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Story Title: Torn

Type: M/L

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ruby, Casey

BTTB Rating: T

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Family, Drama

Spoilers: No

Warnings: Sexual Content, Language, Violence

Summary: For five years she was held a victim, for five years she prayed for a way back to her family. Now finally the courage to leave has struck but will she be able to stay safe? Will those she loves be able to protect her when he comes back? Will she ever get the happy ending with the family she loves when all they ever experience is pain?



Authors Note: I do NOT own Home and Away! All credit to the writers.



Chapter One:


Hearing the sound of her daughters distressed cry Charlie dropped the dish cloth onto the bench and spun around on her heals, the pitter patter of running feet faded as two little arms were thrown around her midsection in a vice grip. The tears leaking from her daughters eyes started to dampen the white shirt she was wearing causing Charlie to glance down at the little girl with concern, the mess of chocolate brown curls hiding her face well.

"Honey, what's the matter?" Charlie asked as she ran her hand through the hair of her five year old.

"Daddy's home"

Charlie could barely understand the muffled cry but she could hear the fear laced within her daughters voice. Charlie knew it wasn't fair, she knew her children shouldn't have to live in fear of their father - a person that should love them. It made Charlie even more thankful that her eldest daughter didn't have to live this way, that she was safe in the arms of those who could protect her.

Hearing the sound of running feet once again Charlie glanced up as her middle child appeared in the doorway an unreadable expression on her face. Shay could hide her emotions well; she had been living this life for ten years - ten long years. Charlie had tried to get her to open up but Shay refused. The young girl had been five when Charlie had been forced to move into the house, had been taken prisoner and since then Shay had barely said a word.

"Come now, it's okay" Charlie forced herself to try and reassure them but she was unable to believe the words herself - would it be okay? It was something Charlie didn't know. She could never prepare the girls for the outcome their father would inflict.

"Make him go away!"

Charlie sighed deeply as she looked down at the five year old; a pout on her ruby red lips and the glazing in her deep green eyes was enough to make Charlie's body fill with guilt all over again. Looking at the little girl made Charlie think of all the people back home, back in Summerbay. The people she loved, her daughter - her boys, her man.


She missed him, but Katie was her connection. Katie knew the truth but it was something Charlie could never let her talk about, Katie had to make do with the father she had - she could never bring up Brax because of the pain that would be inflicted if she did.

"You know I can't Katie, this is his house" Charlie said as she heard the front door slam and the little girls bottom lip started to tremble.

"Can't we leave?"

Charlie glanced over to the doorway in surprise at hearing Shay speak, but the young girl was biting her bottom lip, the fear shining in her bright blue eyes. She wished she could protect them but it didn't seem like she could.

"You know we can't honey" Charlie murmured as she pulled Katie away from her body, the little girl was trying to cling to her . Desperation was clearly sketched on her small face. "Both of you get ready for bed, I'll be in soon " Charlie promised as she heard the clumping of boots. .

"Charlie I'm hoooommmee!"

Hearing his drunken voice echoing through the house Charlie pushed Katie in the direction of her elder sister and prayed they would stay hidden as she turned to face her nightmare.

Her rapist. Her kidnapper. Her children's father.



Charlie winced as she tried to adjust her eyes to the lightening in the living room, the throbbing in her head causing her to squint to be able to focus the house seemed quiet which made Charlie thankful, it meant he was gone. But as she tried to sit up and regain her composure she heard the sound of faint crying coming from her daughters room, her heart began to race as she pushed herself off the floor ignoring the pain coming from her ribs as she hobbled down the hallway towards the distressed cries.

Charlie tried to brace herself for what she would find as she pushed the door to the girls room open, her eyes immediately falling to Shay and Katie as they huddled in the corner of the bedroom in tears. Charlie noticed the way their eyes flashed up to meet her gaze with utter fear sketched on their small faces.

"It's okay, its just me" Charlie tried to sooth them as hobbled across the floor painfully crouching down to meet their gazes.

