arms uncomfortably and looked at Brax

"You didn't tell her" Jem said to Brax

"Tell me what?" Ricky asked

Brax took a deep breath

"Jem is my son" Brax told her


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"I don't understand, how long have you known about him?" Ricky asked

"Since prison" Brax replied

"how could you not tell me or your brothers about this?" She asked

"Guys I'm right here" Jem tried stop their argument.

They both ignored him.

"Is Tegan his mother?" Ricky asked

"What?, no" Brax told her

"So who?"

"Amanda Braidwood" he told her

Ricky was silent when she heard the name

"My best friend Amanda Braidwood" Ricky said looking at Jem then Brax then Jem again.

She gave a slight laugh

"She never said you two were together" Ricky told him

"Her parent wouldn't have approved or something so we never told anyone"

"I need to get out of here" Ricky told him

"Rick, your acting as if I cheated on you" Brax said

Ricky said nothing and walked out the door.


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Brax, Jem, Heath, Kyle and Casey were sitting around the kitchen table when Ricky came home.

"Can't believe Brax is a dad" Casey said

"Where's Amanda now?" Ricky asked Jem

"She died when I was 11" Jem told her

"But not before she told Brax was your dad" Ricky asked

Jem looked at everyone

"She never kept that from me" Jem told her

Brax glared at Ricky.

"Why were you in jail" she asked

Jem shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

"I killed my foster dad" he told her

"Why?" She asked

"Excuse me" Jem said getting up

"Where are you going" Brax asked Jem

"I'm sorry, this was a bad idea" he told Brax


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