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2014 Logies

Guest Mishyy

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I’d like to see them bring the Logies into the 21st century. The focus should be on ability not popularity. The voting system is dubious

so I’ve never voted myself. The Ratings would be a far superior statistical measure of which shows are the most popular. If they must

have popular awards then they should just be silver logies with gold logies going to the most outstanding. They do some things well like

inducting people into the Hall of Fame and tributes to actors who have died in the last year. The celebrities seem to enjoy it but I could

never support a function that plasters pictures of best and worst dressed all over the media. How demeaning! Aren’t they there to

celebrate achievements in their chosen field.

I can’t take the ceremony or the winners seriously. :lol:

As for Facebook and Twitter, its only a relatively new addition for H&A. I’m sure, given the nature of teenagers we’d have the same

sorts of comments written back in the 90’s and 00’s had they been available back then. Its nothing to do with the Braxtons joining the show. :rolleyes:

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