Immediately Charlie felt regret as she looked at Katie, the little girl had a red mark across her cheek - and Charlie was sure it would bruise. The red red mark around her arm was something else that made Charlie cringe, she had always tried to protect them from getting hurt, tried to protect them from their fathers rage.

"Me okay mummy, Shay hurt" Katie said quietly as she tried to dry her tears , Charlie's eyes immediately flashed to Shay who was cradling her arm carefully - her lips were trembling as tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Shay, what happened?" Charlie asked but the young girl just frowned.

"Daddy hurt her arm" Katie said and Charlie nodded.

"I see, Shay honey does it hurt bad?" Charlie asked as she moved closer and Shay nodded.


Charlie cringed as she heard the word escape the ten year old lips; never had he hurt the children so badly. It made Charlie furious, she could handle him hurting her - she could handle anything he did to her but for him to hurt the children, hurt Shay so badly was him crossing an invisible line Charlie didn't know existed and it made her blood boil.

There was no question about what she had to do, Charlie knew. Her only hope was he wouldn't come after them, wouldn't find her before she was ready for him.


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Authors Note: I do NOT own Home and Away! All credit to the writers.



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Chapter Two

Charlie hurried through the hospital doors, she was back in Summerbay seeking out the only doctor she knew she could trust. Juggling Katie in her arms she waited for Shay to come behind her, she walked slowly behind cradling her arm across her stomach.

Charlie felt the fear seeping in her body, getting out the house hadn't been an easy task and she knew that as soon as Grant stepped out of the car he would see the window at the front of the house smashed. It would only be a matter of time before he come for her, come for all three of them.


Charlie glanced up hearing her name, seeing Sid a small meek smile graced her lips.

"Charlie, your here? How? What happened? Brax and Ruby have been so worried" Sid Walker asked and Charlie raised her hand.

"Please Sid, we can talk about this later. Shay's arm is broken" Charlie told him and Sid's attention redirected immediately.

"Of course. That looks like it hurts, come on threw" Sid said as he walked over to the exam room pulling the curtain back.

Charlie turned around to see Shay biting her lip, fear shining in her eyes. Charlie knew how much Shay feared males - she thought all males were like her father. As much as Charlie tried to explain to her that it wasn't the case, Shay refused to believe her.

"Come on honey, Sid is a friend of mine" Charlie encouraged and Shay whimpered.

"Promise you'll stay with me Charlie" Shay begged and Charlie smiled slightly as she heard Shay speak more an two words to her.

"I promise you Shay, I'm not going anywhere baby" Charlie promised as she lifted Katie up a little bit higher.

"What happened to your arm?" Sid asked once Shay was up on the table.

"Daddy hurt Shay's arm" Katie informed him causing Charlie to blush slightly as Sid glanced at her.

She didn't want anyone to think she was weak because she wasn't, it was a simple case of she stayed to keep her children safe - to keep Ruby safe. Charlie knew Grant would have acted on his threat do go after Ruby, she knew how he never made an empty threat.


Charlie soothed her hand over Shay's forehead as the young girl slept soundly, her arm was covered in a deep purple cast. Sid had been so surprised that Shay hadn't been screaming as the break was rather severe. As Charlie looked at her sleeping children she knew what she had to do when they woke up, she had to go to the place she had called home once, she had to go home to the family she loved.


Charlie glanced up at hearing her name and Sid Walker stood in the doorway smiling at her, Charlie managed to give him a weak smile.

"Hey Sid"

"How are you feeling?" Sid asked and Charlie sighed.

"Seen better days, but now that Shay's arm is better and she's not in pain I feel at peace" Charlie said softly and Sid nodded.

"What happened?" Sid asked concerned but Charlie shook her head.

"It's not something I want to talk about" Charlie murmured.

"Have you called Brax?" Sid asked as he pulled up a chair but Charlie sighed, she hadn't because she didn't know what to say.

"No, I don't know what to say" Charlie murmured and Sid nodded giving her a soft smile.

