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Further To Fall

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Story Title: Further to Fall.

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Charlie, Bianca, Theo, Angelo, Ruby, Cooper, Blake + OCs.

BTTB Rating: T/A

Genre: Drama

Spoilers: No

Warnings: Mild references to violence and substance misuse. Will include warning before chapter.

Summary: Charlie's life has not been an easy ride, having finally settled down it is suddenly ripped from under her. How will she cope with the pressure and being forced back into the life she left behind the day her son was born.

Chapter One.

She slowly followed a coffin draped in the Australian flag with his parents as his two brothers and two police officers from their station carried the coffin as they walked behind up the aisle of the church, the very same church they had married eight years previously almost to the day. She sat at the end of the first pew, she looked around her taking in the surroundings as the funeral begun she could not take in what was being said, she had still struggled to process that her husband is now gone. His father handed her a tissue that she just clutched into her hand so tight as no tears fell from her eyes, she had started to question herself why as she heard the many sobs around her. She did not hear a word of what was being said about her husband as the service began but lucky she had heard her name mentioned, she rose from the pew and slowly made her way up to the front, she paused for awhile at the coffin placing a kiss on top of the coffin before walking past to the front of the church.

She stood up on the podium looking out at everyone who is there to mourn for her husband, she quickly looked away and down to her shaking hands she started to speak.

"Jasper was the love of my life, the father to my only son, he was our life. We both knew the career we had chosen was dangerous but you think those stories you hear will never happen to you. When I seen Sam stood at my door, even after he was so late home from home it still didn't enter my head, I honestly just thought that one of my idiotic brothers were in trouble again."

She paused as she looked out again seeing the tears fall from the face's in front of her and still no tears fell from her own eyes, she began to carry on.

"One thing you might not know about Jasper is he had an amazing voice and was a great songwriter. One part of his proposal he told me to keep quite was that he had written me a song, which he performed on the beach before he got on one knee, how could I not say yes to that. Jasper I love you and will miss you for the rest of my life, see you soon baby."

As the service had finished most headed back to the Taylor household where Charlie had bravely decided to hold the wake. As people had already arrived by the time she had arrived she walked inside and straight over to her twelve year old son, Theo and hugged him so tight. Bianca walked over to them placing her hand on Charlie's shoulder. Charlie looked to her friend still holding her son.

"Thanks for looking after this one Bee." Bianca just nodded and away from the pair, heading over to the kitchen to pour herself a drink.

"I love you boy." Charlie said running her hand through his hair with a smile on her face.

"Mum please not here." He said in a whisper getting embarrassed with everyone around.

Charlie let go of her as he walked away and over to his cousins as they continued to play on the xbox, she would normally have told them to turn it off if they had guests but knew that she would rather be playing it with them to distract from what was happening in her house.

Leaving the boys to it she headed to the kitchen just watching as people chat and drink, she has a moment of freeze just staring at the bottle of wine on the table in front of her. Bianca quickly notices where her eye line is and quickly grabs her hand and takes her outside.

"Babe you don't need it." She says rubbing her arm. Charlie simply nods and sits down on the bench as she goes off in thought.

"I just need a bit of time on my own." Charlie says as she looks up to Bianca. She wasn't sure she should leave her but grants her demand and heads back inside making sure everyone has a full glass.

After time passes Charlie walks back into the house, ignoring everyone as she heads to the back garden and the small building at the end of the garden. After a few minutes she returns to the house in her bikini and surfboard under her arm, she leaves the house again from the front door simply ignoring the looks she received by everyone as she walks through the house. Bianca runs after her and follows her to the drive as Charlie puts the surfboard in the back of what was Jasper's Ute.

"Babe what are you doing?" Bianca asks concerned for her friend.

"Going for a surf." Charlie simply states as she gets in the Ute and drives away from the house.

Charlie drives up to the beach, parking up and jumps out and grabs the surfboard and walks down the beach and into the surf. She does not ride any waves but instead just sits on the board in the middle of the surf looking out to the horizon as the tears fall from her eyes.

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Thank you -_-

Chapter 2.

