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Case Of The Ex

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Title: Case of the ex

Type of story: med / long fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Cast: Chevy, Denny, OC'S

Warnings: language, violence, adult themes

Spoilers: none

Plot: Denny's ex Chevy shows up causing for her and people around her.


"Well well well, some things never change" A tall thin very handsome guy with brown hair with blonde tips said standing in the doorway of the bait shop.

"Chev?" Denny said suspicious of why her ex was standing the door way

"What are you doing here?" she asked

"I dunno I didn't really wanna be home and I didn't really know where to go" he told her

"I am so sorry I didn't even think of Holden, how are you coping" she asked

He gave a slight smile

"You know me"

"Chev, Holden was your brother, he practicly raised you, He was all you had"

Denny noticed the smile go from Chevy's face.

"Den, I'm sorry" he said looking down

"For what" she asked

"I did something terrible" he told her


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Denny and Chevy walked along the beach.

"Are you gonna tell me?" Denny asked

"I slept with someone" Chevy replied

"I thought we had a deal, we weren't going to talk about new relationships"

"I'd hardly call it a relationship" he told her

"Who is she?" She asked

Chevy was silent for a moment

"Ya mum"

Denny stopped

"Were you together while we were together... No wait don't answer that" she said

"It was a mistake, it was drunk and upset she was there it just happened I regretted it straight away, but I thought you should hear it from me or her first"

"You bragged about it?" She asked angrily

"What, no" Chevy asked

Denny was silent for a while

"Do you have a place to stay?" She asked

"What?" Chevy asked confused

"Mum's had a thing for you since we were 16, I should've seen this coming"

"No I don't have a place to stay" he answered

"C'mon" she said


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"Do you remember the night we met?" Denny asked as the pulled up at the farmhouse

"What are you getting at?" Chevy asked

"Just that we were young and made stupid promises to each other" she said

"I meant them at the time" he told her

"I know" she assured him

They sat in Chevy's ute for a while

"Come meet my family" she said getting out of the ute

Chevy got out slowly noticing Evelyn and Oscar sitting outside.

"Hey you two" she said

"Who's the model" Oscar asked

"This is Chevy, a friend of mine from back home" she told them

"Chev meet Evie and and Oscar"

"Hey" he said giving a nervous wave

"Chevy, that interesting" Evie said

"My parents were mechanics" he said

Evie smiled

"How do you two know each other?" Oscar asked

"We used to date" Chevy said "but Den left me when she when she came here"

"You left that?" Evie asked quietly

"It wasn't that simple" Denny replied staring at Chevy

"Well Chevy, it's very nice to meet you" Evie said

"C'mon, come meet Zac" Denny said grabbing Chevy by the wrist.

"Could you be any more obvious" Oscar said to Evie

"What, I was just being friendly" she replied

"You were flirting" he said


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