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Follow Your Heart (by Danni02) - comments

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Chapter 194 - Awww loved the ending...very sweet! :wub: I hope Charlie and Brax can *cough* get back on track soon! :P Really enjoyed the Bianca/Heath/Kids stuff! They make a cute family! Looking forward to what's coming next! Great writing, Danni! Xx

Chapter 195 - Oh Charlie was in a foul mood lol although what she is going through must be hard! The kids bickering can't be helping! :P Loved Dex and April dress shopping...like the good ol' days! :) So glad Bianca and Heath are trying to fix their marriage!! Another awesome chapter! Please update soon!

Ps sad that this fic is coming to an end but I totally understand! Xx

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Ruby and April with the kids was too funny! :lol: Ella wanting to be the wedding planner a week out from the wedding is priceless! Really enjoyed family time with Bianca and Heath..it was cute! ....and you left the BEST until last! LOVED it..that is the Chax we know and love! :wub: Looking forward to the last few chapters! Awesome update, Danni! Xx

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Chapter 192 - It's nice that April wants Heath to walk her down the aisle. I loved Darcy's reaction to her room.

Chapter 193 - I loved the Ruby, April, Adrian and Katie part.

Chapter 194 - I liked Heath, Bianca and the kids at the zoo. I loved that April got Ruby a ring. :wub:

Chapter 195 - I loved April and Dex looking for wedding dresses.

Chapter 196 - Ruby, April and the kids were so funny. I loved Ella wanting to be the wedding planner.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

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Cannot wait for April and Ruby's wedding! :wub: loved that Adrian and Dex made them spend their last single night apart! Loved the kids/Ella playing the trick on Brax...very funny! Looking forward to the last chapter! :D Great chapter, Danni! Xx

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