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Denise "Denny" Miller - Jessica Grace Smith

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So.... what do we think?


Early days but I like her so far. One of the few new characters of recent times that has just slotted in effortlessly to the show (maybe even since Sasha?). In my opinion anyway. She seems a good actress too, often when new people join it takes them a while to get into the groove the other actors have. I suppose the fact she's not supposed to know anyone makes it easier to play, she's not trying to sell a pre-existing relationship but all in all I'm fairly impressed.


I know the "long lost relative" story has been done a lot but this one is working for me. She's brought out a more likable side of Oscar and a horrible side of Evie, up until now, but at least it's given the McGuire's a non cult story line to get on with.

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