"They'll just be happy to have you home. They have missed you so much"

Charlie new they would, it was inevitable. They didn't known if she would be coming home, she knew they would have expected the worse. They would have grieved for her and new when she suddenly turned up questions would be raised.

"I can't answer there questions, I just can't talk about it" Charlie muttered and Sid nodded in understanding.

"Then wait until your ready, one day you'll speak about it. But please let them know your okay, they be happy to have you home and all their questions can wait" Sid told her and Charlie nodded slightly.

"I know, when they wake up we will go. We will go home" Charlie said softly smiling at the place she called home.

" Is she?" Sid questioned and Charlie nodded as they stared at Katie.

"She is"


Charlie stood in front of the house, it hadn't changed at all. The exterior walls were still blue, the seond stair to the porch still creaked and as she stared at the front door all Charlie could remember was then day she was kidnapped. Saying goodbye to Brax and head to the city to do some shopping.


Charlie giggled as Brax looped his arm around her waist pulling her flush against his half naked body. His hot breath tickled her neck as he leaned down and kissed her lightly, Charlie gave and involuntary shudder.

"Do you have to go baby?" Brax asked as he trailed light kisses done her neck and onto her shoulders.

"Yes, I'll be back before you know it" Charlie murmured as she turned around and locked her lips onto his.

"I love you"

"I love you more" Charlie teased as she kissed his cheek and headed for the door.

"Bring me back something nice"

End Flashback

Charlie shook her head as she tried to shake away the thoughts that were intruding into her mind.

"Mummy, are you going to knock?" Katie asked and Charlie nodded slightly as Shay leaned against her right side heavily.

Trying to block the fear from her mind Charlie raised her hand and knocked slightly on the door, trying to hide the panic rising in her chest as the door flung open to revel Brax dressed in a black shirt and dark jeans.



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Chapter Three

Charlie stared at Brax the panic rising in her chest as her heart raced. He was looking at her with a ghostly white face, Charlie felt quilty she knew this would be a shock.

As she studied him Charlie realised how much he stayed the same, he was exactly like Brax she fell in love with. It made her heart ache that little bit more as she realised how much she had missed him. He had been her everything at one point, the man she was going to marry.

"Charlie? Is that you?" Brax asked slowly, pulling Charlie back from her thoughts.

Charlie nodded her head slowly. "It's me." She finally managed to choke out.

"Geez Charlie" Brax said as he went to take her into his arms only to noticed the little girl she was clinging onto.

Charlie saw the look of realisation in his eyes as he studied every feature of Katie's, the little girl stared back at him. Charlie knew Katie was aware of who he was but she clung to Charlie desperately; Shay was leaning into her side her hand was pulling on Charlie's shirt as it was balled into her fist.

"Charlie, who's that?" Shay whispered as she looked up at Charlie with wide eyes and Charlie see the fear in them.

"It's alright honey, this is Brax my friend" Charlie tried to reassure them as she looked back at Brax who was staring at Katie intently.

"Why's he staring mummy?" Katie asked innocently as she snuggled closer to Charlie.

"I don't know baby" Charlie said but the truth was she did, Brax was putting the pieces together and as he turned to her with a raised eyebrow.

"Is she?" Brax asked and Charlie managed a weak smile as she nodded. "Oh Charlie" Brax said with a shake of his head. "Come in, you can't stand out there"

Charlie shuffled in the door unable to move fast as Shay clung to her with her good hand, she knew how terrified her girls would be but she also knew Brax would never hurt them.

"Take a seat, uh do you want a drink?" Brax asked but Charlie could see he was only making small talk. There was the burning desire in his eyes for him to hug her, he wanted to and if Charlie was completely honest she wanted to be in his arm but she couldn't let her girls go not when they were clinging to her with desperation.

"Would you like something to drink girls?" Charlie asked softly and Katie looked up slightly biting her bottom lip. "Its okay baby, you can tell mummy what you want" Charlie reassured her and Katie nodded.

"Does he have chocolate milk mummy?" Katie whispered softly as to not be to loud to make Brax mad.

