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Main characters who never got along

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I can only think of a few examples of main characters who were on the show at the same time who either didn't get along from the start or stopped getting along and didn't make up.

Morag and Bobby

Geoff and Aden

Gypsy and Colleen

Not sure about Shane and Tug if they ever became friends?

Are there any others?

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I think Shane and Tug did just about qualify as friends by the end, I seem to remember them having quite a fond farewell scene.The Gaden thing seemed to come more from the fact they did hate each other than they didn't although they got on better eventually.I think Amanda and Beth were fairly cordial after the helicopter crash thing.

I remember Colleen having a go at Gypsy when she thought she was after Kieran.The break-up with Harry was actually the last time Colleen seemed remotely sympathetic towards Gypsy.

There have been characters that have left under a cloud with someone or everyone hating them after being liked for most of their stint.Roman and Angelo never got on for various reasons and I don't think Steven and Jesse did either.

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Amanda and Kit, Kelli and everyone, Sally and Shauna.

Sally and Shauna were friends initially but fell out after Shauna fell in love with Flynn. Sally became quite un-Sallylike and turned very cold towards her. I know that Shauna briefly returned afterwards but I can't remember if Sally ever forgave her or not.

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