One Month Later.

Bianca was sat in the flat waiting for Heath's arrival as she had attempted to and failed to contact him throughout the day. She was constantly checking her phone for contact from her husband. She eventually fell asleep on the sofa well she waited, she was woken by the slamming of doors of the arrival of her husband's return.

"Heath.. where have you been?" Bianca said with concern in her voice, knowing what his disappearing acts have entailed before.

"One of the boys were in trouble, and with Brax in the city I had to sort it." He said as if it was something that happened regularly.

"What this time?" Bianca asked hoping it would not get her husband into more trouble with the police.

"There was a shooting, Toby was in a right state." Heath stated.

"Toby has been shot?" Bianca asked trying to get her head around what had happened.

"Toby shot Jackson. He died." Heath said as he shook his head.

Bianca looked at her husband trying not show her feelings in her facial expressions.

"I am going to go and stay at Irene's tonight." Bianca stated as she quickly left the house and ran to her car leaving a shocked Heath behind, as it was not the first time he had been caught up in such behaviour with the boys.

Bianca sat in her car thinking what her next move would be, she placed her bag on the passenger seat as she started the engine and began the forty minute drive to Charlie's house. Once reaching Charlie's house she pulled up on her drive getting out of the car heading up the drive way and paused at the door trying to find the courage to knock. Eventually she knocked on door and walking straight in as she would normally do.

"Hey only me." She stated as she walked through the house to find Charlie cuddled up on the sofa watching a soppy film on her own.

"Theo in bed? what you watching?" Bianca sat down on the chair and picking up a chocolate from the box on the table in front of her.

"Yea just gone mind. You and Heath had another row?" She said as turned off the film.

"Oh no just thought would see how you are both doing" She said through a forced smile.

"Bee what is wrong? I know there is something wrong I have known you how long." Charlie said as she looked over to Bianca.

"It is Jackson." Bianca stated as she looked down to the floor.

"What about him? Not got himself locked up has he?" Charlie asked concerned.

"He was shot Charlie. He didn't make it." Bianca said as she looked up at Charlie, thinking was best to just tell her.

Charlie looked to her in shock unable to get any words out. First her husband and now her little brother.

"Erm .. can you stay here please .. and look after Theo. Thanks." Charlie said as she rose from the sofa and headed to the front door.

"Charlie? You okay?" Bianca asked but it was too late she was already out of the door. Bianca placed her head in her hands wishing she could run after her but she had to stay with Theo.

Charlie got into her car and quickly leaving the drive, and heading in a frequent drive she makes on a weekly basis. She parked up her car and headed inside the hall and became face to face with a group of people as she took a seat on an empty chair as she listened to other around her speak.

"Before we go on a break does anyone else have the urge to speak?" A man spoke to the group in front of him.

Charlie rose her hand and when the man indicated that she could speak she made the short journey up to the front. She stood at the front and looked out at everyone in front her.

"Hi my name is Charlie. Alcoholic." She stated at she looked back down from the group.

"Hi Charlie." The group said in response and Charlie smiled back at them.

"I haven't been for awhile, when I probably should as this last month I have more than ever wanted to drink that bottle of vodka that is in the back of my cupboard that I just pretend that is not there. A month ago I said goodbye forever to one person who helped me beat my demon that was hard but I could through for my son. I bet you are wondering why now? Why have I come here today. Just a hour ago I found out my little brother has died, he and my two older brothers live a life that is complete opposite to mine Charlie the cop and they are the type of people I would normally be after but lucky they are another stations problem. He was the one brother I was so close to getting out of that life but something brought him back into that life and he has ended up dead. Why didn't I try harder?" Charlie said as the tears began to fall from her eyes as ran out of the building.

She headed back into her car and quickly drove away unsure of where she was heading. She ended up at her safe haven the beach, she parked up and got out of the car and headed onto the beach and just looked out at the sea but unable to see the normal horizon from the dark night. She stood still for a few minutes before she found herself walking towards to the sea and walking further into the sea and suddenly her legs gave way and she ended up on her knees in the sea as she broke down in floods of tears.

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