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Wedded Miss (by Red Ranger 1) - comments

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I loved Indi and Sasha being there for Dexter and offering to watch the extended version of Lord Of The Rings with him.

I also liked how Dexter started to ponder jumping into a time machine to stop April snd Heath from getting married. And Indi's comment about keeping a eye out for a blue flying telephone box.

I can't see April and Heath moving in together helping things much. Kind of rubbing it in Dexter and Bianca's faces.

Look forward to more

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REALY loooved that, especially ……

  • Because I know you LOOOOOVE Heapril !!!!
  • Sasha’s line bout April still having some of her clothes !!!
  • The AWESOME Dr Who reference !!!
  • Sasha’s pick me up suggestions about watching Lord Of The Rings and
  • Dex’s line about being a veteran of having his heart stomped on !!!!
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That was cooooooooooool !!!!

LOOED Brax’s advice to Heath …about the whole annulled thing …..along with ….

“You decided to be a gentleman.”
“Really?”Heath looked puzzled.“That doesn’t sound like me.”

“Well, that’s life with the Braxtons for you,”Tamara commented,“None of us really ended up here the normal way.Let’s just say that you’re welcome in the family for as long as you’re part of it.”

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