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Keep On Keeping On (by Red Ranger 1) - comments

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VERY intriguing beginning !!! …..adn WOAH about that ending !!!!

I also REALLY liked ………..

“Yeah and I’m still feeling kind of guilty about that.”
“Nothing to feel guilty about.Indi’s off travelling with Chris, doing the eternal student thing, and Sasha’s a lot happier living with Maddy.”
Ruby sighed.“Happier than she was living with me, you mean?”
“Will you stop putting yourself down?”Dexter chided her

“And when did I become the responsible one in this relationship?”
Dexter smiled.“Guess my influence is rubbing off on you.”

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Whoa about what’s happened to Bianca …….


.“How did you get the money for this?”Heath asked.
“Rang my dad and told him he had twenty years of birthday presents to make up for,”April replied, “Said I’d cancel the debt if he paid for Bianca’s treatment.”
Heath nodded.“Thinking like a Braxton.”

April & Heath looking after Domina is an interesting touch !!!

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I did find it quite amusing how Heath left April to look after Domina. But he will have to pull his weight too. This will be a real test for their relationship I think.

Wow what awful news for Spencer there at the end.

Look forward to the next chapter.

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MAN !!!! there’s lots of BIG events happening in this fic …….1st Bianca’s issues and now Spencer’s parents passing away !!!!!

Amongst ALL of that, there’s been some KILLER dialogue ……like …..

“And where’s your girlfriend, getting her anti-psychotic medication checked?”

Spencer was just about to leave the beach house when Sasha and Maddy appeared in the doorway.He looked at them bemused.“My two exes showing up.That’s worrying.”

“I’ll get the door, you get the phone,”Sasha decided,“Walk will do me good.”She headed to the door and found Dexter standing there.
“Greetings, female of the species,”he announced.

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