Charlie glanced up and could see Brax looking at her with a curious gaze, he wanted to know what happened - he wanted to know why the girls were so scared.

"Do have chocolate milk Brax?" Charlie asked softly and Brax nodded stiffly.

"How many glasses?"

"Two please" Charlie said as she sat down on the couch, Katie on her lap and Shay by her side.

"Here you go" Brax said as he held the glasses out to both girls. They both looked up at Charlie hesitently but when she nodded they reached for the glasses.

"Thank-you sir" The girls murmured politely.

"Sir? What's this sir business?" Brax asked, utterly confused.

Charlie sighed, the girls had always refered to their father as sir because he told them it was a sign of respect. Both girls moved closer to Charlie as Brax spoke to them.

"Girls its okay" Charlie murmured softly.

"Are you sure?" Katie asked as she looked at Brax."Is he mean like Sir?"

Brax cocked at eyebrow at Charlie when her heard what Katie said, Charlie blushed slightly in embarrassment.

"No honey, of course not. Brax isn't like that?" Charlie told them.

"Are you sure Charlie? I don't want to get you in trouble" Shay whispered and Charlie sighed it was the most she had heard the girl speak and now Brax was looking at her with an expression. The 'We need to talk' expression.

"Okay. Honey, why don't you take Katie out into the backyard?" Charlie asked Shay. "Brax and I need to talk."

"Are you sure Charlie?" Shay asked uncertainly. "He won't hurt you?"

"No, of course not honey," Charlie said. "He won't hurt any of us." Charlie promised but Shay shook her head.

"I don't want to leave you mummy" Katie whined before glancing at Brax with horrified expression, whining was never allowed.

"Okay it's alright, you can stay here" Charlie said softly as the front door banged open.

"Dad! You'll never believe..." Ruby stopped when she saw Charlie, her mouth dropped and tears welled in her eyes. Charlie looked like a deer caught in headlights as she stared at Ruby.

"Charlie?" Ruby asked, dropping the grocery bags she was holding. "Oh my god, is that you?"

Charlie could only nod she tried to choke back that tears that were threatening to spill.

"I've missed you so much!" Ruby exclaimed as the tears spilled over her eyes and trailed down her cheeks as she walked over and threw her arms around Charlie squashing Katie who didn't dare speak.

"I've missed you too Ruby, very much honey" Charlie cried softly.

"I thought you were never coming home" Ruby whimpered and Charlie ran a hand through her hair.

"I'm here my sweet girl" Charlie said softly as she kissed Ruby's cheek. Charlie pulled back from Ruby and lifted her hand to her daughters cheek.

"You've grown so much, look at how beautiful you are" Charlie said as she wiped Ruby's tears away.

"Where have you been?" Ruby asked as noticed the two girls. "Who are they?"


Authors Note: Please Review! Let me know what you think.

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Chapter Four:

Charlie stared at Ruby unable to move her lips, how could she explain to her daughter why she hadn't been around. How could she explain that that the father Ruby had never known had kidnapped her and abused her for the last five years? Charlie couldn't force her lips to move as she glanced down at her younger girls who were sleeping restlessly against her. It had been an exhausting day for them both. Charlie decided to avoid the first question for the time being.

"Well Rubes, I'd like you to meet Shay and Katie. Your sisters" Charlie said softly and Ruby raised an eyebrow, her mouth dropped a little.

"You haven't been gone that long" Ruby said as she looked at Shay who was cuddled into Charlie's side.

"Shay is your sister from your...from Grant's side" Charlie murmured the clear sketch of pain crossing her face.

"Grant as in...Grant my father?" Ruby asked unsure, a slight bit of disgust in her voice. Ruby detested what he had done to her mother. How he had hurt her.

"Yes Ruby, Shay is his daughter" Charlie confirmed and Brax edged forward in his seat.

"How did you get her?" Brax asked and Charlie frowned, there it was another question that she couldn't bring herself to answer. Not yet she wasn't ready.

