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Follow Your Heart (by Danni02) - comments

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Congratulations on your new job, Danni. :D

Chapter 61 - Poor April. :( I loved the scene with the kids.

Chapter 62 - I'm glad April told Bianca she's pregnant. Maybe it's too late for a vasectomy? :wink:

Chapter 63 - I loved Toby wanting a dragon for a pet. :lol: I'm glad April is going back to work and uni.

Chapter 64 - Aw, Toby was so sweet not wanting Fudge to go. I wonder if Charlie really has a bug or if it is something else?

Chapter 65 - I hope Bianca's baby is ok.

Chapter 66 - Poor Bianca losing one of the twins. :( The kids were so cute wanting to sing.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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OMG I can't believe Bianca was pregnant with twins. Does that vanishing twin really exsist Dan ? I really hope it comes out that Charlie is pregnant soon. I really want her and Brax to have another baby. They seriously need to get back together properly. The kids are so funny I love little family moments like this with them

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Loved this chapter very sweet. Loved Heath being there for Bianca :) They got the house!! Very happy for chax - how many bedrooms does the new house have? Is there room for a new baby :P Not sure whether I want Charlie to be pregant because she was pretty set on not wanting to have another baby - although she would still love the baby.

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So happy Chax got the house :) The ending was so cute! I'm glad Bianca and Heath addressed heir feelings and hopefully will feel a lot better about their loss in a couple of weeks, if not days! YAY for April..she has taken another step forward! Great chapter Danni! Xx :)

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