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Samara Weaving and Marcus Graham to start filming horror movie "Be

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FORMER Home and Away actor Samara Weaving is due to start filming her new horror flick Before Dawn next month.

Industry reports suggest the 22-year-old will go on set in rural Victoria in April alongside former Home and Away actor Marcus Graham.

Weaving is set to play Graham’s daughter in the film.

After appearing in the film Mystery Road last year opposite her uncle Hugo Weaving and Ryan Kwanten, Weaving looks set to face even more gore in the new flick which has a zombie feel and a rather outlandish plot.

Weaving plays the daughter of a Senior Sergeant who takes control of a country town police station while a group of “infected people” take over the globe.

Source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/samara-weaving-set-to-start-filming-horror-movie-before-dawn/story-fnilxh2p-1226849576505

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