"I..." Charlie paused and tried to recollect her thoughts. "I'm not ready to talk about it"

"What about her? She looks just like dad" Ruby said as she glanced at Brax who was looking at Charlie curiously, his eyes were shining as he looked at Katie.

"That's because Katie is Brax's child" Charlie said softly and Brax sighed.

Charlie felt horrible, he had missed so much of Katie's life. He had missed milestones, ones he would never get to see again. He would never get to see her first word or see her take her first steps.

"I'm so sorry Brax" Charlie said but Brax shook his head.

"Where were you Charlie? Why have I missed so much of her life. Why did you keep me from her?" Brax paused for a moment shaking his head. "How could you do this to me?" Brax asked, hurt evident in his voice. "Where have you been all these years?"

"I wish I could tell you," Charlie whispered. "It's not something that I want to talk about." Charlie said as she nestled her face in Katie's chocolate brown hair.

"Mum please, we need to know" Ruby said softly and the tears began to flow from Charlie's eyes.

"I just can't Ruby" Charlie said her voice was weak and Brax was taken back. Never since he had known Charlie had he heard her sound so broken.

"Mama, whats wrong?" Katie asked sleepily as she stirred, her eyes were searching Charlie's face frantically.

"Nothing my angel" Charlie tried to tell her, but the tears cascading down her face proved that to be a lie.

"Mum, please. We know that there's something you're not telling us, please just tell us" Ruby begged and Charlie shook her head, Ruby frowned as she turned to Brax they could both see the distressed look in her eyes but they needed to know what happened.

"Why did she call you mum?" Katie asked and Charlie glanced down thankful for the distraction.

"Because honey Ruby is mummy's daughter to" Charlie told her and Katie looked slightly confused.

"She's my sister?" Katie whispered and Charlie nodded. "But Shay my sister" Katie said quietly and Charlie kissed her head.

"Yeah baby, but you have two sisters" Charlie said and Katie pushed on Shay's shoulder causing the ten year old to bolt upwards fear evident in her eyes.

"Mummy says that that girl is our sister" Katie whispered to Shay, Ruby glanced at Charlie with a raised eyebrow as she noticed the girls never spoke above a whisper.

"Is she our sister Charlie?" Shay asked and as the words left her mouth Ruby couldn't help but snap.

For five years her mother had been gone, five years with out any contact or any trace to where she was. And now here she was sitting on the couch with her arms wrapped around two little girls as if nothing had happened, one of those girls was Brax's and Ruby not only wanted but needed to understand why Charlie had kept her away from her family. But it wasn't only that - no there was the fact that she needed to no why her mother hadn't been around to watch her grow in the most important years of her life. She was fifteen now, where had her mother been when she was growing into a teenager? Ruby couldn't help but wonder.

"When you decide I am worth an explanation as to where you have been the last five years then come find me" Ruby shouted angrily as she stormed out of the house slamming the front door shut behind her.

Charlie couldn't help but cringe, the girls jumping startled at Ruby's yelling. The crying was immediate from Katie and Charlie tried to sooth her as she buried her head into Charlie's shoulder, Shay clung to her as though she was the only precious person in the world.

Charlie wanted to go after Ruby because she knew the teenager needed that, she couldn't begin to understand what Ruby had been though or experienced in the last five years as much as she wanted to Charlie couldn't go after her because the two little girls with her were being overwhelmed with fear and Charlie couldn't leave their side, she wouldn't leave their side.


Charlie walked back into the living room after safely tucking the girls in to Brax's bed, seeing him sitting forward in the arm chair his head rested in the palm of his hands, sadness radiating from his body - Charlie couldn't help but cringe. His was the man that had her heart.

"Brax?" Charlie questioned softly and his head raised almost immediately and she could see the tears in his eyes.

"Charlie please, I need to know what happened. What made you leave me? I'm begging you, you left your daughter behind" Brax begged her, his voice sounded broken and Charlie frowned. She didn't want to speak about it, she didn't want to have to relive anything but she couldn't bring herself to cause Brax anymore pain.

"I was kidnapped"


Authors Note: Please Review! Let me know what you think

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